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Cross-posted from Surstrommiakki

Title: One Fateful Night
Author/Artist: kira
Assigned prompt: Night, Smoke/Nightmare, Dawn
Other characters and pairings: Eduard von Bock (Estonia)
Rating: OT for drunkenness, suggestive language
Author’s notes: Thanks got out to my beta, Kat, for pinking this for me.
Summary: Berwald gets an unexpected visit from his super secret crush…
Word count: 2893

For Jen with love…

Berwald turned off the taps in the shower and blindly reached for his towel. Putting it over his head, he dried his hair, before patting himself dry. Wrapping the towel around his waist, he opened the shower door and stepped out. Giving himself a quick rub down with the towel, Berwald tossed it the general direction of the hamper, before getting dressed. After putting on his glasses, he picked the towel up off the floor, tossing it, this time actually getting in the hamper. He turned off the light and entered his bedroom. Sitting on the bed, he put on his socks, before leaving the room, his little white dog Hana-Tomago right at his heels.

Clad in his pajamas, Berwald made his way downstairs to watch the TV in his living room. It was nine on a Saturday night and he had nothing better to do than curl up on the sofa with Hana-Tomago and watch some TV. He could sit and think about that cute blond in IT, but that either left him feeling terribly lonely or aroused, neither of which was a desirable feeling. So, pushing all thoughts of Tino Väinämöinen aside, Berwald channel surfed until he found a nature show that looked promising.

Just as the show was finishing, his doorbell rang. Hana-Tomago jumped off the sofa and ran to the door, barking. Berwald frowned, he rarely got visitors and certainly not at this time of night. The doorbell rang again and again, and getting up, he went to see who was there. Running a hand through his damp hair, he opened the door and stared in amazement.

“Uh, sorry to bother you, Berwald?” Eduard von Bock, whom Berwald recognized as one of the they guys working in IT, was standing there, holding up a cute blond.

Berwald’s heart nearly skipped a beat when he realized the blond was his beloved Tino. He nodded. Stepping aside, he was about to invite them in, when the blond woke up.

“Berwald!” Tino gushed as he staggered towards him.

Berwald caught him before he fell.

“Well, uh,” Eduard tittered, and regaining his composure, continued, “We were celebrating my promotion and uh, Tino had a bit too much to drink and Ivan insisted we take him home, but Tino wanted to come here and if I had known you two were such good friends, I would have invited you too…”

“Yeah!” Tino giggled.

“Seriously, he went on and on about you all night.” At the sound of a car horn honking, Eduard turned and waved at the driver. “Anyway, it’s been real and uh, see you on Monday!” he turned to leave.

As Berwald closed his front door with one hand, he could hear Eduard calling out, “I’m coming, I’m coming!” to the driver. “What am I going to do with you?” Berwald mused out loud.

“Lots of things,” Tino replied. He looked up at Berwald and smiled drunkenly at him. Gripping Berwald’s pajama top to steady himself, Tino proceeded to tell him in very lurid detail, exactly what he would like him to do to him.

It was like some bizarre perverted nightmare of a dream come true for the tall Swede. Here was the smoking hot guy of his dreams, his super secret crush, drunk off his arse, and flirting up a storm with him. As much as Berwald would have loved in ten foot high capital letters to take the cute little Finn up on a fraction of his suggestions, Berwald knew in his heart of hearts, that he was too much of a gentleman to do so. Besides, if Tino liked him half as much as his drunken-self was proclaiming, then Berwald wanted to do things right. Somehow, with the minimum of fuss, while being thoroughly groped in the process, Berwald managed to get Tino seated on the sofa. “Let me make you a cup of coffee.”

“I rather you make me,” Tino purred. He giggled at the way Berwald’s cheeks heated up. Emboldened by the alcohol coursing through his veins, he gave his host his best smoldering gaze, increasing the color in Berwald’s cheeks. Tino fumbled with his shirt buttons as he tried to unbutton them.

Berwald swallowed, and turning on his heel, he headed towards the kitchen for that cup of coffee. He busied himself in the kitchen, taking out a couple of coffee mugs from the cabinet by the sink, putting the kettle to boil on the stove, and getting out the instant coffee from the fridge. He was hard pressed to suppress a groan when he heard the soft patter of unsteady, approaching footsteps. Berwald let out a long suffering sigh, when they grew nearer. A moment later, two arms snaked around him as a small, warm body pressed into him from behind. Any other time, this would have been a wonderful thing; his beloved Tino holding him close and whispering sweet nothings into his shoulder. A brief smile twitched Berwald’s lips upwards, quickly becoming a frown when Tino’s hands dipped lower. “No.”

Tino ignored him, worming his hands into the Swede’s pajama bottoms. He moaned softly, or was that Berwald, he wondered as he stroked Berwald’s burgeoning erection. His giggles were cut short when quicker than his alcohol fogged mind could comprehend, Tino was roughly shoved against the kitchen wall, his hands pinned above his head and his chin held in a vice like grip. Berwald gazed angrily down at him and Tino shivered, his heart racing.

“I said ‘no,’” Berwald said in a tone that brooked no argument. “Not now, not like this.” His expression softened a bit. “Right now, you’re playing with fire, Tino. You’re drunk off your ass and you have no idea-” Berwald cut himself off when the kettle started whistling. He let go of the startled Finn and walked over to turn it off. As if nothing had happened, Berwald made two cups of coffee.

Tino stood there, watching him, as he rubbed his wrists. While everyone had an inkling that Berwald could be scary when he was angry, no one at work wanted to test that theory… until now. It was a sobering thought and Tino realized with a start, just how in control of his anger the Swede had been. He blushed when he realized just how far he had pushed him, but Tino could not help it. He had a little crush on the man and he suspected Berwald felt the same. Armed with several shots of Aquavit to bolster his courage, Tino was determined to find out if his suspicions were true. Unfortunately, he had drunk too much, only to realize that he had made a terrible ass of himself.

“Here, drink up,” Berwald said as he set a cup of coffee down in front of the little Finn.

“Thanks.” Tino picked up the mug and drank. “Look, I’m sorry. I, uh…”

Berwald drank his coffee. “It’s okay. We can talk about it in the morning.” When Tino shot him a puzzled look, he added, “I’ll fix up the guest room for you. You’re in no condition to walk home, let alone drive there,” he paused to sip his coffee, “And I’m too tired to get dressed and drive you home.”

“Oh…” Tino felt his cheeks heating up. “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to impose.”

“It’s okay, Tino.”

“Thanks, Berwald.”

“You’re welcome. Now drink up.” Berwald finished his coffee and got up. He brought his mug over to the sink and left it there. He turned and leaned against the counter, waiting for Tino to comply.

Tino picked up his mug and drank. He quickly finished his coffee, bringing the mug to the sink.

“Let’s go,” Berwald said, leading the way. Tino dutifully followed behind, when he missed his footing and stumbled, Berwald stopped and helped him the rest of the way up. He could not help thinking how nice it was having the Swede’s arm wrapped around him. Tino leaned into the one-armed embrace.

When they reached the top of the stairs, Berwald went left down the hall to the guest room. He opened the door to a sparsely decorated room. The furnishings were Danish modern, an odd choice for the Swede, but Tino decided the clean, simplistic design suited him. The rest of Berwald’s home was just as modern from what he could see, although it looked more like an IKEA showroom than this room did. Tino wondered what his host’s bedroom looked like, and his curiosity getting the better of him, Tino wandered down the hall after Berwald.

The bedroom surprised him. While it was white, it was anything but stark. The white, carved headboard was topped by an ornate, wooden, partial canopy. Soft flowing white linen hung from it. The bed linens were crisp and white with just enough lace to be pretty without being overly feminine. A pair of simple white bedside tables flanked the bed, while photos of Berwald’s family hung on the wall in antiqued white frames. A pair of carved, white chairs and white wooden chest stood at the foot of the bed. An ornate, white armoire stood along one wall, a matching dresser opposite it, along with a vintage writing desk, and an antique clock. The only modern piece in the room, aside from the telephone, clock radio, and laptop, was the dog bed. A couple of pretty floral rugs, the only real color in the room, bordered the bed.

“Uh…” Tino said.

Berwald looked up from where he was rummaging in his dresser. “Hmmm…?”


“Here, this should fit you.” Berwald handed him a pair of sweat pants and a long sleeved t-shirt. I think you’ll feel better if you shower in the morning. The bathroom is down the hall if you need it.”

“Thanks…” Tino looked down at the clothes he was holding and up again. “I always figured you for a blue kinda guy.”

Berwald raised an eyebrow.

“Everything is so white?” Tino tittered nervously.

Berwald sighed. “I like it; it’s restful.”

“I see… Well, I’d better get some sleep.”

“’Night.” Berwald walked Tino to his bedroom door. He watched as the little Finn staggered down the hall to the guestroom and when that door closed, he closed his own and got into bed. He could not help thinking about his visitor. Though they worked in different departments, they were still friends at work and the more Berwald had gotten to know him, the bigger his crush was on the Finn. His mind awhirl with thoughts of Tino, Berwald drifted off to sleep.

Down the hall, Tino lay awake, despite the alcohol that coursed through his veins and was making him sleepy. He could not stop thinking about Berwald. Part of him wished the Swede had taken advantage of him and he lay there, wondering what it would be like to have him pound him into the mattress. The other part of him was glad Berwald had behaved himself as Tino doubted he could ever look Berwald in the eye again if he had not been such a gentleman. These and other conflicting thoughts, concerning Berwald and what Tino wanted from him, kept him awake.

The room gradually lightened as dawn approached. Tino had finally managed to fall asleep, while down the hall Berwald slept as soundly as he would have if he was home alone. He had been dreaming about his guest all night, and hips twitching, he came with a soft moan as he hugged his pillow tightly to his chest in the early morning light. Tino, who had had gotten up to use the bathroom, heard it. He padded softly down the hall, grateful for the darkness as he was slightly hungover, and waited just outside Berwald’s room. He was curious and concerned about the soft the soft moan and he wondered if he should pop his head in to see if the Swede was alright, when Berwald opened his bedroom door. “Tino?”

Tino winced at the bright light that came flooding in behind Berwald. “Uh…”

“Do you need some aspirin? I have a bottle in my room.” Berwald stepped back into his room, while Tino waited in the hallway for him. He was back seconds later, with a couple of aspirins that he handed to the little Finn.

“Water?” Tino croaked.


They entered the bathroom and when Tino was finished, Berwald handed him the aspirins. “Could you please put that back in my room?”


“Thanks. I won’t be long and then you can shower.”

“Okay.” Tino took the proffered bottle of aspirin and headed back to Berwald’s room. Hana-Tomago greeted him as he entered and he crouched down to pet her. She followed him around the room as he stopped here and there to look at Berwald’s furnishings. Tino liked not only how well the room was pulled together, but how different it was from the clean lines of the rest of his home. This room felt opulent and romantic, and the Finn had a sudden revelation. Just like his home, Berwald had a hidden romantic streak and Tino found he wanted to get to know him better, so that he could see that side of him in action. He flopped down on the bed and waited for him.

When Berwald returned a few minutes later, dressed in a towel, he was surprised to find the little Finn sitting on his bed. He had hoped to get dressed in peace while Tino showered and together they could go down for breakfast. He ran a hand through his damp hair, the nightmarish feeling of last night returning.

Tino as if sensing his discomfiture, looked up at him. “Sorry,” he said, his cheeks just as pink as Berwald’s. He got up to go and left the room. A few minutes later, Berwald heard the shower going. He closed his eyes and sighed. He was not sure if Tino was teasing him or not, and if he was, whether or not he realized he was doing it. Last night, he was sure of it, today… Berwald sighed again. He hurriedly got dressed and as he was leaving his room, he caught sight of Tino heading back to the guest room, clad in a towel. Berwald closed his eyes, shook his head, and quickly headed downstairs. He was busy making breakfast when Tino joined him.

“Morning… Is there anything I can help you with?” Tino said as he walked over to Berwald.

Just the ache in my cock… Berwald thought. He shook his head. “Not really. Anyway, have a seat. I hope you like pancakes with lingonberry jam.”

Tino grinned. “I love it!” He sat down and eagerly waited for breakfast. The aspirin and several glasses of water eased his hangover to the point where he could just ignore it.

Berwald brought over two plates, sliding one in front of Tino, before setting the other down and sitting in front of it. While they ate, Tino raved about the pancakes and as the coffee flowed, Berwald was able to relax enough to enjoy the meal. Tino offered to make the next round and Berwald let him. It was nice having someone else cook for him and he found the pancakes tasted even better than the ones he had made. By the time breakfast was over and remains were cleaned up and everything washed and put away, it felt like a dream come true to the Swede. He could certainly get used to this sort of thing, but he was still uncertain about Tino’s real feelings for him. Was Berwald just a friend or a potential lover? Lacking the courage to find out, Berwald was just content to live in the now and enjoy the camaraderie.

All too soon, it was time for Tino to go and get on with his day. He stood by the front door and sighed. “I want to apologize about my behavior last night,” he began, holding up a hand to forestall the Swede’s protests. “You’re a really nice guy, Berwald, and I can’t believe what an ass I was last night… And, well, I’d ummm…” He found it hard to continue with Berwald staring at him. Tino laughed nervously. “Did I suddenly sprout another head or something?”

“No…” Berwald frowned, confused by the sudden change of subject.

“Okay, anyway, what I was trying to say is, I’d like to get to know you better. So, do you think we can start over and forget last night happened?”

Berwald nodded. The ghost of a smile twitched at his lips. “Sure. I’d like that.”

“Great! Maybe we can have lunch together on Monday. I know we eat together at work, but I was wondering if the two of us could go somewhere by ourselves?” Tino looked so afraid he would say “no” that it tore at Berwald’s heart.

“Sounds good to me.” He smiled, hoping the Finn would take it for what it was and not think he was grimacing. But he had no need to worry as Tino flashed him a smile of his own. That settled, the little Finn turned and left. Berwald watched him go, feeling happier than ever as he closed the door. His super secret crush really did like him and with a bit of luck, Berwald hoped that like would soon become love.


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Dec. 5th, 2015 03:07 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for writing this for me! It is all of what I wanted. *hug*
Dec. 5th, 2015 07:33 pm (UTC)
You're welcoem, Jen! I'm sooo glad you liked it!! *HUGGLES*
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