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Cross-posted from Fandom Stocking

Sewing Lessons

By kira

For COM… Happy Holidays!

Soma looked out the palace window and sighed. It was monsoon season and he hated the rain as it kept him indoors with nothing to do. He looked over his shoulder and sighed again, this time more loudly.

Agni looked up from where he was sitting. He was busy repairing the torn lining in his beloved prince’s sherwani and he wanted to finish it, before he got up to chase Soma’s boredom away. “What is it, my Prince?”

“I’m bored.” Soma pouted. He knew his beloved khansam was busy, but he was desperate for something to do.

“Would you like me to teach you how to sew?” Agni said in quiet desperation. He had a workbasket full of the prince’s clothes that needed mending and Meena, who used to do it for him, no longer wanted to do it now that Soma had Agni to look after him. It irked him as he knew she had an army of fellow servants to assist her and no amount of pleading on his part for help swayed her.

“Sew?” Soma turned around in the window seat to face him. “Isn’t that something only women do?”

“Yes, but last time I looked I wasn’t a woman,” Agni said wryly.

Soma laughed. “You most certainly are not!” He got up and came over to sit on the floor next to his beloved khansama. “So is it hard to do?”

“Not really once you get the hang of it.” Agni smiled, and grabbing a pair of Soma’s churidars, he handed them to Soma. “See the ripped seam?”

Soma nodded.

“That’s what you’re going to repair. Now…” Agni picked up a spare needle and thread. He showed Soma how to thread the needle and knot it, before teaching him how to sew. The prince proved to be a quick learner and it was not long before Soma’s boredom was gone and the pile of mending was somewhat reduced.


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