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Title: The Little Cottage In The Woods
Author: kira
Genre: slice of life, romance
Characters: Prussia, Austria, mention of Hungary
Pairing: Prussia/Austria
Rating: M
Word count: 2580
Warning: Use of human names instead of country
Summary: Gilbert and Roderich travel to a little cottage in the middle of nowhere to hash out their differences at their ex Lizzie’s urging…
Author’s Note: Thanks to my beta Kat for looking this over for me & to my other beta Jen for helping me get back on track when I got stuck. You guys are the best!!

For fictionmeister, Merry Christmas…

They pulled up to the little cottage in the woods after a long drive. It was a charming little thatched house that looked like something from a Disney movie, and while it was going to be close quarters for the two of them, Gilbert was willing to give it a try. He wondered what horrible fate Lizzie held over Roderich’s head for him to agree to the challenge as they got out of the car.

“Why don’t you get the luggage and I’ll open the door,” Roderich said with an air of authority, ignoring the glare Gilbert leveled at him. He walked up the path from driveway to the cottage. Once there, he put the key in the lock and opened the front door. He entered the cottage. Inside, the place was just as Disney-esque as the outside and Roderich half expected to find Snow White singing in the kitchen with her woodland friends, while the dwarves were slaving away in the mines. Spotting an upright piano in the corner, he hurried over to it.

Gilbert was outside, busy unloading the trunk. Setting Roderich’s suitcase on the ground, he took his duffle bag out and closed the trunk. Grumbling about snooty stuck-up assholes and the lack of beer, Gilbert dragged Roderich’s suitcase behind him as he made his way inside. If it weren’t for their friend Lizzie insisting they spend a weekend together getting to know each other, Gilbert would have stayed home. He hoped to hell the cottage had Wi-Fi, although he doubted it. Dumping the stuff inside, Gilbert tromped back to the car and retrieved his laptop from the backseat. He returned a few minutes later to the sound of someone playing a piano.

“You’ve got to be kidding me, Specs,” Gilbert grumped to himself. Picking up his duffle bag, he walked pasted him and headed towards the hallway where he hoped the bedrooms were. It turned out there was only one bedroom. The other door in the hallway led to the bathroom. Gilbert entered the bedroom and dumped his duffle bag on the floor. He smirked as he walked over to the bed and made himself comfortable. Unfortunately, the cottage did not have Wi-Fi, but Gilbert found he did not care. He had several games on his laptop, and picking one at random, he played it.

Roderich entered the room a half hour later, dragging his suitcase behind him. “What do you think you’re doing on my bed?” Letting go of the suitcase handle, he folded his arms across his chest and glared at his friend.

“Your bed?” Gilbert said as he paused the game. He looked up at Roderich and smirked.“Last time I looked, your name wasn’t on it.”


“But nothing. Anyway, there’s a nice comfy looking couch in the living, you know, that thing that looks like a flower shop vomited all over it?”

Roderich heaved a long suffered sigh. “First of all that couch is really a love seat and secondly as you so crudely put it, a flower shop didn’t vomit all over it. It just has a tacky floral slipcover.”

“Whatever.” Gilbert shrugged. “Now are you done pestering me?”

“Yeah. Now move over. I want the right side of the bed.”

Gilbert blinked. “Excuse me?! Who said you’re sleeping here?”

“I did. I can’t possibly sleep on a loveseat.”

“Too snooty to, hunh?”

“No, too small.”

Gilbert laughed. “You said it, not me!”

“Not small that way!” Roderich blushed. “I meant the sofa’s too small, you idiot!”

“Sure you did!” Gilbert chortled.

“That’s enough! Now move over! I want the right side of the bed!”

“What if I want the right side?”

“Unless you want me tossing and turning all night, you’d better give me the right side!”

“Oooh… I like it when you’re forceful, Specs. I bet she did too.”

“I don’t want to talk about her…”

“Fine! But if you hog all the blankets I’m booting your ass onto the floor!” Gilbert scooted over. As much as he hated to admit it, he loved it whenever his friend stopped being a wuss and showed a bit of fire in him. He supposed that was why he teased him all the time, just to get a rise out of him. Unfortunately, he doubted Roderich would appreciate the reason behind all the teasing.

“Agreed. And if you steal all the blankets-”

“You’re gunna whut?” Gilbert said. “Kick my ass?” He snorted in amusement. “Like you and what army?”

Roderich took a deep breath and was about to say something, before letting the matter drop. Gilbert moved over, so he got what he wanted. Besides, they both knew Gilbert could easily beat the tar out of him, so why bother actually going through with it? As well as much as he hated to admit it, Roderich would rather have Gilbert’s hands doing other things than forming fists and knocking him senseless. Things that Liz used to do to him, not that they weren’t pleasant, it was just that Gilbert’s hands were bigger, rougher, and being another guy, he would know all the best places to touch, without having to tell him. Feeling his cheeks heating up, Roderich pushed those thoughts aside. Picking up his suitcase, he set it on the bed. He opened it and unpacked, putting his clothes in the room’s only dresser.

Gilbert tried to concentrate on his game, but had a hard time doing so with Roderich parading around and fussing with things. He was sorely tempted to throw something at him, but could not find anything handy. Instead, Gilbert decided to just sit there and stare at him. He figured if Roderich got uncomfortable enough, he would leave. As Gilbert stared, he found himself trying to figure out what Lizzie saw in the guy.

He found Roderich’s pallor bordering on pasty, like the guy was into vampire chic or something else equally as stupid. Gilbert also noted that for someone who was as into baking as much as his brother was, Roderich remained slim and trim without having to work out. He also was not into sports as evident by all the times Gilbert got together with Lizzie to watch a game. The guy drank wine instead of beer, well, Gilbert’s friend (or brother-in-law if you asked anyone except Gilbert’s younger brother, Ludwig), Feliciano also drank wine, but he was not a total priss and he was known to knock back a few beers too. This guy would rather go to the ballet than to a soccer game. He snorted softly to himself. Of course there were things about the man that were attractive too. His commanding attitude was actually kind of charming at times, he was a talented musician, and he did stand behind his friends, way behind them in a fight like a cheerleader on the sidelines, but he still did not run away.

“I’m hungry and I’m going to make lunch. Do you want anything?”

“There’s food in the fridge?” Gilbert said.

Roderich nearly rolled his eyes at him. “Of course there’s food in the fridge,” he said. “Liz wouldn’t send us up here to an empty cabin in the woods.”

“Yeah! And it’s a good thing she didn’t and it’s not snowing outside, cuz otherwise I’d be enjoying some Weiner schnitzel about now.” Gilbert laughed at his own joke.

This time Roderich rolled his eyes. “I don’t know how Liz put up with your childish behavior.”

“Yeah, well, I have no idea how she put up with your holier than thou attitude. I’m not stupid, Specs, I’m a history professor and I also have a degree in art history too. Just cuz I have a motorcycle doesn’t make me an idiot.”


“Why do you have to be such an asshole towards me? Seriously, Roderich.” Gilbert closed his laptop and got off the bed. “Is it something in your nature? Does it please you to be insulting for no reason? Or are you afraid of being nice to me? Like the world’ll end if we aren’t at each other’s throats?”

Roderich swallowed thickly, unable to form a response right away. He gazed into Gilbert’s eyes. They were a pretty shade that hovered somewhere between blue and violet and they were just as striking as the rest of him. Towheaded and just as fair as himself, but on Gilbert it looked ethereal, like he was some other worldly being come down to Earth for the sole purpose of driving him mad. Roderich just had not figured out if it was mad with desire or just plain mad. Dropping his gaze, he noted the firm set to Gilbert’s jaw, the smooth skin that look like velvet covering his neck and leading to a collar bone that begged to be nibbled on. And the man clearly worked out as he could tell by the way his muscles rippled beneath the black t-shirt he was wearing. Roderich let out a soft little sigh. Gilbert was saying something to him, but all he do was focus on his mouth and those lips that were surely meant for kissing. Whatever he said refused to lodge in Roderich’s lust-clouded brain. He just wanted the man to shut up and kiss him and that was what he was afraid of.

“Hey! Specs?! What the hell’s gotten into you?” Gilbert frowned. “You okay?” He cocked his head to the side as he stared intently back at him.

Roderich nodded. He licked his lips and as his hand came up to cup Gilbert’s cheeks, he said, “Shut up and kiss me!”

Gilbert’s eyes widened, and before he knew what had hit him, Roderich’s lips had smashed onto his. Well, not exactly, but he was so taken aback and surprised by his actions that it was several heartbeats before Gilbert could respond. His hands coming up to rest on Roderich’s back, he kissed him back like he meant it.

Moaning softly into the kiss, Roderich tentatively ground his hips into Gilbert’s. He held him closer, the bulge in his pants hardening just as quickly as Roderich’s. He felt a thrill at Gilbert’s touch and when they came up for air, Roderich found himself being maneuvered towards the bed. Panting, he wanted to stop, but he also wanted to keep going as Gilbert was so forceful. “Stop,” he said breathlessly as his mind screamed for more. “I-I-”

“What?!” Gilbert stepped back, the look on his face harsh and unforgiving.

“I want to get undressed…” Roderich felt his cheeks heating up.

Gilbert snorted. “Whatever…” he said, and it was clear he had lost a bit of the mood. Folding his arms neatly across his chest, he watched Roderich unbutton his shirt. “Oh, for fuck’s sake, Specs! Hurry your ass up!”

“I’m trying.” He pulled his shirt out of his pants and fumbled with the remaining buttons. Roderich found Gilbert’s staring a bit off putting. He opened his mouth to tell him to stop it, when Gilbert leaned in and kissed him again.

Gilbert caught Roderich off guard with his mouth open. He slipped his tongue in Roderich’s mouth and explored the warm confines of it. Gilbert liked the way he tasted; sweet like sugar as if he had helped himself to cookies and cake, before coming to the bedroom and demanding Gilbert vacate it. The thought of Roderich demanding the bed, amongst other things, had him painfully hard. He ground against his friend again. Breaking the kiss, he said. “For fuck’s sake, Specs!” Gilbert reached down and tugged on Roderich’s belt. It took a few awkward minutes, but he soon had it and his pants open. Gilbert fondled him, liking the way Roderich moaned his name. He pushed his friend’s pants low on his hips. “Finish it…”

While Roderich hurriedly got undressed, Gilbert tugged at his t-shirt and pulled it up and over his head. He surprised Roderich by folding it neatly, before placing it on top of his duffle bag. His pants and boxer briefs followed. When his friend got up to pick up his own clothes that lay hastily strewn on the floor, Gilbert held up a hand, placing it on Roderich’s chest. With a smirk and a gentle push, he toppled Roderich onto the bed. As he made himself comfortable, Gilbert crawled into bed with him.

Wasting no more time on foreplay, Gilbert kneed Roderich’s legs apart. He wanted to pound him into the mattress like he owned him. Nuzzling his friend’s cheek, he murmured, “You need any lube?” Not that Gilbert had any idea if there was anything they could use handy. He was sure if this was Lizzie’s intention, that they should spend the weekend going at it like two bunnies in a hutch, there would be some stashed away. He groaned at the thought of having to stop and go look for it.

“Not really…” Roderich murmured back, taking his friend by surprise. He spread his legs wider and hoped for the best. He moaned softly when Gilbert used a spit slicked finger to start prepping him. It did not take long, before his friend entered him. Roderich shivered as pain and pleasure washed over him. It felt surprisingly good and he moaned again.

Gilbert thrust in and out, finding his rhythm. Roderich was tight and that felt awesome. He sped up, thrusting harder, spurred on by his friend’s soft grunting as he pounded away. He will himself to go slower and hold on as Gilbert wanted to savor this moment.

They moved together as one, inching their way to their release. After a while, Roderich could not take any more of the delicious friction Gilbert’s stomach provided his cock. With a loud moan, he fell over the edge, climaxing hard. He spewed his white hot essence between them. It was just what Gilbert needed. Grunting softly, he thrust deeply into Roderich as the waves of pleasure ran down his spine to pool deep within his cock. He shot his load, spurts of cum coating Roderich’s inside. Gilbert continued to thrust several more times, as if milking himself dry, before stopping. With a cheeky smirk, he nipped his friend’s chin and pulled out. They lay together, backing in the glow of their sexual high, and panting as they slowly came back to themselves.

Roderich took a deep breath. He felt hot, sweaty, and languid. He longed to just lie in bed with Gilbert, but a very vocal part of him demanded he get up. “We should go shower, Gilbert.”

Gilbert looked over at him in surprise. “You’re ready for round two already? I’m impressed, Specs.”

“Don’t be stupid.” Roderich sat up. “We have to sleep here, you know.”

“And what? No more sex?” Gilbert tried not to sound as disappointed as he felt.

Roderich blushed. “No, yes, I don’t know… Well, maybe…” He got out of bed.

Gilbert laughed. “You know what they say? Maybe’s a baby that needs to be nurtured until it’s a yes.” He also got up and followed his friend to the shower. Thoughts of the fun they could get up to in there danced in his head. Whatever misgivings he initially had had about this weekend vanished like the morning dew and Gilbert had the feeling Roderich felt the same way if the smoldering look he tossed over his shoulder at him was any indication. This was going to be one of hell of an awesome weekend and he was glad he came in more ways than one.


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