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Cross-posted from tumblr PruHun Week

Title: The Little Merboy
Author: kira
Genre: fairytale, romance
Characters: the little merboy (Gilbert), Princess Elizabeth
Pairing: Prussia/Hungary
Rating: M
Word count: 1372
Warning: Use of human names instead of country
Summary: A little merboy falls in love with a princess…
Author’s Note: This is unbetaed, so any mistakes therein are my own.

Once upon a time in a little kingdom by the sea there lived a beautiful princess. Fair of face, with long silken strands of dark amber colored hair, the Princess Elizabeth none-the-less was not your typical princess. She liked to dress in breeches and she enjoyed pursuing more manly pursuits like sword fighting and horsemanship. Princess Elizabeth especially loved sailing her boat around the harbor.

While sailing, the princess often spotted a beautiful white fish swimming alongside her boat. Sometimes, when she was in the castle and she looked out her window, she could see the fish and hear what she liked to call the voice of an angel, singing. Once she thought she saw the ghostly image of a boy, with hair as white as sea foam and eyes like sea glass, riding the fish just under the waves. The princess, however, dismissed it as nothing more than the heat and the longing in her heat to find her one true love.

Far below the waves there lived a little merboy, with hair as white as sea foam and eyes as bright as sea glass. His father was the King of the Sea and the little merboy lived happily with his father and younger brother until the day he spotted the princess. He thought her the most beautiful thing he had ever seen and he often sat upon the rocks beneath her widow, his silvery fish tail dangling in the water, and sang to her. The little merboy sang the song of the sea to her and it tugged upon the princess’ heartstrings and left her restless and longing for something she could not say.

And so one day, while the princess was out sailing and the little merboy swimming alongside her boat like a white dolphin, a sudden squall blew up out of the east. It tossed the princess’ boat upon the waves, capsizing it. The little merboy dove under the waves after her. While he knew very little about the ways of man, he knew they could not breathe the water like he did. Grabbing her about the waist, the little merboy dragged her towards the surface. Coughing and sputtering, the princess clung to him as he swam to her castle. He pulled her onto the beach, and hiding behind some rocks, he watched over her. It did not take long for her people to find her and carry her inside.

The little merboy kept watch in the shallow water and shadows beneath Princess Elizabeth’s window. After a while she recovered and he often observed her walking on the beach, but the princess, afraid of the sea because of her near drowning, never took a boat out on the water again. It saddened the little merboy as he grown to love her and he missed his human companion. Playing with his younger brother and friends had lost its charm, and so the little merboy made a fateful decision; he would visit the Sea Witch and ask her how he could be with his love, a girl who walked upon the sands.

The Sea Witch lived in the deepest, darkest depths of the ocean and the little merboy gathered his courage and swam there. Upon meeting the Sea Witch, he explained his plight and with a nasty grin she told the little merboy, she would make him human in exchange for his voice. The bargain set and the price paid, the Sea Witch snatched his voice with one hand, while thrusting a potion in the other. The little merboy, left for the warmer, calmer waters of his home and drank it. The potion worked quickly, painfully ripping the scales from his body, shrinking his gills, and leaving him gasping for breath as his beautiful tail and fins became a clumsy pair of human legs. Choking and drowning, a pair of dolphins rescued him as they often rescued drowning sailors.

The dolphins dragged him to the surface and as close to the beach as possible. Exhausted by his ordeal, the little merboy staggered and crawled up onto the beach. And as the sun warmed his skin, he sank into a deep sleep. He was found some time later by the princess, who was walking the beach and looking for shells. Startled by the sight of a naked boy with hair as white as sea foam, she called for her retainers to help.

The little merboy woke up hours later, in a warm, soft bed, Princess Elizabeth by his side. She asked him what had happened to him and where he was from, and how he managed to wash up upon her shore, but all the little merboy could do was shake his head. He had no voice in which to speak to her, having traded it to the Sea Witch for his new human form. And since he had no name or voice in which to tell her, Princess Elizabeth named him Gilbert. They became fast friends and each minute he spent in her company, the more he fell in love with her. But the little merboy never forgot where he came from and some nights he could be seen sitting upon the rocks at the base of the castle staring into the water at a large golden fish, which was really his younger brother.

For the little merboy’s brother missed him and he wanted his brother to return to the ocean’s depths. The little merboy felt sad, as he missed his family, but he still loved the princess very much and wanted to marry her. But it seemed that was not meant to be, for upon waking the very next day, the little merboy found out his darling princess was now betrothed to another and would leave her little kingdom by sea when they got married. It tore at the little merboy’s heart and he cried softly into the waves that night. His brother, sensing his distress, took their father’s whalebone knife and swam to the rocks where his brother sat, crying. He told him that if he plunged the dagger into the princess’ heart, he would be one of the merfolk again. He also said it would help him forget the princess and the humans and he would be happier.

The little merboy took the knife from his brother. He held it in his hands, his tears dripping upon the blade as he thought about what his brother had told him and what it would mean. But the little merboy could not bring himself to do it. He loved Princess Elizabeth too much to end her life. He would rather sacrifice his own to see her happy.

Princess Elizabeth, afraid that her dear friend Gilbert, who seemed so sad lately, would throw himself into the sea, went looking for him. She saw him down by the rocks, looking at a large golden fish. She stayed in the shadows near the castle, but she heard it all. Crying softly, she hurried towards the little merboy, but it was too late. His heart broken, the little merboy, began to dissolve into sea spray as he turned to face her. He dropped the knife and the princess picked it up. Feeling heart-sore over his sacrifice, she plunged the knife into her own heart. The little merboy’s brother was horrified at what happened and he leapt back into the sea to mourn the loss of his brother.

As luck would have it, the King of the Sea, saw what had happened in his magic shell. He swam with all his might to the castle, and waving his trident, he gathered the sea spray. Pointing it out into the harbor, he shook it and a beautiful white seal fell into the water. Dipping his trident into the princess’ blood, he waved his trident again over the harbor and a sleek, dark, amber colored seal fell into the water. The King of the Sea had turned them into seals so that they could live in the sea as well as on the land. He also made it so that the seals would remember the love they had held for each other. With a wave of his trident they swam off and lived happily ever after…


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Jan. 21st, 2016 07:11 am (UTC)
That was rather sweet Kira. Nice job.
Jan. 22nd, 2016 12:37 am (UTC)
Thanks, Vexed! I'm glad you liked it! :D
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