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Cross-posted from tumblr PruHun Week

Title: Teardrops
Author: kira
Genre: slice of life, romance
Characters: Gilbert Beilschmidt, Elizabeta Héderváry
Pairing: Prussia/Hungary
Rating: PG
Word count: 1221
Warning: None
Summary: Set in the 1950’s, this is a side story to my fic “Blue Moon,” in which Elizabeta’s father catches her kissing Gilbert…
Author’s Note: This is unbetaed, so any mistakes therein are my own.

I sit in my room looking out at the rain
My tears are like crystals, they cover my window pane
I'm thinking of our lost romance and how it should have been
Oh if we only could start over again… from Lee Andrews and the Hearts’ “Teardrops” which was written by Santo Farina, John Farina, and Ann Farina

Gilbert Beilschmidt cruised by Elizabeta Héderváry’s house in the back of his motorcycle. Despite the summer heat, he wore his black leather jacket, with the name of his “motorcycle gang,” the Teutonic Knights, emblazoned on it along with large black cross that was outlined in white. His grandfather’s old pickelhaube sat on his head. He waved when he spotted her, sitting on her front porch.

“Hey, Gilbo!” she playfully called out.

Gilbert slowed down and turned his bike around. He drove it up her driveway and parked. “Hey, Lizzie!” He got off his bike as she came over to him. Taking off his jacket, he set on his motorcycle, placing the pickelhaube on top. Giving a quick furtive glance around, Gilbert leaned in and kissed her.

“What are you doing here?”

“What? Can’t a guy come by and see his girl?” Gilbert smiled shyly at her. He liked her a lot and drove by on his day off, hoping to see her.

“Yeah.” Taking him by the hand, Elizabeta led him towards the porch where it was shady and far from the prying eyes of her neighbors. “Can I get you a glass of lemonade? My mother made a fresh pitcher before.”

“Only if you’re having one.” Gilbert sat down on the porch swing and waited. He hummed “Sea of Love” softly to himself as he rocked back and forth on the swing.

Elizabeta returned a few minutes later with a couple of glasses of lemonade. “Here you go.” She handed him a glass.

“Thanks.” Gilbert took the proffered glass and drank. The lemonade had just the right amount of sweetness to go with the tartness. “It’s really good.”

Elizabeta sipped her lemonade. “You’re welcome and thanks.” She rocked back and forth on the swing with him.

He finished his lemonade. “It’s a hot one, isn’t it?” Gilbert said. He felt his cheeks heating up at how stupid he sounded.

“Yeah… I was going to see if Katy wanted to go swimming later, but she can’t.”

“That’s too bad.” Gilbert looked at her shyly. “But if you really want to go that badly, maybe we could go? Francis is working at the pool as a lifeguard and he gave me free passes to get in and all.”

“Sure. Let me go ask my mother.” Elizabeta got up. “Want any more lemonade?”

“No thanks.” Gilbert handed her his empty glass. He watched her bring them inside. He was glad his father had given him the day off, not that he hated working at his father’s gas station, it was just that it gave him time to be with Elizabeta that he normally would not have. They were entering their senior year in high school come the fall. He dreamed about taking her to the prom and slow dancing with her. So lost in thought was he, that Gilbert never heard her come back.

“Gilbert?” Elizabeta said. “You okay?” She said as she sat down next to him.

He blushed. “Yeah. Ummm…” He looked over at her. Gilbert thought she was the cutest thing he had ever seen. He smiled shyly at her.

Elizabeta giggled and, closing her eyes as he leaned towards her, met him half way for a kiss. Heedless of anyone seeing them, they held each other and kissed. She ran her fingers through his mop of unruly hair, glad he had forgone the Brylcreem for a change. The platinum blond strands were as soft as silk and Elizabeta felt a small pang of jealously that her boyfriend had nicer hair than she did.

They came up for air and when they kissed again, Gilbert, feeling a bit bolder, slipped her some tongue. Elizabeta shivered, but did not protest and they kissed like there was no tomorrow. Before things could heat up too much, someone coughed and the two of them quickly broke apart.

“Mr. H!” Gilbert quickly stood up.

“Daddy!” Elizabeta did the same.

“I’m so sorry, I, uh…” Gilbert looked wildly from Elizabeta to her father and back. “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to treat her like that, sir! I’m really sorry!” He stared wild-eyed like a frightened animal looking for an escape. “I’m sorry, Lizzie!” Panting, Gilbert stood there, shaking.

Frank Héderváry frowned.

“It’s okay, Gil, Daddy’s not mad, right?” She looked at her father.

Her father said nothing. It was clear from his posture that he was very angry.

Gilbert gulped. If his father got wind of this he was going to be in a world of hurt. He flashed her a sad, apologetic smile. Looking at her father, Gilbert gulped. “I’ve gotta go. Bye!”

Elizabeta watched him run off like a scared rabbit. “Bye, Gil! I’ll see you tomorrow!” She waved as he threw on his leather jacket, helmet, and rode off. She was puzzled by his reaction and she wanted to find out what had upset him so much. “Daddy? Can I go see if Gilbert’s okay?”

“Are you kidding me? Who knows what he was going to do to you?” Frank shook his head. “I say good-bye and good riddance to that boy!”

“Yes, Daddy,” Elizabeta said softly. She was worried about her boyfriend. She remembered when Gilbert’s father caught them kissing and how he was out of school for a few days and when he came back, he looked like he had been in the fight of the century. Sighing softly, she followed her father inside as she tried to figure out how to save their doomed relationship. She wished everyone, especially her father, could see past his bad boy image as Gilbert really was a nice guy. He respected her, kept his hands mostly to himself when they kissed, always treated her like a lady, unlike most of the boys she had dated. Elizabeta sighed again. She had a horrible feeling; Gilbert had just broken up with her without so much as an explanation and it hurt. Feeling the tears welling up in her eyes, she followed her father inside. Once there, Elizabeta burst into tears and ran upstairs to her room. She lay on her bed and cried her eyes out.

Gilbert drove home. He parked his motorcycle and got off. He slowly walked inside and headed downstairs to his room. He was terrified Elizabeta’s father would tell his what had happened. His father had been angry enough catching him and Elizabeta kissing, he was sure the man would kill him if he knew her father had also caught them at it. Sighing softly, he figure the best thing for him to do would be to break up with her as much as that hurt. Lying on his bed, he felt his whole world come crashing down on him. Giving into it, Gilbert cried himself into an uneasy sleep.


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