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Cross-posted from tumblr GerIta Week

Title: Training Session
Author: kira
Genre: Slice of Life
Characters: Germany, Italy
Pairing: Germany/Italy
Rating: PG
Word count: 636
Warning: None
Summary: Germany finally figured out how to motivate Italy when it comes to training…
Author’s Note: Thanks to my beta Kat for looking this over for me.

Germany was at his wit’s end trying to get his little buddy, Italy, to man up and get serious about training. They would run around the track, Italy keeping pace with him until the start of the second lap, when he would start lagging. By the time Germany had reached the five kilometer mark, Italy was sitting on the sideline, playing with a stray cat. Even the promise of gelato afterwards, failed to motivate him. Asking Prussia to come along and coach them was also a huge failure, since his brother went too easy on him. Germany was convinced he only did that so he could sit there and chat him up, while Germany worked his arse off. Inviting the girls along was only mildly successful. While Italy made a valiant effort to keep pace with Hungary, Prussia had tagged along, with the end result being Prussia and Hungary having a “run-off.” Italy had tripped trying to keep up with them, only to be “mothered” by Ukraine, who after one lap gave up because it hurt her chest too much to continue jogging.

He sighed as he watched his little buddy huff and puff his way around the track on his way to reaching the half kilometer mark. The only one, besides Romano, who also ran like he was half-dead was Greece. Germany groaned when he realized that the only way to make the two of them break out into a sprint was having a stray cat saunter onto the track. Against his better judgment, Germany walked onto the track. He stretched his muscles and broke out into a lazy jog. Despite his slow pace, Germany easily caught up to his little buddy.

Italy smiled at him and whatever complaints and orders he was going to bark at him died on Germany’s lips. He grimaced back at him in what passed for a smile when he realized his little buddy was trying hard. It also slowly dawned on him that Italy really had no desire to train as hard as he did and that his little buddy only did it to please him. He reached out and put a hand on Italy’s arm.

“Training’s finished for the day,” Germany said as he slowed his pace down to a brisk walk.

Italy followed suit. “You sure?” His brows knit together in a puzzled frown. He expected his friend to yell at him and tell him he had to move his arse or something. Italy stopped walking and rested with his hands on his knees. “We barely started…”

“I know, and I-” Germany said. He could feel his cheeks heating up, so he looked away. “I thought you’d rather stop and get gelato or something.”

“Yeah? We can get some gelato?” Italy’s face lit up. He smiled impishly. “How about we jog there?”


The two of them set off at the same slow pace Italy struggled with as he circled the track. Germany found it funny that the closer they got to the gelato place, the more Italy picked up the pace until they were a block away. At first Germany thought his little buddy had ran out of steam, when it hit him. Italy was slowing down to a walk because Germany had told him more times than he cared to remember that one had to slow down and cool off at the end of a good run. A brief smile tugged his lips upwards as they entered the shop. Germany bought them each a cone. It may not have been the best thing to eat while training, but it made Italy happy and that was what was important. As they walked back to his place, Germany wondered if the key to getting Italy to train harder was a trip to all his favorite food places.


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