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Cross-posted from tumblr GerIta Week

Title: Let Them Eat Pink Cake
Author: kira
Genre: Slice of Life
Characters: Germany, Italy, and Prussia
Pairing: Germany/Italy
Rating: PG
Word count: 730
Warning: None
Summary: Germany decides to make a cake, from one of mixes that America sent Prussia, with a help from Italy…
Author’s Note: Thanks to my beta Kat for looking this over for me & giving me a title. Funfetti, for those who’ve never seen it, is a cake mix by Pillsbury. It’s basically white cake mix with sprinkles in it. They have coordinating frosting.

“Hey, Germany!” Italy said as he entered the kitchen. “Whatchya doing?”

Germany looked up from the box, he was reading. “I’m going to make a cake. Prussia said he felt like something sweet and that I should try one of the ones America sent him. He said they’re idiot proof and that no one makes cakes from scratch anymore except for Austria and myself.” Germany looked back at the box. “My brother’s right, it does look easy enough. It’s just the mix, some eggs, water, and oil.”

“Yeah?” Italy took the box from him. “You have a glass baking pan?” He rattled a few other things off the back of the box, while his friend went to go get them.

Once they had everything ready, Germany opened the box and took out the cake mix. He opened the plastic packaging and poured the contents into a mixing bowl. Italy carefully measure out the oil and water, pouring them both into the dry mix, while Germany cracked the eggs needed. After they were added to the mix, he turned on the mixer. Two minutes later, he was pouring the cake batter into a greased pan.

“Can I pop it in the oven?” Italy said.


“And lick the bowl?”

“If you must.” Germany sighed. “And don’t forget the timer.” He looked at the box. “Put thirty-four minutes on it.”

“Okay.” Italy did as he was told. While he licked the bowl clean, Germany cleaned up the rest of their “mess.”

“Let’s go take the dogs for a walk,” Germany said as he took off his apron and hung it up. “Prussia!”

“What?” Prussia called out form the living room.

“Italy and I are going to walk the dogs, we’ll be back in about twenty minutes and then I’ll check on the cake.”

“Okay,” Prussia said as he entered the kitchen. “So which one did you make?”

“The funfetti one.”

“Pink icing?” Prussia grinned.

Germany heaved a long suffering sigh. “Yes, that was the only one that was funfetti that was in there.”

“It looked pretty good,” Italy said “Like real cake batter. Tasted like it too.”

Prussia laughed. “It is real cake batter, Itachen.”

“Oh.” Italy laughed.

Germany cleared his throat. “Dogs? Walk?”

“So go walk them, West. Me and Itachen’ll watch the cake.” Prussia smirked.

Germany simply stared at him.

“I think I should go with Germany, Prussia.”

“No problem. You kids go have fun. And uh, West, you’d better hurry. It looks like you’re down to fifteen minutes.” Prussia’s smirk broadened into a grin.

Germany was sorely tempted to punch him, instead, he called the dogs and with Italy in tow, set out for a brisk walk around the block. They came back ten minutes later, just in time for the timer to ding and Germany to hang up the dogs’ leashes.

Italy hurried over to the oven and took out the cake. He poked it with a tooth pick in several places and since it came out clean, the cake was declared “ready.” Italy switched off the oven and the cake was set aside to cool.

While they waited for the cake to cool, the three of them puttered around the kitchen. Prussia got a pot of coffee going, while Italy got out three mugs. Germany washed the mixer blades, bowl, and measuring cup. By the time he was finished, the cake was cool enough to frost. Prussia showed them how to mix the canned frosting, before dumping the whole thing onto the cake. His brother and Italy watched as Prussia spread the bright pink frosting all over the top of the cake. He then took the lid, punctured the foil and sprinkled the pink colored sugar on top.

“Who wants some cake?” Prussia said.

“Me!” Italy cried. “And so does Germany!”

Germany got out some plates and forks, while Prussia cut them a piece. Italy poured them each a cup of coffee. Taking their cake to the table, the three of them enjoyed the sweet treat. Both Italy and Germany were surprised at how good it was.

“Told you so!” Prussia smirked.

Italy laughed. “It’s good, but not as good as Germany’s Black Forest cake.”

“True,” Prussia conceded. “It’s also not as good as your tiramisu.”

“But not bad, Bruder, for what it is. Next time you see America, you tell him we liked it.”

“Will do!”


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