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Cross-posted from tumblr GerIta Week

Title: Past and Present Loves
Author: kira
Genre: Slice of Life
Characters: Germany, Italy
Pairing: Germany/Italy
Rating: PG
Word count: 750
Warning: None
Summary: Italy, missing his first love, wonders if he came back to him…
Author’s Note: Thanks to my beta Kat for looking this over for me.

Germany entered the coffee shop and briefly scanned the patrons for his friend. Spotting him, he walked over to Italy. “Hello,” he said as he sat down. “I’m sorry to keep you waiting, but I had a last minute meeting with my boss and I couldn’t get away.”

Italy smiled. “It’s okay; I know you’re busy with work.” He closed his sketchbook and set it aside. “You want anything? I could use another cappuccino.”

Germany pushed back from the table. “Let me get it.”

“Okay.” Italy watched as his friend walked up to the counter and ordered. He sighed softly. Today was the anniversary of the day his dear childhood friend and love, Holy Roman Empire, went off to war. It still hurt after all these years that Italy had no idea what happened to him, other than some vague answers from Prussia shortly after the end of the war, which Italy had attributed to grief over his brother’s death. Yet, Italy still could not shake the feeling that his friend was still alive and out there somewhere.

Germany returned with the two cappuccinos. “Are you okay?” He handed a cup to his little buddy and sat down.

Italy nodded. He let out a soft sigh as he reached for his cappuccino and drank. “Yeah…” he said softly.


He looked up at his friend. “What?”

Germany sighed. “Nothing,” he said. “What were you drawing?” Germany said, hoping the change of subject would pull his little buddy from his morose mood.

Italy reached for his sketchbook. “Remember I told you my first love was a boy?”

Germany nodded. “You also said he thought you were a girl because Miss Hungary used to dress you in her old clothes.”

“Yup.” Italy smiled. “Anyway, I was sketching him.”

“And that made you feel sad?” Germany frowned.

Italy made a face. “Yes and no. I mean I miss him, he went off to war and never came back, but that was such a long time ago.” He smiled ruefully. “You do kind of remind me of him and that’s not really a bad thing.”

“Yeah?” Germany was not sure how he felt about this little revelation.

“Yeah. He was very serious, and reserved, and he had blond hair and blue eyes like you. And he was very sweet to me and kind, like whenever I was hungry; he’d bring me some pasta.” Italy smiled at the memory. “And I don’t know if my memory is playing tricks on me or not, but whenever I draw him, I feel like I’m drawing you as a child.” Italy opened his sketchbook to his latest sketch. He handed it to his friend.

Germany looked it. It did resemble him somewhat, but having no memory of his childhood, he could not be sure if actually was him or not. He looked up at his little buddy. “It’s really good, Italy, but I have no idea if that’s me or not.” He blushed. “My memory of that time is even hazier than yours.”

“Sorry.” Italy took his sketchbook back.

“It’s okay. It is what it is.” Germany shrugged.


“So that’s your first love?”

“Yup!” Italy looked away and back. “Hey, Germany?”


“Do you think my first love came back to me?” Reaching out, he put his hand on his friend’s, giving it a gentle squeeze.

Germany blushed. “I don’t know…” He tried pulling his hand away, and changing his mind, he left it there. If it made his little buddy happy, thinking he was his lost first love, then Germany would be happy with it too. He made a mental note to ask his brother about Holy Roman Empire when he got home.

Italy nodded. “Anyway…”

“We should go. Would you like to come over?” Germany said. “We can build a pillow fort.”

“And you’ll read while I sketch you and when we get tired of that, we can nap?”

Germany nodded. A faint smile tugged his lips upwards. As silly and childish as that was, he loved indulging Italy, plus he appreciated the gesture for what it was; a chance to create childhood memories of his own. “Let’s go.”

Finishing their cappuccinos, they got up from the table. Italy gathered his sketchbook and pencil case while Germany brought their used cups and silverware over to the bins set aside for it. Together they left the coffee shop, Italy regaling Germany with stories of his first love, while Germany listened, happy his little buddy’s mood lightened.


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