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Cross-posted from tumblr

Title: Après-ski
Author: kira
Genre: slice of life, romance
Characters: Austria(Roderich), Switzerland (Vash)
Pairing: Autria/Switzerland
Rating: Adult
Word count: 1741
Warning: none
Summary: Austria and Switzerland spend the day together at Switzerland’s chalet…
Author’s Note: Thanks to my beta Kat for looking this over for me.

For Sara…

The sharp crack of a gunshot echoed through the mountains. An ominous quiet briefly filled the air, followed by a deep rumbling. Vash grabbed the riffle out of Roderich’s hands and swore softly. He hurriedly slung it on his back, while Roderich looked around in confusion. Locking gazes with his skiing buddy, Roderich saw a brief flicker of panic in Vash’s eyes as he pulled his ski goggles down over his eyes.

“Let’s go, you idiot!” Vash took off; skiing like his life depended on it.

Roderich carefully pulled his own goggled down over his glasses. The rumbling seemed louder and he wondered what it was as he took off after Vash. Then it hit him. Avalanche; a word that struck fear into many skiers’ hearts. A wave of panic washed over him and Roderich skied like his life depended on it. The personification of the country Austria, Roderich, in truth, did not have to worry about dying per se, but being caught up in a tumbling mass of snow, broken trees, and whatever else got into the path of destruction, and injuring himself, was not a pleasant thought. By the time he reached Vash’s side, the rumbling had stopped as the avalanche turned out to be a small one, just a sudden down pouring of snow from the peaks above them, though no less deadly. That did not stop Vash from rounding on him.

“Asshole!” He shoved him, pushing Roderich backwards; his ski poles helping to keep him from landing on his butt.

Roderich frowned. “You told me to fire and I did.”

“At the target, you moron!! What the hell were you thinking?! We could’ve been buried until the spring thaw!!”

Roderich went to push his glasses up the bridge of his nose, until he realized he was wearing ski goggles over them. “But…” He frowned again. “Sorry, I missed, but the sound of the shots being fired shouldn’t have set off an avalanche. You did fire at the target a lot more than I did. Maybe it was bad timing? It was just one more shot and I happened to be the unlucky one who fired it?”

“I don’t know…” Vash trailed off, his anger mostly diffused. He looked in the direction of his chalet. “Let’s go.” He pushed off, parallel to the bottom of slope, in the direction of home.

Roderich silently followed him. He had no idea what started the avalanche, for all he knew it would have happened anyway regardless of whether or not they were there, target shooting. He just wished Vash was not such an ass about it. Yes, he understood the danger, he skied in his own Alps often enough to be aware of it. He also knew that you can sometimes set them off on purpose like they did in many a ski lodge and mountain village, but Roderich was also aware that they simply happened. New snow on top of shifting older layers, a sudden earthquake, even the movements of people or animals could cause one. He knew you could set them off with strategically placed explosives, but the sound of gunfire echoing across the mountains? Roderich was sure if conditions were that unstable, he and Vash would have been cooped up in his chalet. When they got back, Roderich made a mental note to see if there were any reports of fresh snowfall on the mountain. Since the avalanche was small and the upper slopes steep, Roderich was fairly certain that was the cause of the sudden onrush of snow and ice.

It did not take long for them to reach Vash’s chalet. After taking off their skis, they went inside. Roderich drank in the warmth. As much as he enjoyed skiing, lounging by the fire with a glass of mulled wine or two to warm him from the inside was a pleasant thought. As he hung up his ski jacket, Roderich said, “I think I’ll go grab a quick shower.” He sat down next to Vash on the bench in the mudroom and took off his ski boots.

Vash nodded. “I’ll go when you’re done.”

“Okay.” Roderich stood up and after putting his equipment away, he hurried to his room. Once there, he stripped out of his sweaty clothes, tossing them into the hamper. Naked, he shivered as he headed towards the shared bathroom. It sat between his room and Vash’s in the loft where both bedrooms were located. Roderich took a towel from the shelf and hung it up next to the shower. He reached inside and turned on the taps, adjusting the water to the exact temperature he preferred. As soon as it was warm enough, Roderich took off his glasses and left on the sink. He stepped inside the shower, sliding the door behind him.

The hot water did wonders for chasing away the chill from his bones and easing the aches from his muscles. Reaching for the shampoo, Roderich squirted some in his hand. He put the bottle back and washed his hair. As his rinsed the lather from his hair, he heard the sound of the shower door being slide back, followed by a quick blast of cold air. Roderich shivered as a pair of arms wrapped themselves around him from behind.

Vash closed his eyes and leaned his forehead on his friend and would be lover’s back. The water beat down on him too as he pulled Roderich close. His hand ghosted over his fellow country’s body. He was slightly built like Vash, but whereas he was whip-hard, Roderich was soft, although a certain part of his anatomy was rapidly becoming harder under Vash’s delicate touch. He tweaked Roderich’s nipple, the other moaning softly under his deft touch. He pressed his own hardness against his fellow country’s backside. His need to dominate and be in control was strong, and in Roderich he found a willing partner. Yet, he also felt comfortable in letting Roderich dominate him in his own passive way.

Roderich turned in Vash’s arms. Cupping his fellow country’s cheeks, he kissed him long and hard. Breaking the kiss, he gave Vash a tight, knowing, little smile. Vash’s moans where a soft concerto in his ears, a delicate counter melody to the rush of the water pouring from the shower head. Stepping back, he ran his hand lightly down Vash’s body, mimicking the teasing his fellow country gave him. He held Vash’s heavy sac in his hand, gently massaging it with the pad of his thumb. He trailed his hand upwards, ignoring Vash’s growing need, brushing his fingertips against the thick tangle of light brown curls at the base of his cock. Roderich smiled when his fellow country’s hips jerked forward of their own accord. He wondered if he should go down on his knees and suck him off, or should he simply stroke him until Vash could not take it anymore.

“Please?” Vash said through gritted teeth. He hated begging, but Roderich had excited such need in him that he wanted him now. Luckily, his fellow country did not make him wait long. Vash moaned as Roderich gripped his cock, stroking him slowly and deliberately. He felt weak in the knees and knew it would not be long before he climaxed. He panted, and gripping Roderich’s shoulders, felt his sac tightening as the pleasurable sensations pooled in his cock.

The corners of Roderich’s mouth curled upwards in a smile. Vash had been trying to thrust into him, but Roderich’s firm but gentle grip on the other country’s cock controlled his movements. Rubbing the pad of his thumb on the sensitive head, Roderich counted the beats in his head. And a one… and a two… and a three…
Letting out a strangled cry, Vash climaxed hard. His grip tightening on Roderich’s shoulders, he spewed his hot essence all over his fellow country’s hip. Panting heavily, he clung to him as he basked in his sexual high.


Vash pulled back and looked up at him the play of emotion clearly seen on his face. Roderich’s voice had been soft, almost a purr and Vash never wanted to punch something so badly as he did in that moment. He knew what the look his fellow country was giving him meant and he had no choice, but to obey.

Roderich snorted in amusement. He wore a smirk that would have been at home on Prussia’s face as he watched Vash sink to his knees. Holding his cock out, he moaned softly as the warm confines of his fellow country’s mouth settled around it. Holding Vash’s head in his hands, he set the pace. Roderich loved his fellow country’s talented mouth and he wanted to enjoy every minute of it.

Vash gripped Roderich’s hips as he orally pleasured him. He licked and sucked, doing all those things that his fellow country loved. Keeping to the rhythm that Roderich had set, Vash did his best to get him to climax quickly. He wanted to go downstairs and sit in front of the fire, basking its warmth. After a morning spent skiing and a light lunch, Vash was looking forward to some rough and tumble sex in front of the fire. A little chocolate fondue for dessert… Vash’s fantasy was interrupted by a familiar salty tang on his tongue. He sucked Roderich dry, and pulling back with a loud pop that was lost in the rush of water from the shower head, he swallowed. Rising stiffly to his feet, Vash cupped his fellow country’s cheek. He leaned in and kissed him.

Roderich deepened it. He could taste himself as his tongue explored the warm confines of Vash’s mouth. He knew what Vash wanted to do and he was in complete agreement with those plans. Breaking the kiss, he nuzzled him. “Don’t forget the fondue.”

Vash pulled back with a snort. “As if,” he said, his mouth contorting into a feral grin. Grabbing the soap, he quickly washed up. Nudging Roderich out the way, he rinsed off, before leaving the shower. “Hurry up!” he called out as he left the bathroom.

Roderich let the warmth of the shower wash over him for several minutes, before he turned off the taps. Getting out, he dried himself off, before padding naked to his room. He quickly got dressed and headed downstairs. He had a fun afternoon ahead of him and willing partner, not to mention some fondue for dessert.


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