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The Phone Call

Title: The Phone Call
Author: kira
Word Count: 944
Characters: Greta, Wolfgang
Summary: Greta calls home, looking for Amber, who she misses, & gets Amber’s father-in-law instead. He asks about her day on set & she decides to tell him…
Author’s notes: This was written for May’s Merry Month of Masturbation, using an old Bingo! Card from DW’s allbingo combined with a few of my own prompts to make a table.
Special Thanks to Kat for letting me borrow Greta, as well as pinking this fic.

Greta had some down time between movies. She knew her girlfriend Amber had a doctor’s appointment, but she forgot if it was today or tomorrow. Being overseas in Germany and with her long days on set, she was mixed up as to what day it was. She decided to call anyway, just to hear her voice; any news about the baby to be would be gravy. Rummaging in her bag, she found her cell phone and called home, hoping to catch her.


Wolfgang of all people had answered the phone and Greta briefly hesitated, before replying. “Hallo, Old Man.”

“Was machst du?”

“Nothing much… Is Amber there?”

“Nein, she went with Bernd to the doctor. Is everything okay?”

“Yeah… I just miss her and I wanted to know how her appointment went.”

“She misses you too and so does Bernd.”

Greta could not help laughing at the bit. Bernd probably missed the sex more than anything else, with Amber’s sex drive waning due to her morning sickness and herself being half a world away. “What about you, Old Man? You miss me too?”


The hint of wistfulness in his voice reminded her how homesick she felt. “I miss you too,” she said, surprised that she actually meant it.



“Tell me about your movie. The Kinder were very quiet about it.”

I imagine they would be… “It’s nothing special.”


“Ja…” She took a deep breath and wondered how much she could color the truth. “Well, if you must know, today we filmed a sex scene.” There, she said it. There had been more than one sex scene, which was kind of the point and she hoped he would not think too poorly of her. Not that she was sure why she cared what he thought of her.


Greta laughed. “It’s hard to enjoy it with all these people hanging around.”

“I imagine it would be.”

“And the guy’s okay looking; not really my type.” Not that it was a guy, but she was not sure if Wolfgang’s heart could handle a lesbian love scene in what he thought was a mainstream movie. Plus Amber would have killed her for giving her “father-on-law” a stroke while she was pregnant, as dealing with an anxious Bernd was bad enough on top of a terrible case of morning sickness.

“It happens, but I hope you were convincing and the… how do you say…” She could hear him frowning. “Magic? Was real at least. Nothing worse than watching a romantic movie, and they come to the sex scene and the actors have no chemistry.”

“Tell me about it.” She laughed. “So you want to hear about it?” It was a surprisingly tame scene compared to most of what she had been in the past few days. Just a vanilla scene with herself and another woman; no bandage, no animals, no group scenes, nothing weird.

“If you wish to tell me about it.”

Greta arched an eyebrow at that. “I think I do. I usually tell Amber about how my day went, but since she’s not here and you’re willing to listen… Why not? Just go to your room, just in case,” she teased and he laughed.

“Okay.” He made small talk as he left the den for the privacy of his room. Getting comfortable on the bed, he told her tell him about the scene.

“Well, let’s see… It’s one of those teen movies with naughty bits in it.”


“And umm… I’m a naughty school girl and I’m trying to seduce my teacher into giving me an A.” And if you believe that, I have a bridge I want to sell as Herr Lech would say…

“I see…”

You’d probably have a heart attack if you did, Old Man… “Anyway, it’s after school and I have detention. The teacher tells me what a bad girl I am for not doing my work, so he tells me the only to get me motivated to do my work is a little corporal punishment. So I lie across his lap.” She thought she heard a soft moan, but could not be sure. As she went on to describe the scene, Greta wondered if he was playing with himself. “Anyway, I get a spanking and it doesn’t help, because I’m too busy telling him how much he turns me on. I’m lying of course.”


“So he decides to move his hand in a way that he brushes against my pussy, he tells me I’m right, so I ask him what he’s going to do about it.”


Greta nearly laughed out loud as his comment sounded more like a moan than anything else. “Are you okay?”she asked, unable to stop herself from teasing him.

“Very much so. Tell me more about your movie.”

“If you insist… So before I know it, I’m naked and the teacher has me bent over his desk, while he has his way with me.” This time she was sure he was panting and very close to climaxing. “And when he’s finished, he tells me to get dressed and that I not only have an A, but if I keep this up, I’ll be sure to pass his class with honors.” Greta heard the soft, but unmistakable sound of someone climaxing. She let him enjoy the moment, by babbling on about nothing in particular.

“That was some day.”

“Ja… We pretty much had to shoot that scene from several angles, so I’m kind of tired of being bent over.” She heard him laugh.

“It must be late there. I’m sorry to keep you awake, and I’ll tell Amber you called. Will you be home soon?”

“I hope so; it all depends on the director. He could make changes to the script and I could be home in a week, or I could be there another month.” She could not help sighing. In reality, she was trying to do as many movies as possible, before coming home. It was so frustrating. She wanted to be home with Amber and experience her pregnancy with her firsthand, and not hear things over the phone after the fact. But she knew earning money, and a lot of it, so that she could be there with Amber and the baby after it was born was important too.

“Well, hopefully, it’ll be sooner, rather than later.”

“Ja…”Greta said. “So Gute Nacht, Old Man.”

Gute Nacht, Greta.” She heard him hang up. Sighing softly, she went to see if they were done filming for the night.
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