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Cross posted from Madrona Project

Title: The Tale of the Artist and the Performer
Author: kira
Word Count: 1097
World: Licentia
Main Characters: Valentino de Pisanello, an artist; Serena, a performer in one of the Blue District’s clubs, mention of Lord Mwans
Borrow: No
Summary: Valentino is in the Blue District, sketching a performer for one of his Star Cards.
Author’s notes: This was written for May’s Merry Month of Masturbation, using an old Bingo! Card from DW’s allbingo combined with a few of my own prompts to make a table.
Special Thanks to Kat for pinking this for me.

For Kat...

Valentino de Pisanello took off his cloak and sat down before the raised stage. Several of the nude revue dancers strutted around, rehearsing their choreography. He took no real notice of them; instead, he opened his satchel and pulled out his sketchbook. He was there specifically to sketch the performer known as “Serena.” While he was setting up, a half naked woman walked out onto the stage, her boot heels clicking as she walked to center stage. Serena had chosen her outfit carefully, as she wanted him to focus on her talent, although a part of her wanted to flaunt her body. She called out, directing the stagehands to bring a large bed front and center.

Valentino, or Tino as he preferred to be called, looked up to what all the fuss was about. He gazed at the half naked woman, noting the curves of her bottom and how they melted into her thighs. She turned, giving him a view of her profile. He snorted softly in amusement at the way her ample bosom stretched her form fitting sweater to its limits. He nodded at her when she looked down at him.

Serena smiled back at him. She turned towards him, standing so he could see the butterfly tattooed on her hip and her hairless sex. Grinning wickedly at him, she did a few squats, more to loosen herself up than to give him an eyeful. “Ready?”

Tino shrugged. He had seen more than his fair share of naked women. This one, having watched her perform last few nights, was nothing special. So she lay on a bed and fondled herself while the men in the audience cheered and got drunk. As far as Tino was concerned, if one had seen one spread pussy, one had seen them all. Still, she was beautiful in her own way and very popular with the locals as well as the tourists visiting Licentia. He had even heard rumors that the woman had given a special private performance for Lord Mwans and few of his closest friends. It increased her popularity at any rate, and that made her one for his sketchbook. Once he had her down to his satisfaction, he could go back later and do a series of simple stylized drawings to be printed up and sold on the streets as souvenirs. Occasionally, he would ask one or two of the women back to his studio to pose for a painting. He had gotten his start, painting the stars of the capital’s numerous brothels.

Serena crawled onto the bed. She lay there, pressing her thighs together, enjoying the tingling sensations. She loved performing at “private parties” where everyone could get a good look at her and she could sit on their laps. If she liked them and they treated her well, she would let them touch her, even though it was against policy. It made her wet just thinking about it. Sliding her hand down her belly, she covered her pussy as she spread her legs. She waved her other hand, clearing the stage.

Tino smiled. The woman was such a diva! He picked up his sketchbook and tried getting some sketches done. While her could clearly see her pussy and what she was doing to it, the rest of her was somewhat obscured from this angle, although he supposed that was the point of the performance. “Stop!”

“But I can’t…” she moaned. “It feels too good…” Serena panted. She was rather loud, but she felt it enhanced her performance.

Tino stood up. “I can’t draw you from that angle.”

That made her pause. “Hunh?”

He was not sure if she was moaning or not, until he noticed she had removed her hand. “If I sat on stage with you, I could see everything better. You’re going to be on one of my star cards.”

“Oh?” she said, sitting up. It was well know that Tino sketched the performers in Licentia’s Blue District clubs, but very few were put on his star cards. She smiled at the thought of becoming more well known because of it.

“Yes…” Tino frowned. “We need to move the bed and set up a table and chair for me,” he thought out loud.

Serena heard him, and clapping her hands, she called the stagehands over. They quickly moved the bed in position along with a table and chair for Tino’s use.

“I need you to lose the sweater.”

“Gladly.” Serena made a show of pulling it up and over her head. She held her big breasts in her hands, rubbing the pads of her thumbs over her nipples. “You like?” she asked, getting a nod in reply.

“Get rid of the boots and get back on the bed.”

“Yes, sir!” Serena quickly complied. She lay back against the pillows, her legs falling open. Serena parted her slick folds, her middle finger teasing the sensitive nub of flesh at the top. With her free hand she played with her nipple, the little jolts of pleasure going straight to her belly.

“So tell me,” she purred, “do you like to sleep with men or… women?” Her voice hitched on the last word.

“I only make love to myself.”

Serena moaned. “Really…?” she said breathlessly.

He nodded. He quickly completed his sketch. “It keeps my art pure.”

She laughed. “And yourself!”

“That too.” Tino began another sketch. He honestly had no desire to bed her or anyone else for that matter. Whenever he did pleasure himself, there was no particular person he saw, but rather an amalgamation of everyone he had ever sketched. When he finished drawing, he called her over to see his work.

“Oooh… I like that one.”

“Me too. That is the one I’ll use as a reference for your card.” Tino packed up his sketchbook. “I’ll send you one from the first printing.”

“Thanks! So, now that you’re finished, you wanna go get some lunch?” She posed seductively. She found him attractive and really did want to get to know him better. The possibility that he would actually paint her on canvas also colored her desire to further the relationship. Rumor had it that Lord Mwans was thinking of throwing another one of his infamous parties and a gift like that would surely get her invited.

“I’m rather busy today. Perhaps another time?” he said, although he had no intention of ever having with lunch with her

“Oh…” she said, looking every bit as disappointed as she sounded.

“Good day.” Tino nodded as he walked past her towards the club’s exit.

“Good day…”


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Nov. 26th, 2016 04:49 am (UTC)
Sorry Serena, asexuals get +20 against Seduction.
Nov. 26th, 2016 08:32 pm (UTC)
Yup! ;p
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