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Cross posted from Madrona Project

Title: The Tale of the Two Amazons
Author: kira
Word Count: 1085
World: The Land of the Amazons
Main Characters: Tatiana & Svetlana
Borrow: No
Summary: Svetlana tries to get her friend & lover Tatiana to relax before her first raid.
Author’s notes: This was written for May’s Merry Month of Masturbation, using an old Bingo! Card from DW’s allbingo combined with a few of my own prompts to make a table.
Special Thanks to Kat for pinking this for me.

Tatiana giggled when her older “sister” Svetlana gently caressed her leg. “Stop, Sveta! It tickles!” She tried pulling it away.

Svetlana held fast to her little “sister’s” ankle. “Relax; it’ll feel better if you stop thinking about it.” She ran her hand up Tatiana’s leg, drawing little circles on her inner thigh.

“I can’t!” Tatiana whined. As much as she loved her fellow Amazon, she was still shy when it came to Svetlana touching her. A friendship blossomed between them; back when Tatiana was still in the crèche and Svetlana was one of the older girls looking after the “little sisters,” so they were paired up. Even though Tatiana also looked after the little ones now, her relationship with Svetlana was fostered to point of the two girls being given their own yurt.

“We’ll be going on a raid in the next few days. I know it’ll be your first and all, but there’s nothing to fear. In fact…” Svetlana caressed Tatiana’s thigh, moving closer to her folds. “He’ll more afraid of you than you are of him. Seriously!” she added at the look of disbelief her friend and would-be lover shot her.


“So if you relax and as you know touching yourself is very relaxing,” she purred and Tatiana giggled. “You’ll be fine when we go on our raid.”

“But you always touch me so softly, it tickles!”

“Sorry, I had no idea you wanted me to be rougher.” Svetlana paused, letting her younger, less experienced lover a chance to tell her what felt good.

Tatiana shrugged. As good as it felt whenever she played with herself, and as nice as Svetlana’s touches were, they always made her feel all giggly and funny and unsure of herself. Adding her first raid to mix only increased her tension. “What if I like being with him more than I do with you?” It was her biggest fear. There were women in her clan that preferred the touch of men and they were considered deviants and weren’t allowed to breed. Even those who had bore two sons looked down at them. Tatiana shuddered. Sisterhood was important to the clan. It was the glue that bound them all together; young and old, strong and weak, healthy and infirm. Their clan stretched back so many generations that it claimed to have sprung from the time of the Ancients, when the love between two women was often looked down upon.

Svetlana held her close. “You love me, right?”

Tatiana nodded.

“I know you enjoy it when I touch you there.” Svetlana gently brushed her fingertips along Tatiana’s folds. “So there’s nothing to worry about. Besides, we’ll go together and you’ll see how weak they are. And we’ll share him and laugh at him and if we’re lucky, we’ll both make a baby and our daughters will be true sisters.” She kissed Tatiana’s cheek.

“Yeah!” Tatiana kissed her back.

“So why don’t you touch yourself and I’ll watch and I’ll wait until you’re done and then you can touch me.” She nuzzled the younger girl.

“Okay…” Tatiana leaned forward, pulling her short shift over her head and tossing it aside. Svetlana held her arm out she snuggled in. Pinching her nipples, they crinkled under her touch. When her first child entered the crèche, Tatiana’s breasts would be tattooed along with her belly and she would be known as a giver of life. She prayed that first child would be a girl.

Svetlana nuzzled her again, and reaching over, she gently shooed Tatiana’s hand away so she could fondle her breast. She was happy she could be there for her beloved’s second rite of passage; her first raid. That brought back memories of Tatiana’s first rite; that of the Sacred Penis. And odd choice for a society that looked down on men and celebrated women, but an important step in the life of an Amazon. She remembered getting up at dawn and going to the crèche to find Tatiana still asleep. After waking her, she applied a special unguent to the girl’s sex, one that burned as well as cooled, the resulting sensations thought to heighten desire and minimize the pain of deflowering. The girls were then led naked through the camp to the Tent of Mysteries where they were given an intoxicating draught to drink, before being ritually deflowered by an old crone of a priestess. Afterwards, the downy covering of her sex was removed and her first tattoo was placed there. A week later, she was given a white shift and Svetlana led her proudly through the camp, proclaiming her hers. They were happy times, full of lessons and loving.

Tatiana slowly began to relax. She slid her hand down her belly to her sex. Her questing fingers found the tiny nub of flesh and stroked it. It felt good and turning her head towards her, Tatiana kissed Svetlana. Her lover tweaked her nipple, sending little jolts of pleasure down her spine to pool deep within her belly. Any misgivings she had about preferring a man’s touch disappeared as Svetlana guided her to her climax.

Moving her hand to the other girl’s thigh, she tenderly stroked it. Watching her and touching her, Svetlana felt the tingling of desire in her own sex. She longed to touch herself and as Tatiana climaxed, Svetlana began pleasuring herself. The two shared a quick, smoldering glance as they played with themselves. Moaning softly, they rushed headlong towards their completion, occasionally switching places to send waves of pleasure running down their spines. Sated, they cuddled, basking in the warm glow of their sexual highs. It was a good start to what promised to be an exciting first raid for Tatiana.

Now relaxed, the girls were able to plot their strategy. Even better in Svetlana’s humble opinion, her beloved was no longer worried about tomorrow and developing feelings for the man they hoped they would capture. They decided Tatiana would pick their victim and watch as well as help, while Svetlana subdued him. From there, they would each have their way with him. If he was handsome enough, he would be taken back to camp to live out his life as a slave. On the surface that sounded like a harsh fate, but in reality, he would be treated like a pampered pet and put out to stud on occasion. Their plans made, the girls snuggled in for a nap. They needed as much rest as they could, for tomorrow would be a busy day.


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