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I'm off to go to the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island! It's going to be sooo much fun! :D It's the largest art parade anywhere! People dress up, make floats, & march in it! Last year they had a drum band of bearded pirate ladies that was awesome!! I hope they're back this year!! :D I dressed up as a mermaid, even though I'm not marching (feet issues). XD Someone that marched by came over & liked my fish scale leggings. :D


I dressed up like a mermaid & had a great time, wandering around & checking out the sights. :D People are sooo creative! There was a group of mostly women, one guy was with them, that did an Alice in wonderland theme to their mermaid costumes. :D There was a Cannabis King who walked around with "Miss Sea Weed." *SNORTS* Drum bands, Mardi Gras style bands, various floats. There was a woman with her pet chicken & the chicken had a mermaid tail, cuz she was "Chicken of the Sea." :D Lots of literal sea dogs & sailors and naked boobies & gay pride & cross-dressing too! Seriously, I think a good time was had by ALL! :D

The weather was awesome! And we stood on the boardwalk where the people marching/bands/small floats all ended up & they have these "palm trees" that spray water into the air & the sea breeze blew it over, so it was like being misted. :D And I ate my first Coney Island hot dog from Nathan's! :D YUMMY! :D

Coming & going we took the train/subway, so it was easy getting there & going home. No TRAFFIC!! :D I'm definitely going next year & I might even march in the parade. XD
Tags: fun stuff, mermaid parade
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