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Euro Cup Fever

Title: Euro Cup Fever
Author: kira
Word Count: 1296
Characters: Bernd, Amber, Greta, Didi, Tino, Wolfgang, Fritz, and Maria
Summary: The Pawlitzki household watches the Euro Cup game between Germany and Slovakia…
Author’s notes: This was written after watching the same game. Special Thanks to Kat for pinking this fic and helping me with Fritz. Please note that Amber and Greta belong to her.

Amber sat on the sofa, wedged between Greta and Bernd. Wolfgang sat in his chair to her right, while Didi and Tino shared the loveseat. Fritz and Maria sat on the floor. Everyone, except Amber was dressed in soccer jersey or a t-shirt supporting Germany. She wished Mishka was there, but her girlfriend was unable to make the game because she was visiting her grandmother. The coffee table was littered with snacks and beers, and the TV was turned to ESPN. The game between Germany and Slovakia was about to start, the pregame show having just finished. This was a big game in the house, almost as big as the World Cup two years ago, when the German team won.

Shots of the players, entering the field, were cut with those of the giant jerseys, representing each team, unfurling. When it came time for German national anthem, everyone rose to their feet. They stood there, singing their hearts out, except for Amber and Tino. Neither one of them knew the words, but Amber did hum along, earning a smile and quick hand squeeze from her wife, Greta. Her husband, Bernd, was too caught up in the moment to notice much of anything except the TV. They all sat down to watch the minute the anthem was done.

Eight minutes into the game and everyone was on their feet, cheering loudly when Jérôme Boateng scored the first goal for Germany. There was a collective groan when Mesut Ozil missed a penalty kick a few minutes later. Everyone was in high spirits as Germany had the ball more often than not. Even when they missed scoring, it was still a good game to watch, although, Amber had more fun watching her husband’s animated antics. He was dressed in his Bastian Schweinsteiger replica jersey and Bernd also wore an afro wig in the German flag colors, with two tiny flags drawn on his cheeks, courtesy of Greta. He would yell at the TV in German, urging the players on and occasionally cursing them out when a play did not go as planned.

“Language, Bernhardt!” his father warned.

“Sorry, Vati!”

Just as the first half was coming to a close, Mario Gomez scored with an assist from Julian Draxler. Greta and Bernd shot to their feet. “TOR!!” they cried; their hands up in the air. Throwing their arms around each other, they hugged and celebrated like the German players on the field. Letting go of Greta, Bernd turned to his wife, and holding up two fingers, he cried, “Zwei!!” Grinning from ear to ear, he and Greta sat.

Amber smiled back at him and patted his thigh. “Yup!”

“Did you see that?!” Greta cried. “They’re going to win! I just know it!!” she said, her Bavarian accent growing even thicker.

Amber nodded. Not much of a sport fan, outside of college football season, she was still enjoying the game, despite the growing one-sidedness of it. She hoped it would even out after the half. When they returned to the game, after the halftime report, Slovakia had made a few changes, expected and not too terrible. Everyone groaned at Joshua Kimmich’s yellow card a minute into the half. Even Vati grumbled at the TV, much to Amber’s amusement.

As the second half went on, things looked up for Slovakia, although, they could not make any headway pass the German defense. They had gotten so close to getting back into the game too with a shot from Marek Hamšík, but Manuel Neuer easily defended his goal. Despite having the ball more often in this half, Amber was beginning to feel sorry for the Slovakian team. Just after the hour, Draxler scored again, thanks to Toni Kroos’ corner kick. No one celebrated for long as Mats Hummel was booked a few minutes later when he slid in to get the ball. Unfortunately, he took out the guy with the ball. The referee was not amused and yellow carded him. Still, it seemed the soccer gods were smiling on the Germany, as Ján Ďurica’s free kick went wide.

The game seemingly in the bag, Germany made two substitutions. Boateng and Draxler went off, Benedikt Höwedes and Lukas Podolski came on seventy minutes into the game. Five minutes later, the moment Bernd was waiting for happened. Sami Khedira went off, bringing in Bastian Schweinsteiger. Amber was sure that the man could have simply walked onto the pitch, blew a kiss or two to the crowd, handed some candy to the referee, and did nothing else for the remainder of the game, and her husband would have been just as ecstatic as he was now.

Bernd spent the remaining time left in the game, urging Schweinsteiger on. There was no doubt he was good, but at this point, Germany was easing up and coasting to a big win. Even an offside mishap that spoiled another goal from Podolsk could not put a damper on the game or on the Pawlitzki household. At that point the final substitution for Slovakia occurred. As a last ditch effort, it could not stop the German juggernaut, despite the added time. They were only saved from a complete trouncing when Kroos kicked the ball straight at Slovakia’s goalkeeper, who caught it, and missed his chance to get into the scorebook.

The final minute elapsed and a loud cheer rang out. Amber was sure that not only could the German squad hear them in Lille, France, but the assembled fans in the shadow of the Brandenburg Gate could as well. Not that she blamed them as Germany won the game with a score of three to nothing.

“Who wants to go play fussball?” Bernd said.

“ME!!” his kids and Tino cried.

“Come, Opa, Didi,” Bernd said to his father and brother. “Let’s play!”

Wolfgang hesitated.

“Go on and play with the kids, Old Man,” Greta said as she turned him around and gave him a playful push towards the others.

“We have everything covered,” Amber added. She bent to pick up the bowl of pretzels and the one with the tortilla chips from the coffee table.

Ja.” Greta busied herself, gathering the empty beer bottles and soda cans. Between herself and Amber, they were able to make short work of tidying up the den. It was easy, since everyone obeyed Wolfgang’s rules against eating in there. The only time they were suspended was during the World Cup and Euro Cup games. Even then, no one ate much, including the kids. As soon as they were finished putting everything away, Amber and Greta joined the others outside.

While it was not a game in the traditional sense, Fritz, who played in a boys’ league, and Maria, who also played in a kids’ league, were both encouraged whenever they got the ball. Amber thought this was more fun than actually watching the game, but wisely kept that opinion to herself.

“Tomorrow’s the Italy game!” Tino said when their pick-up game ended. “Didi and I are hosting it. You guys free?”

“Hell yeah!!” Bernd said. Like his father and everyone else, he had taken the two week off from work to watch the Euro Cup action. “Now I finally have a chance to wear that Italy shirt I found online.” He grinned.

“Sweet!” Tino said. “Since we missed Sunday dinner today, we’ll have it tomorrow.”

“Awesomeness! It’ll be fun.”

Amber sighed. It was like World Cup fever had descended once again, or was it Euro Cup fever? Whatever it was, they were happy, so she was happy. The saving grace was that should Italy advance to play Germany, the final would be a bit anticlimactic and things would die down until the World Cup in 2018 when all the fun and craziness started up again.


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Jun. 28th, 2016 04:59 am (UTC)
How cute but poor Amber ;)
Jun. 28th, 2016 12:31 pm (UTC)
Thanks. Yeah...
Jun. 29th, 2016 12:01 am (UTC)
This was a fun fic, Kira. It shows the family dynamics well.
Jun. 29th, 2016 01:50 pm (UTC)
Thanks, Kat! Oh good! :D
Jul. 9th, 2016 01:25 am (UTC)
You're welcome, Kira!
Jul. 9th, 2016 01:47 am (UTC)
Jun. 30th, 2016 07:32 pm (UTC)
Cute - but oy, sports... I'm with Amber. The game outside will always be more interesting. :) But I did love the image of Bernd wearing a red, black and gold Afro! :D Question - who is Greta with? It seemed like she was with Amber? And I didn't think that was quite right...? I'm a little muddled as to her place in this fun craziness of a family :D
Jun. 30th, 2016 08:37 pm (UTC)
Thanks! The Euro Cup & World Cup are the only things I actually sat & watched, & running around, kicking a soccer ball... I'd get winded too fast from my asthma. XD

Thanks! I couldn't resist after seeing several peeps in the crowd wearing one! :D

Greta is Amber's girlfriend/wife & while Amber's technically only married to Bernd, she's just as much married to Greta in her heart. Amber also has another girlfriend named Mishka (Minky). Amber & Bernd have a nontraditional marriage, she spends just as much time with Greta & later Minky, that she does with Bernd. And there are times when Bernd sleeps in his old room. (He never left his father's home, which I think is wonderful for the kids, as they grew up with a grandparent always around.)And to make it even more nontraditional, it's more like Amber has 3 wives, rather than Bernd. ;p

Although, I'm sure Kat can explain it better. XD
Jul. 1st, 2016 12:38 am (UTC)
Kira, more or less got it, but she asked me to clarify a little more. When they were teenagers Bernd made an agreement with Amber that she could be with other women and it was okay because he knew basically Amber likes girls and him. She's been dating Greta since she was in her early twenties and she lives in the basement bedroom with Amber. Amber didn't (legally/officially/whatever) marry Bernd until she was like 30, I think. Bernd still lives in his old bedroom upstairs, but he is allowed extended visits to the basement. ;) Greta is also Maria's biological mother. Mishka entered the picture not too long after Bernd and Amber got married. Greta had some issues with that at first, but things are okay now.

Kira tells me that Fritz is 12 or 13 here, making Maria 6 or 7, meaning Amber has been with Greta for 14 or 15 years, married to Bernd 4 or 5 years and with Mishka for about 4ish years when this fic takes place.

Edited at 2016-07-01 12:44 am (UTC)
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