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Happy Bday, Kat!! <3

Title: Blue Tiger and Pink Bunny Tales: At the fair
Fandom: Original
Characters: Bernd, Amber, James, Didi, Tino, Wolfgang
Word count: 872
Rating: G
Summary: Bernd and Amber enjoy some candy apples, while hanging out at the county fair…
Author’s note: This is unbetaed, so any mistakes therein are my own. Please note that Amber & James belong to her.

For Kat… Happy Bday with love

Amber hugged the tiger plushie Bernd had won for her at the county fair. A few stalls down, he won a pink bunny, playing “steeplechase.” She shook her head and smiled. If it involved horses in any way, shape, or form, Bernd was good at it. Amber remembered all those math problems he used to struggle with, until she, in sheer desperation, told him to forget the trains and just pretend they were two horse and riders heading towards each at fifty miles an hour. It was amazing how that made it click for him.

“Amber?” Bernd said, pulling her from her reverie. “You wanna go get some corndogs?” It was not exactly the “white food” that he loved, but Bernd was hungry. Besides, Bernd like to think of hot dogs as bratwursts’ little brothers. Since he loved brats, as well as his little brother Dieter, he learned to love hotdogs in what Amber called “Bernd logic.”

“Sure,” she said and that was how she found herself, tiger plushie in one hand, a corndog on a stick in the other as they wandered the fair grounds. Amber was just happy he was eating again, since Bernd was going through one of his phases were all he ate was white food, something his father refused to indulge him in. That led to fights, tears, and one skinny-assed boyfriend.

Their corndogs finished, the pair found themselves near the carnival rides. Bernd eyed the carousel longingly, but Amber wanted to go on the Tilt-O-Whirl. He bravely went on with her, doing his best to quash the rising panic he felt when the ride started. Bernd found squeezing his eyes shut helped a tiny bit, but he still hated the ride. Shaken, when he got off, Bernd still let her lead him over to the Kraken. He sat there in the car, trying to calm himself, and it worked until the ride started. He let out a loud yelp when the ride lifted the car he was in off the ground. Feet dangling, Bernd held onto the pink bunny with one hand and safety bar with the other. The ride slowly spun them as they went higher and higher off the ground, only to be lowered as the opposing side went up. Bernd screamed like a little girl every time the ride lowered itself. Amber did her best to comfort him and get him to enjoy himself, to no avail. When the ride finished, Bernd clung shakily to her.

“You want to go ride the carousel, Prissy?” Amber said, calling him by his nickname. Normally very pale, Bernd looked positively ghostly and she felt a pang of guilt for dragging him on the kind of rides she liked.

“Okay,” Bernd said, perking up a bit.

Relieved he was going to be alright, Amber figured she could always hunt down her brother James and ride the rougher rides with him. For now, she would be content to ride the carousel as many times as her boyfriend wanted.

They waited in line to go on with a bunch of kids for their turn to ride. Bernd grew more animated the longer they waited. It was a double-decker carousel, with a menagerie of different animals along with the more traditional horses.

“Hey look, Amber there’s a tiger and a bunny together!” Bernd pointed at the carousel.

Amber laughed. “Let’s try to get them, if not, let’s go upstairs and ride the dragon and whatever else is up there.”


They waited out a turn to ride, when they noticed a little boy, who was ahead of them, climbing on the tiger so he could ride it. It was worth the wait as it put them at the head of the line for the next go around. It was the longest two minutes of Bernd’s life and when the ride operator opened the gate, he and Amber raced around the carousel to get on the tiger and the bunny.

Bernd laughed as he climbed on the bunny. “This is going to be awesome!”

“Yup!” Amber agreed.

Reaching out, they held hands, laughing as the bunny and tiger went up and down at different times. When the ride finished, all too soon in Bernd’s humble opinion, they got off to wait in line again so they could run upstairs and ride the dragon and the horse next to it. They rode it one last time, before James, Bernd’s younger brother Dieter, and their quasi-cousin Valentino found them. They spent the rest of day riding the rides, while Bernd watched their stuff when they went on the rougher rides, going on the carousel numerous times to keep him happy, and playing various games of chance. When Wolfgang showed up about an hour before the fair closed for the night, to pick them up and bring them all home, he was regaled with tales of all the fun they had had. Amber and Bernd sat in the back of his father’s old Volkswagen bus, leaning on each other and holding hands. The tiger plushie sat on Amber’s lap, the pink bunny nestled next to it. Amber and Bernd looked at each other and smiled. They had had a great time at the fair.


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Jul. 5th, 2016 10:35 pm (UTC)
It's very sweet, Kira. Thank you. ^_^
Jul. 5th, 2016 10:36 pm (UTC)
Thanks, Kat! I'm glad you liked it!! :D

And you're welcoem! :D
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