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Happy Bday, Kat!! <3

Title: Blue Tiger and Pink Bunny Tales: Amber and the Halloween Costume
Fandom: Original
Characters: Bernd, Amber, Wolfgang, Greta, Minky; mention of Tino, Didi, Maria, Fritz, James, Denis
Word count: 1476
Rating: G
Summary: Amber needs a costume for the Halloween party…
Author’s note: This is unbetaed, so any mistakes therein are my own. Please note that Amber, Greta, Minky, James, and Maria belong to Kat

For Kat… Happy Bday with love

Halloween was coming up and it was Amber’s favorite holiday. She could not wait for it to get here and had been decorating the home they shared with Bernd’s father since the day after Bernd’s brother Didi’s birthday which fell on the third of October. Tino and Didi were hosting a costume party this year and she and Bernd were naturally going to be there. The problem was, she had no idea what to dress up as. Bernd had wanted them to go as bunny girls and they had found a pink, strapless bathing suit with molded cups that actually fit him at the thrift shop during a visit over the summer. They also found a plain white dress to use for the collar and cuffs when they went at the end of September in the hope of finding a suitable bathing suit for Amber to turn into a bunny girl outfit, to no avail. However, a pair of bunny ears and a tail was found, a few months later, in the pharmacy’s Halloween section, hidden amongst the bags of candy. No doubt someone else had wanted them and tossed them there to grab later, but Bernd was adamant that the old saying “finders keepers; losers weepers” applied so his costume was complete.

She thought about recycling her “Corpse Bride” outfit from last year, but it no longer fit in the chest. An early bloomer, she always had a big chest, which made finding clothes that fit challenging at times, but now that she had had a boob job to perk them up a bit, along with going up a size for Bernd’s benefit, her old costumes did not fit. While her bigger breasts would look great in a bunny girl outfit, she had not able to find anything she could wear in the thrift store when they went again a few days ago. Amber remembered feeling very lucky to find Bernd’s costume at the time.

So unable to find anything at home or in the thrift store, Amber drove to the mall. They generally did not shop there, as they preferred to shop locally in the Mom and Pop stores in town, but she was getting desperate. The hour trip would be worth it, if she could find something in Target, or the Halloween shop. If not, then she was going to pick up a flannel shirt and wear it with a black tank top and jeans, and call herself “Deanna Winchester.” Amber wondered if she could talk her twin brother James into showing up as “Samantha Winchester.” She would have asked Minky to dress up like “Sam,” but her girlfriend thought it would be fun to go as “Eddie” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Her wife Greta had a sexy witch costume that she was going to wear, which Amber thought she looked totally hot in. She thought about going as her “black cat,” but she was not able to find anything sexy enough to go with Greta’s costume. Sadly, her black t-shirt and jeans just did not look as good as she hoped it would, despite Bernd’s assurances that she looked hotter than Greta in it.

She parked the car, and decided to check out the Halloween shop first. As she browsed the racks of costumes, nothing really stood out as something she would wear. Amber did like the “naughty Red Riding Hood” costume, but all they had left were smalls and there was no way she could squeeze her big chest into one of those. So she continued looking. Just when “Deanna Winchester” was starting to be a real possibility, she spotted it. Hurrying over to a rack with various “jammie” type costumes on it, Amber found something that could work. It was a blue-grey tabby costume, sized extra large, which would give her plenty of chest room… she hoped. Amber noticed they had a tiger one. Still holding onto the cat costume, she picked up the tiger. Her heart sank when she noticed it was a small and the only one there. She gazed longingly at the picture on the package. Comparing it to the cat costume, she saw they were basically the same thing except for the color. Amber put the tiger costume back and went to pay for the cat one.

She left the mall and drove home. Amber parked the car and let herself in the house. She found her husband sitting in the kitchen, surfing the net on his laptop. “Hey, Bernd.”

“Hey…” He looked up at her and smiled. “Did you get a costume?”

“As a matter of fact, I did, but it’s not what I was hoping for. You want to see it?” Amber set the shopping bag on the kitchen table.

“Okay.” Bernd reached for it. Opening the bag, he pulled out the bag containing the costume. “It’s a cat.” He smiled. “But I thought you wanted a tiger costume?” Bernd looked up at her, a puzzled frown on his face.

“I did, but they didn’t have anything that would fit.” Amber sighed.

Bernd reached out for her, pulling her close. Wrapping his arms around her, he said, “I think you’d make a cute kitty.”

“Thanks, but I really wanted to be a tiger.”

Bernd grinned. “Then you just have to be a blue tiger.”

“A what?”

“A blue tiger. Look.” Bernd let go of her, and opening up a new browser window on his laptop, he typed in “blue tiger.” He clicked on “images” and the page opened with several variations on the theme. “See?” he said, after spotting an image that looked like it “matched” her cat costume.

“You know they’re not really real, right?” Amber said.

“Yeah?” He looked genuinely surprised to hear that.

She nodded. “But that’s okay.” She kissed his cheek. “I appreciate the effort.”

“You sure?”


“Ummm…” Bernd smiled. “You know what, if blue tigers aren’t real; then neither are pink bunnies.”

“Yeah?” Amber smiled. She appreciated his attempt at making her feel better.

“Yup! And that’s what we’ll be! A blue tiger and a pink bunny and everyone’ll say it’s so us!”

Amber smiled. “Yeah.”

“And the only one who’ll be disappointed you’re not the pink bunny is Denis.”

She laughed. “Yup! But he’ll get over it when he sees how cute you are.” She ruffled his pink hair.

Bernd blushed. “Ummm…” He looked away and back. “Is Greta coming to the party? She didn’t say anything either way. Fritz said he’d take Maria trick or treating in town and Vati said he’d drop them off, and pick them up a few hours later.”

“Of course she’s going, silly. Maria’s ten and a little old to be out trick or treating with her mom.”

“So I guess we should get ready to go?” Bernd said, changing the subject.


Bernd shut down his laptop and got up. Amber grabbed her costume and together they went downstairs to get ready for the party. After a quick shower, she put on her “kitty jammies,” while Bernd went to go shower. Amber was glad she picked up the extra large. It fit nicely in the chest, not too tight or too loose, while skimming over the rest of her. She had the feeling, she could have gotten away with a smaller size, but since the Halloween store did not have anywhere for her to try it on, she decided, bigger was better than too small. Besides, Greta and Minky both thought she looked cute when they poked their head in to see if she and Bernd were ready. A bit of blue eye shadow and some eyeliner pencil stripes and whiskers on her face, and her costume was complete.

Bernd came out of the shower, and quickly dried off. He padded, dressed in a towel, to Amber’s room, and unabashed in his nudity, he got dressed in his costume. The fishnet stockings, he put on over the black panties Amber bought him, were a last minute gift from Greta. Next he put on the pink bathing suit and with a bit of help from Amber and Minky, he got his tail on in the right place. Greta helped do his makeup and once his ears were on, they were ready to go.

“Bye, Vati!” Bernd said. “We’re leaving.”

“Have fun,” Wolfgang said. “The Kinder are getting ready and as soon as they are, we’ll be heading into to town. I’ll be at Luigi’s, if you need me.”

“Okay,” Amber said.

“Have fun, Old Man!” Greta called out.

“Bye!” Minky said as they left.

Amber sat in the front with Bernd, who was driving; Greta and Minky piling into the back seat of the car. As Bernd drove there, she had the feeling this one, like every other Halloween before it, was going to be the best one yet.


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Jul. 5th, 2016 10:16 pm (UTC)
This is so cute, Kira! Thank you. It's very them and it has the bonus of giving our 'verse name (we finally came up with after 3 years) a backstory. ^_^
Jul. 5th, 2016 10:30 pm (UTC)
Thanks, Kat! I'm sooo glad you like it! :D

I really wanted to incorporate our new name in these fics, & it was a happy accident that it was a back story. :D
Jul. 9th, 2016 01:05 am (UTC)
You're welcome!

Jul. 9th, 2016 01:50 am (UTC)
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