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For Kat

Kat had a wish I could fulfill at:


come have a blast!

And here it is:

Title: My Enemy, My Friend, My Lover
Prompt: Germania/Roma - Frenemies with benefits.
Fandom: Hetalia
Characters: Germania/Roma
Word count: 1271
Rating: Older teen
Summary: Germania and Roma spar with each other amongst other things…
Genre: slice of life

Germania heaved a long suffering sigh. The centurion was back, swinging his sword and threatening to gut him, as if that was supposed to make his blood run cold at the very thought. But he knew it for the bluster it was, that it meant nothing more than clash of wills, a need to dominate, to exercise one’s muscles, and to have some fun.

Germania unsheathed his sword. He could do with a bit of practice. He circled his enemy; that as the days went on, was becoming more and more of a friend... a friend with certain benefits. The ghost of a smile tugged Germania’s lips upwards and the centurion, catching sight of it laughed. He taunted him in that strange language of his, that Germania was beginning to understand, and he replied back, with a few threats of his own. It was all part of the game, sizing each other up, waiting for the opportunity to land the first blow.

Germania saw an opening and took it. He slashed at the centurion’s arm, nicking it just enough to let the blood flow. He grinned and struck again. The centurion easily parried Germania’s thrust, but the blond was able to quickly recover and land a blow with the flat of his sword against the centurion’s arse. They traded blows, neither one surrendering to the other.

Roma grinned. The barbarian was a worthy opponent, despite his unorthodox fighting style. He thought him wild, undisciplined, but the more they sparred together, the more he could see him as a product of his environment. Whereas Roma fought to expand his empire, the barbarian fought to survive. It sparked the need to conquer him; a need as great as desire.

Roma nearly groaned out loud with desire as he watched the barbarian’s muscles ripple under his woolen tunic. Tall, blond, as broad in the shoulders as he was slim in the hips, the man’s eyes were the bluest blue he had ever seen. He grinned and the barbarian grinned back, a feral grin like one of his hunting hounds. Roma brushed the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand. Hard work, yes, but damn it if he was not having fun!

Roma, distracted by the vision of masculinity before him, made a fatal mistake. His guard briefly let down, and the barbarian struck, pressing the point of his sword to his throat. On the field of battle, Roma would have died, but the barbarian held back, nicking the skin above the knot of the red kerchief at his throat. He could feel the bite of the sword as he swallowed. “Pax!” he croaked as he sheathed his sword.

Germania grinned at the centurion. “Pax,” he said, using the centurion’s word for peace as he was painfully ignorant of German. He lowered his sword. Germania snorted as the centurion fingered his throat.

“That was a good fight, eh?” Roma grinned.

Germania nodded. He sheathed his sword. Thirsty, he reached for his water skin and drank, before offering it to the centurion. Roma slaked his thirst. The water was cool and fresh, and it reminded him that he was hot and sweaty, and not doubt just as stinky as the barbarian. What he would give for a bathhouse and a beautiful bath slave to scrape the sweat from his body and oil him up. That led to images of the barbarian, naked and oiled. This time he could not control the soft moan that escaped his lips.

Germania snorted in amusement. Shaking his head, he turned and headed to a nearby stream. Like a faithful old hound, the centurion followed behind him. Reaching the river, he unbuckled his sword, and set it aside, his boots, tunic, and pants soon followed. Without giving the centurion another thought, Germania waded in. He shivered, despite the cold being refreshing. A quick look over his shoulder and he saw the centurion hurriedly undressing. The man had more hair on his body than some people Germania knew had on their heads. Taking a deep breath, he went under the water. When he came up, he shook the water from his long, blond hair.

Roma moaned. He hurried to the river and jumped in, submerging himself in the icy water. The barbarian had a way of making him hard and he longed to thrust deep into him. He swam closer, hoping against hope the other man would be agreeable to it.

Germania turned to face the centurion. He may have been hairy like a beast, but he was nicely built, with strong muscles in his chest, arms, and thighs, and flat stomach under the hair that ran from his groin to his neck. A bit on the short side like a woman, however, there was nothing feminine about him. Germania wondered what it would be like to lie with him, his lips curving upwards in a feral smile.

“Whatchya thinking, Barbarian?”

“Germania, my name’s Germania,” he repeated, thumping his chest for emphasis.

“Germanicus? You have a Roman name?” Roma grinned. “I’m Roma; I’m named after the glorious empire!” He swam closer, getting up into the other man’s face.

Germania looked down at him. “I’m named for my people.” He chuckled. “We are at war with each other and yet…” He shrugged.

“And yet, here we are, sparring like friends, and hanging out in the baths together. Although, Germanicus, your idea of a bath sucks donkey balls.”

Germania laughed. “It is what it is. Besides, I don’t need to smell like a woman to know I’m clean.”

“I don’t smell like a woman!” Roma frowned.

“If you say so…”

Roma got right up in his face, “I do!” he spat as he put his hands on Germania’s shoulders, intent on pushing him away. But something strange happened. Neither man moved, both gazing into each other’s eyes.

A tilt of the head and eyes slid shut as they kissed. Softly, chastely at first, deepening as both men grew more confident with themselves as they became swept up in the moment. Hands roamed, kneading the aches out of taut muscles, exploring the planes of each other’s bodies. A rough calloused hand reached out and grabbed the other’s ridged column of flesh. They stroked each other, teasingly, drawing forth the waves of pleasure by doing the things they knew that men liked. It rough and tumble like their sparring as they raced towards their completion. Their strokes speeding up, they mumbled their desire like curses, with little waves of pleasure crashing over them and then, the sweet moment when one hung over the edge and fell head first into ecstasy. They stood, clinging to one another in the icy water, panting and slowly coming back to themselves. It was a bold step they had taken, going from an uneasy friendship to lovers.

Stepping away from one another, they turned and climbed the riverbank to lie wet on the grass. The sun warmed their bodies as it dried them and they took the time to steal glances at each other. Comparing and contrasting, they looked each other over, liking what they saw.

“Hey, Germanicus?”


“You gonna be here tomorrow?”

“I might. Why?”

“I dunno…” Roma shrugged. “I thought maybe we could spar again…”

“That sounds like a good plan.” Germania flashed his feral grin. “We’ll meet again, one way or another.”


Germania nodded. “If not here, Centurion, then certainly on the battlefield.”

Roma grinned. “Of course! And I’ll kick your scrawny ass too, Barbarian!”

“You wish!”

They got up and dressed. Each one went their separate way, wondering what tomorrow would bring.


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Jan. 16th, 2017 11:47 pm (UTC)
Thanks again, Kira!
Jan. 17th, 2017 12:24 am (UTC)
You're welcoem, Kat! :D
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