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Winterfest in July Bingo 12

Title: Making Cookies
Prompt: Baking/Cooking
Fandom: original
Characters: Didi, Bernd, Fritz, and Maria, mention of Tino
Word count: 713
Rating: G
Summary: Bernd brings his kids over to make cookies with their Onkel Didi...
Genre: slice of life
Author’s notes: Thanks go out to my beta, Kat, for pinking this for me. Please note Maria & Fritz are shared characters.
Author’s note 2: The recipe for the cookies they made can be found here:

It was the beginning of December and, as Didi like to put it, the start of “baking season.” Ever since he found his mother’s recipe book when he was a little boy, he had been using it every holiday season to make cookies. Didi remembered making them at first with his father, with his brother eating half the cookies before they were baked, to later on making them with his brother and Amber. Now it was time to get his nephew and niece involved.

He thumbed through his recipe book, in which he kept copies of his favorite recipes that had been his late mother’s, and pulled out some of his favorites that were easy to make. Those were the ones he would make with Maria and Fritz when they came home from school. He also pulled out a few simple Italian cookie recipes that he had found online that his husband Tino loved for the kids to make as well. Not one to sit around doing nothing, Didi got out his mixer, bowls, measuring cups and spoons, cookie cutters, and cookie pans. He thumbed through his recipe book, for the Pfeffernüsse recipe. Finding it, Didi started with it. After popping them in the oven to bake, he started on the Linzer Herzen. By the time the kids arrived, Didi had several dozen cookies cooling. Didi also made sure to hide the Nutella cookie cups as they were Tino’s favorite along with everyone else’s and he wanted to keep the first batch for his husband.

Onkel Didi!!” his brother’s kids cried when he let them in.

“Hey, kids…” Didi hugged them. “Hey, Bernd.”

“Hi! So what are we making?”

“With you?” Didi quirked his eyebrow at his brother. “A mess,” he teased.

Bernd laughed. “Can I be quality control?”

“If you promise to be good and stay out of the way,” Didi replied in German. He handed out the aprons and had everyone wash their hands. “Now, who wants to make Blitz Kuchen?”

“ME!!” everyone shouted in unison.

Didi didn’t know who was more enthusiastic about it, his brother or the kids. “Okay, this makes enough batter, that we’ll have three pans. Bernd, you butter those cookie pans, Fritz what do we need to do?”

“Melt some butter.”

“How much?” Didi said as he grabbed a sauce pan.

Fritz looked at the recipe. “One cup.”

Didi took two sticks of butter from the fridge and put them in the sauce pan. He carefully melted them. When they were done, he poured the melted butter into a bowl.

“It says we need a cup of sugar, Onkel Didi,” Maria said.

“Can you and Vati do that for me?” Didi put the dirty sauce pan in the sink, while Maria and Bernd measured out the sugar. “Dump it in, danke.” Didi plugged in his mixer. He and the kids took turns, mixing the sugar and butter. Four eggs, broken one at a time in a cup, were added to the sugar/butter mix, followed by two cups of flour. The watery batter was then poured into the cookie pans. Maria and Fritz added colored sugar sprinkles to a pan, while Bernd added some cinnamon sugar to the other. Didi popped them in the oven. About eight minutes later, they were deemed ready as the edges had started to brown.

He took them out, cut them into squares, and placed them on a rack to cool, while Bernd made some cocoa. The hardest part was waiting for them to be cool enough to eat. Once they were ready, everyone enjoyed their homemade treat. It made the rest of the baking “lessons” a lot smoother as everyone, especially Bernd, was full of the quick cookies and no one wanted to lick the bowl or eat the cookie dough. By the time they were ready to go home, Maria and Fritz had a tin full of cookies they had made.

When they left, Didi cleaned up the kitchen. He had had a fun afternoon and he wished Tino could have been there, but his husband was not able to get the day off from work. He did have a tin full of Nutella cookies, which he hoped would make Tino feel better about missing things when he came home.
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