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Winterfest in July Bingo 13

Title: Jólaköttur the Yule Cat
Prompt: Free Space, I chose to do Jólaköttur/Yule Cat
Fandom: original
Characters: Wolfgang, Maria, James, mention of Didi, Tino, & Cesare
Word count: 1511
Rating: G
Summary: While out with her grandfather, Maria finds a little kitten…
Genre: slice of life
Author’s notes: Thanks go out to my beta, Kat, for pinking this for me.

Wolfgang and his granddaughter, Maria, walked around the downtown area, enjoying the general holiday spirit. Many of the little shops were decorated with Santas, elves, reindeer, and scenes of Christmas past. A few had more modern takes on the holiday. A couple had menorahs tucked amongst the other decorations.

“Hey, Vati,” Maria said. “Should we go inside and let them know Hanukah starts next week?” She pointed to a shop that had every light lit on their menorah.

“We could if you want.”


Together they went inside. Maria asked to see the manger and she very politely explained that according to her one mother, who was Jewish, Hanukah did not start until next week and that you light one candle each night. She went on to tell them that the middle light, plus the one on the on the far right are lit on the first night. “Each night, you add another light to the left of the one you lit. On the eighth night,” the ten year said, you’ll have all the lights lit.”

“Thank you, Miss,” the manager said. “Is that your granddaughter?”

Wolfgang nodded.

“She’s very sweet.”

“Thank you.”

As they left the store, Maria saw that they unplugged the menorah. She smiled.

Wolfgang squeezed her hand and smiled back at her. “Would you like to get some cocoa?”

Bitte, Opa? Please?”

Ja. Let’s go.”

They went into the local coffee shop. While Wolfgang went to order their cocoas, Maria found a table for them. She glanced out the window and much to her delight, it was starting to snow.

“Here, Häschen.” Wolfgang set a cup of cocoa down in front of her. He sat down and handed her a bag.

Danke.” Maria opened it and found a sugar cookie inside. She took it out of the bag, broke in half as best as she could and offered her grandfather the bigger piece.

Danke,” Wolfgang said as he reached for the smaller half.

They sat there, enjoying their wintery treat. Maria told him about the songs she was going to sing in the holiday concert. Wolfgang in turn told her a story about one the holiday concerts her father was in and how he had fallen off the riser in the middle of a song.

“Was Vati hurt?” Maria tried hard not to laugh, but the way her grandfather had told the story made it sound funnier than it probably was at the time.

“He was very lucky in that he fell onto the stage behind him and bruised only his dignity. According to your Onkel and your Mutti Amber, he was a hero in school the next day,” Wolfgang said ruefully.

Maria could not help herself and laughed.

Wolfgang smiled. His expression fell a bit when he noticed the snow. “I’m sorry, Häschen, but we need to drink up; it’s starting to snow.” He finished his cocoa, and getting up, he put on his coat and hat.

Maria nodded. She drank her cocoa, and wrapping the remains of her cookie in a napkin, she left it on the table, while she put on her coat, hat, and gloves. She stuffed the cookie in her pocket and they left. As they hurried to the where Wolfgang had parked the car, Maria noticed a little black shadow near the back tire. She went to see what it was, while Wolfgang cleaned the snow off his car.

“Come here, Little One, I promise not to hurt you.” Maria bent down and held her hand out to the kitten.

It meowed piteously in reply.

She slowly moved her hand closer to it, while cooing softly. Eventually she was able to scoop it up. “Opa?”


“Is it okay if we take this little kitty home?”

Häschen, you know I’m allergic to them.” Wolfgang hated to say no, but he could not help it. There were plenty of cats living in the stable and he knew his granddaughter adored them to the point of sneaking various kittens into the house at one time or another, until she was old enough to realize just how bad his allergy to cats was.

“I know, Opa, but I think he’s sick, or hurt or something.”

Wolfgang sighed.

“Can we at least take him to the animal hospital?”

He nodded. “Get in the car.”

Danke!” Maria got in the car and the kitten snuggled up to her in her lap.

Wolfgang started the car and they drove off to the veterinary clinic. He sneezed.

Gesundheit, Opa,” Maria said. “Jólaköttur is sorry he’s making you sick,” she said, mangling the Icelandic pronunciation of the kitten’s name.


Jólaköttur, he’s the Yule cat. Fritz found it online and showed it to me. There’s a bunch of Yule-lads too. Jólaköttur is their Mutti’s cat. He eats people who don’t get new clothes for Christmas.”

“Aaah… choo!”

“Sorry, Opa.”

“It’s okay, Häschen. We’re here now.” Wolfgang pulled into a parking spot and they got out of the car. The two of them hurried inside. Wolfgang went up to the front desk and told the receptionist what the problem was. She was able to squeeze in an appointment for them and told them to wait, which they did.

They waited an hour until it was their turn. Wolfgang was a mess by the time they got in to see one of the vets. His eyes were itchy and his nose was runny, and he could not stop sneezing and wheezing. Maria did all the talking.

“Dr. Weismann, I found Jólaköttur when we went back to the car to go home. He doesn’t have a collar and I think he’s sick.”

Wolfgang nodded.

“And I can’t take him home with me…” Maria said. “I wish I could, but my Opa’s allergic.”

As if to underscore her words, Wolfgang let out a series of sneezes.

“I see,” Dr. Weismann said. “Let’s get him checked out.” He examined the kitten. “He’s a bit thin, probably because he’s’ been on the streets. You did a good thing by bringing him in. We’ll put up a notice in the office; maybe someone knows who lost him. He’s not chipped…” Dr. Weismann continued his examination. “Okay, we’ll keep him in the back for a week. If no one claims him…”

Maria turned to her grandfather. “Opa, if Jólaköttur needs a home, can me and Vati come back and bring him home? Please? I’m sure he’ll be happy in the stable with the other kitties, or maybe Onkel Didi and Onkel Tino will adopt him if we ask them, or Onkel James. I bet Voodoo would love another kitty to play with. Bitte, Opa! The poor thing needs a home for Christmas.” Her eyes filled up with tears over the poor kitten’s plight.

“Why don’t we leave him here and see if anyone claims him and if not, you can come back with Onkel James and get him.”

Danke, Opa!” Maria hugged him.

As soon as they got home, Maria called her uncle and worked out a plan for the kitten to come live with him. It was going to be a long week, but she felt it would be worth it, especially if the kitten got to live with her uncle.

The weekend arrived and with it came a phone call from the animal clinic. It seemed the little black kitten needed a home after all. Maria called her uncle. “Onkel James, the vet called… Yeah!! We can come pick him up…” Maria said. “They made a special deal with Opa, and all we need to do is bring in a case of cat and dog food and the kitten will be ours… Okay! I’ll see you in a bit.” She hung up the phone. “Opa, can you tell Mutti where I’m going? Danke!”

Wolfgang nodded. He was proud of his granddaughter, especially since she had bought the food for the clinic with her allowance and found a home for him.

“Bye, Opa!” Maria said when she saw her uncle pull up. She ran out the back door, armed with the food, before James even had a chance to get out of his car. He hurried as best he could and it was not long, before they were on their way back to his apartment.

Maria carried the kitten inside. James had renamed him “Smudge.” He hoped Voodoo would like him as he had no idea what he was going to do if the two cats hated each other. Luckily, for everyone, not only did Voodoo warm up to the idea of having the kitten around, after ignoring him at first, but Cesare loved him. It turns out the restaurant he worked in, had this stray cat that used to come around at night when it was closed and begged for scraps. Wary of people, Cesare would have taken her in if he could, but the cat kept her distance, only coming close when hunger made her brave. Maria left her uncles, happy that Smudge was going to be a very spoiled little kitty like Voodoo.


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Nov. 27th, 2016 12:44 am (UTC)
Awwww, God sent them a cat for Christmas.
Nov. 27th, 2016 10:26 pm (UTC)
Yup! Sadly, they couldn't keep it, but they did make sure to find a good home for it. :D
Jan. 19th, 2017 12:41 am (UTC)
*dies of cuteness*
Jan. 19th, 2017 12:55 am (UTC)
Please don't die!! *revives you*
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