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Cross posted from Madrona Project

Title: The Day of the Arts
Author: kira
Word Count: 1288
World: Capital of Madrona
Main Characters: Princess Carmina Infantanta, Princess Adelina, Princess Friederike, mention of Prince Consort Diego della Vega & Lord Mwans
Borrow: Yes
Summary: Princess Carmina Infantanta has a day of the arts…
Author’s notes: Special Thanks to Kat for pinking this for me. This was also inspired by Jen’s Vine Fest blurb.

Princess Carmina Infantanta always loved the arts. She did, after all, run off and marry an artist, one Diego della Vega, the adopted son of her father’s cousin. So after speaking with her father the king, she arranged a day of the arts in the palace courtyard. There, citizens of the realm could try their hand at painting under the tutelage of various artists, many of which had traveled from her father’s cousin Vega della Rosa’s artist colony from the city of Firenze. She agreed to model for whomever wished to paint her portrait, having spent many hours sitting for her husband. Her older sister, Princess Adelina also agreed to model.

She could not wait for Vine Fest to start, as that would mean they could get ready for her day of the arts. Princess Carmina, her baby slung on her hip like a peasant woman much to the dismay of the child’s nursemaid, supervised the setting up. There were tables laden with paints and brushes, and rags for cleaning the brushes, canvases were stretched, easels were set up. The visiting artists each claimed a corner of the courtyard, where they could paint the princess as well as help anyone who asked for it. There were also various tables scattered about with displays of fruit and wine, or beer and breads. One had a vase full of flowers from the queen’s private garden.

It was not long before people started trickling in. Most were afraid to be there, but all were made to feel welcome. When enough interested people had wandered in, Princess Carmina Infantanta climbed the dais set up with her throne and sat. She looked out over the people and smiled, after spotting her husband Diego in the crowd. She sat, doing her best not to move, while the ones seated in front attempted to paint her portrait. What no one knew was that the princess had arranged for the paintings to be kept on display for the week. She had also arranged for people to vote for the one they liked, with the winner to be announced at the end of Vine Fest. That lucky artist would be given a small purse of gold coins and the painting would be hung in the princess’ rooms. When Princess Carmina Infantanta grew tired, a break was called and those who felt their paintings were not finished, were encouraged to return later to finish them.

Princess Adelina climbed the dais as her sister stood up. “What do I do?” She walked over to her sister.

“You just sit for as long as you can and try not to move. When you get tired, simply raise your hand. Hawkins is watching and he’ll call time.”

“What if what they’re doing doesn’t look like me?”

“Then it doesn’t look like you. The important thing is they tried.” Princess Carmina Infantanta smiled and took her sister’s hands in hers. “So don’t worry, just sit there and let your mind go blank.” She kissed her cheek. “Have fun!”

“I’ll try.” Princess Adelina gave her sister a wry little smile. She wondered, and not for the first time, if she had made a mistake. Seeing how happy her sister was, the princess knew she was doing the right thing. She sat on the throne and made herself comfortable. “Ready!” she called out.

New people came to the front, armed with a canvas and paint kit. While she could not really see what they were doing, Princess Adelina imagined bright and bold brushstrokes being applied to the canvas. She smiled as she tried not to fidget. Looking up, she caught site of her sister nursing her nephew in the shadows of the pavilion that was set up for them. Scandalized, she felt her cheeks heating up. Despite having a wet nurse, her sister nursed the baby like a peasant. Princess Adelina closed her eyes. There was no way she was ever going to get married and have children. She hoped that when he brother married their cousin, Princess Fredericka Sophia, she would behave like a proper princess instead of a peasant.

Her mind wandering as to how long she could hold out, before her parents married her off, and yet, she still day dreamed about possible suitors, rejecting this prince and that, until her parents finally gave up. She supposed if she had any religious leanings, she would have gone into a convent. With soft little chuckle, she easily dismissed that idea. As a pampered princess the thought of giving all this up was even more terrifying than getting married. Princess Adelina found the time passed quickly while lost in her dream-world. It was only when a fly buzzed by to harass her, causing her to raise her hand to shoo it away, that time was called. She stood up on shaky legs, making a face when it hit her just how much her butt hurt from sitting and not moving.

Princess Carmina Infantanta hurried over to her sister. “You did wonderfully! Diego swears you must have been a model in a previous life!” She hugged her sister.

“He did?” Princess Adelina leaned to the side and gazed over her sister’s shoulder at her brother-in-law. She blushed at the idea of going to live with her cousin Vega della Rosa in his artist colony. She had heard stories of the women living there not being allowed to wear clothes and other debaucheries that rivaled the stories she had heard about Lord Mwans’ parties. Maybe that convent idea isn’t so bad after all… she thought.

“Yeah!” Princess Carmina Infantanta said, pulling her sister from her reverie. “He wants to paint the two of us together.”

“He does?” Princess Adelina’s eyes went wide.

Her sister nodded. “Mother too! Father’s birthday is coming up and I bet he’d love a painting with all of us in it!”

Princess Adelina blinked. “Really?”

“Really! Ooh! Maybe we should ask Fritzi if she wants to sit with us. The royal family! I think Father will love it!!”

“Whatever you say, Mina…”

Princess Carmina Infantanta laughed. “You’re very agreeable today, Ada!”

She shrugged. “Shall we go get some lunch?” she said, changing the subject.

“Okay.” Princess Carmina smiled. “Diego went and got some of those yummy sausages from the vendor in the square, and there’s cheese and bread, and cold meats, and if you want, I heard there’s a vendor selling turkey legs! I’ve always wanted to try one!”

Princess Adelina laughed as the descended the dais. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear you’re with child again,” she said softly to her sister. “I remember before Prince Max was born all you talked about was food.”

Princess Carmina Infantanta’s eyes went wide. “Please, God, no!” She leaned in conspiratorially to her sister and said, “Why do you think I keep nursing him?”

“You like acting like a peasant?”

“No! I want to enjoy my baby as much as my husband and Mandy from the kitchens told me to nurse him and so did my chambermaid, Lily.”

“That really work?”

“It seems to… Anyway,” Princess Carmina Infantanta took her son from his nursemaid. “Who’s a sweet baby?”

“My nephew,” Adelina said as they entered the pavilion and sat down.

Their women’s talk abandoned, the princesses eagerly related their experiences as models to the others.

“Do you think I could do it, Mina?” Princess Friederike said. “It sounds like so much fun.”

“Of course! I’d love to paint your portrait,” Princess Carmina Infantanta replied. “I’ve been busy with the baby, but I have kept up my lessons. This is going to be so much fun!” she said, pleased that her day of the arts was turning out to be a success.


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Aug. 18th, 2016 01:08 pm (UTC)
What fun was this? I really like Princess Mina's earthiness, her comfort in her own skin - and Princess Ada's slightly neurotic leanings are a great contrast; I love how you've taken these somewhat-unreachable royals and made them so very human. A great slice of Royal life - great job! :D
Aug. 18th, 2016 02:23 pm (UTC)
Thanks, n0t-chan! I'm glad you liked it! :D
Nov. 29th, 2016 02:52 am (UTC)
This is so cute and charming!

I keep snickering over Diego della Vega though. What _does_ he get up to at night, when the full moon is bright?
Nov. 29th, 2016 03:02 am (UTC)
Thanks! (I'm glad you've been enjoying my ficcage.)

*LAUGHS* Naughtiness! *winks*
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