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Rainy Days Without You

Title: Rainy Days Without You
Author: Kat & kira
Characters: Amber, Minky, Greta, Bernd, mention of Wolfgang, James, Fritz & Maria
Word count: 967
Rating: PG
Summary: Am,ber and Minky wait for Bernd and Greta to come home from Maria's weekend field trip...
Genre: slice of life
Author’s notes: Thanks go out to my beta, Kat, for pinking this for me. Please note Amber, Minky, & Greta belong to her.

They were up in Bernd’s room, the rain falling softly against the window. Amber sat up, reading one his old diaries, while Minky sprawled on the bed, her feet propped up against the wall. She was checking the messages on her phone, her dog Sammy sleeping peacefully next to her.

“Bernd know you’re reading that?”

Amber looked up. “Yeah. When we were younger, he used to read them to me.” She grinned. “Well, technically, it was the ‘important parts.’ You know, stuff he felt I needed to know, but for some reason he couldn’t come out and tell me.”

Minky snorted. “Bernd logic at work?”

Amber chuckled. “Yeah. Anyway, this was the diary, or one of them, he kept while I was pregnant with Fritz.” She frowned. “I mean in a way, I probably should have kept one, but he’s a compulsive journaler, so I kind of let him do the work. There are little bits and pieces of me in it though. When Fritz is older, he probably should read it.” She turned the page. “Then again… maybe not.”

“Why not?” Minky looked over at her.

“I don’t think Fritz wants to know how much his father enjoyed having sex when his mother was pregnant with him.”

“Yeah, umm, no.”

“Exactly.” A companionable silence stretched between them, until Amber broke it after reading another entry. “It’s still very sweet and I know the one he kept when Greta was pregnant with Maria is the same. Despite his issues, he does take fatherhood very seriously.”

“I know. I’ve seen him action with the kids and Sammy.”

Amber nodded. “I know and I did my best to talk him out of that bunny hoodie for dogs.”

“I know, and Sammy and I appreciate the effort,” Minky lowered her voice, “but even I have to admit Sammy looks adorable in it. I guess in some weird way, Sammy’s his adopted child with me. You’d think once he got the fluff-balls, he’d forget about him, but no.” She smiled. “He’s a great father.”

“He had a great example. Vati always looked out for me and James when we were kids like we were his. When I was struggling in college, he even made me my own room in the basement, after Vati figured out I was living here.”


Amber nodded. She looked over her shoulder at the window. “I wonder if it’ll ever stop raining…”

“It’s got to sometime.” Minky looked at the window and back at her phone. Thumbing the screen, she googled the weather. “It’s supposed to stop tonight.”

“Good. Then they should be home soon.”

“Yeah, I miss them too. I still can’t believe the two of them got to go on that field trip.”

Amber nodded. “Well, Greta got to go when another mom had to cancel and Bernd was going from the start since they didn’t have that many dads.” She frowned. “You know, he went on the same trip with Fritz. I don’t know who had more fun, Bernd or the kids he was in charge of. Fritz said they ordered a pizza and Bernd paid for them to watch a movie in the room. Fritz said they all said he had a cool dad.”


“Yeah… There’s a journal about it somewhere. You know, I think he’s been keeping one since like forever.”

“If that bookcase is any indication, he has.”

“That’s not all of them. There are a couple of boxes, upstairs in Didi’s old room, full of them,” Amber said.

“Yeah? Anything good in them?” Minky waggled her eyebrows, doing her best Bernd impression.

Amber smirked. “Of course! Every last detail of his life is up there…” She sighed. “Good times and bad.”

“He mentioned something when we were first getting to know one another about being depressed, but he never really elaborated and I didn’t pry.” Not that she needed to. She had seen him at his lowest enough times to realize just how bad it could get.

Amber nodded. She was about to say something when the bedroom door opened and Bernd walked in, followed by Greta. “Hey!” She closed the diary and set it aside.

Hallo.” Greta hurried over to Amber and kissed her. When Minky sat up, she kissed her too.

“Hey there!” Bernd came over and sat on his bed, after they made room for them. “Miss us?”

Amber hugged him. “Of course we did!”

“Yeah!” Minky added. “How was the trip?”

“It was great!” Greta said. “I had a lot of fun.” She lay back, settling in amongst the people she loved best, happy to be home.

“I did too!” Bernd gave Amber a sheepish look. “Apparently one of the boys I was chaperoning is the baby brother of one of the kids in Fritz’s class…”

“So you got them a pizza and a movie?” Amber smirked at him knowingly.

“And lived up to your awesome dad reputation?” Minky teased.


“And since Maria heard about it from Fritz…” Greta said.

“You did the same,” Amber finished for her.


“We’re glad you two had fun.”

“Yeah!” Minky smiled. It was almost boring without them and the kids, almost.

“So hurry up and do whatever you need to do so we can welcome you back,” Amber said.

“Okay!” Bernd said. “Meet you downstairs?”

“Sure…” Amber said as she stood up to leave.

Minky and Greta also got up to go. “See you in a bit,” Minky said.

Ja!” Greta added. She left with Amber and Minky for the start of what promised to be a fun welcome home party.

Bernd watched them go. As eager as he was to join them, he decided to let them have their fun with Greta first. He knew the wait would be well worth it in the end.
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