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Happy Bday, Vexed!! <3

Title: My World, It Smiles
Author: kira
Genre: slice of life
Characters: Garth, Becky, mention of the Winchesters
Rating: G
Word count: 1226
Warning/Spoilers: Takes place just after the episode “Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!” ends. Mildly spoilerish for it as it alludes to what happened in the episode.
Summary: Garth finds the girl of his dreams…
Author’s Note: Thanks go out to my beta Kat for pinking this.
Disclaimer: Don’t own Supernatural; wish I did!

For Vexed… Happy bday!

“And so today, my world it smiles, your hand in mine, we walk the miles,
“Thanks to you it will be done, for you to me are the only one.
“Happiness, no more be sad, happiness....I'm glad.”
From Thank You by Robert Plant and Jimmy Page

Garth sat in his old beat up Chevy El Camino and drove off. He got as far as the end of the block, when visions of Becky Rosen danced in his head. He drove around aimlessly, circling back in the hope that the Winchester brothers had driven off.

As he parked his car, he could hear Dean’s warning “no” in his head, but damn it! That Becky was cute and she could kick ass just like that Buffy chick on TV. Garth smoothed his hair down again and took a quick peek at himself in the rearview mirror. He wished Mr. Fizzles was here, but he had left him back in the hotel room. Screwing up his courage, Garth got out of the car and headed towards Becky’s apartment. As if in a dream, he soon found himself outside number seven.

Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, Garth raised his hand and knocked. He had a brief moment of panic when he realized he was trying to get to know a girl who had just broken up with a guy… Well, not just any guy, but Sam Winchester. Still, the poor girl’s heart was broken and Garth vowed to help her get over it. He smiled shyly when the door opened.

“Garth?” Becky frowned. She was hoping it was Sam, coming back to tell her signing the annulment papers was a mistake.

“Ummm… I was wondering if you’d like to go out and get a cup of coffee…?”

“Uh, sure…” Becky smiled. “Come in, Garth. I need to go get my purse.” She stepped aside to let him in.

“Thanks.” Garth entered her apartment. The two of them smiled at each other as an awkward silence stretched between them.

“I’ll be right back?” Becky said. She turned and hurried towards her bedroom as she wondered what was going on.

Garth nodded. He watched her go and when she disappeared into her room, he glanced around at her apartment while he waited for her return. He liked what he saw, not that he actually saw much more than he had before, when they were sitting around Becky’s kitchen table, plotting to take down the Crossroads Demon, who was collecting souls way too early, but more importantly, was threatening to take Becky’s.

“You ready to go?”

“Yeah.” Garth noticed she had not only grabbed her purse, but she put on some bubblegum pink lipstick. He thought it suited her, bringing out the pink glow of her cheeks… He sighed happily in manly appreciation, blushing when she shot him a quizzical look. Garth somehow managed to redeem himself, by holding the door for her as they left. A short walk later and they were in his El Camino and on their way to the coffee shop he had spotted, while doubling back in an attempt to avoid the Winchesters.

It did not take long to reach the coffee shop, and after parking his car, they walked inside. Being the gentleman that he was, Garth bought them each a cup and a fancy cupcake for Becky. Coffee and dessert in hand, they made their way to a quiet little table in the back and sat down.

“Thanks,” Becky said. She sipped her coffee. Setting the cup down, she picked up the cupcake, peeled the paper off, and took a bite. “It’s really good.”

“You’re welcome,” he smiled at the way she looked up at him and blushed, before looking away. “You a have a lil frosting…” Garth wiped the tip of his nose with his finger.

Becky’s eyes went wide. She could feel her cheeks heating up again as she reached for a napkin. She wiped her nose. “Better?”

Garth nodded and drank his coffee. He could see she was just as shy and unsure as he was, but at least she was here, willing to give things a chance. If nothing else, Garth figured they could be fast friends, despite the nagging little voice in his head that was screaming for more.

“So you ummm… You do that too? Hunt monsters and stuff like Sam and Dean?”

“Yeah. It’s often a thankless job, but someone’s got to do it.” Garth picked up his coffee cup and drank.

Becky nibbled on her cupcake. Licking her lips free of frosting, she said, “You work with a partner too?”

He shook his head. “I’m kinda a lone wolf.” Garth grinned. “Truthfully, it’s just me and Mr. Fizzles.”

“Mr. Fizzles?”

Garth nodded. He reached around and pulled his phone out of his back pocket. It was one of those smart phones and he thumbed through it, looking for the video he had of his sock puppet. When he found it, he handed the phone to Becky. Taking the phone, she watched. Occasionally, Becky would giggle, but for the most part, she seemed to be enjoying the clip. “What do you think?” he asked when she handed it back.

Becky smiled. “He’s cute.”

Garth beamed back at her. He could not believe his ears! This sweet young thing liked Mr. Fizzles! Garth was in love. He had a feeling when he first met her, she could be the one he would spend the rest of his life with, but that thought made him feel suddenly shy. “Thanks.”

Becky smiled and sipped her coffee. “You’re welcome.”

They lapsed into companionable silence, drinking their coffee. Becky finished her cupcake and somehow the conversation, when it resumed, turned to their recent adventure.

“I can’t believe you guys really hunt demons and monsters. I know the books and when I dated Chuck he said it was real, but…”

“You did really great back there! If it wasn’t for you I don’t know what would have happened to us.”

Becky blushed. “Yeah, well, I just sort of reacted without giving it much thought.”

“I’d say you were a natural born hunter.” Garth held up a hand to stop her protests. “I don’t know many hunters who’d have the presence of mind to do what you did like that, especially on their first hunt. You’ve got talent.”

“Thanks…” Becky’s blush deepened. She picked up her coffee cup to cover up her discomfiture and drank.

“You ever think about becoming a hunter?”

Becky shook her head.

Garth nodded. “Well, if you do, maybe you’d want to team up with me…? A man could only be a lone wolf for so long…”

“Yeah…” Becky reached across the table and put her hand on his. “You really think I could become a hunter?” She briefly entertained the thought of impressing Sam, before it was replaced with warm thoughts of Garth. She had the feeling she could learn a lot at his side and have a fun time doing it. “I think I’d like that.” She smiled.


She nodded.

“It won’t be easy.”

“I know.” Becky gently squeezed his fingers.

“Then I guess I'm ummm…” Garth was at a loss for words.

“My partner and teacher.” Becky smiled.

“Yeah…” Garth reached up and smoothed his hair. Grinning, he said, “You know, I like the sound of that.”

“Me too.”

They got up and threw out their garbage on the way out. Garth shyly reached for her hand and Becky took his hand in hers. Together they left the coffee shop and took their first steps as partners and fellow hunters.
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