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Cross posted from Madrona Project

Title: Wiesn
Author: kira
Word Count: 1892
World: The Duchy of Saint-Germaine
Main Characters: Pashmina, Grande Duke Alexander Saint-Germaine,
Borrow: no
Summary: Pashmina is excited about celebrating Wiesn a holiday similar to Vinefest that’s celebrated in Alex’s duchy…
Author’s Note: Thanks to Kat for pinking this for me…

Pashmina woke up excited to start his day. Brushing his fingertips against his lips, he softly kissed them, before gently placing that kiss on his patron Alex’s lips. Slipping quietly from their bed, Pashmina put on his robe and slippers, and padded softly to the bathroom for his morning ablutions. Having finished, he left the room, leaving his beloved asleep in their bed.

Today was the start of Wiesn, an ancient festival, celebrated in Alex’s duchy as well as in the surrounding areas. It was similar to Vinefest, a holiday that Pashmina was familiar with and one that held a special place in his heart as that was where he had met his beloved Alex. At noon Alex would tap the kegs of the beer that were brewed specially for the festival. Then festivities would officially start, something Pashmina was looking forward to.

He paused in one of the chateau’s windows to watch the servants scurry about as they erected large tents on the chateau’s grounds. There was also a large cooking tent and the thought of all that food being cooked made Pashmina’s mouth water. It was one of the places people tended to gather as it smelled heavenly in the Kitten’s humble opinion. There would be a parade followed by the wedding walk, in which nobles and peasants alike would walk to the front of the chateau and Alex or one of the visiting nobles would pronounce them man and wife, after which the happy couples would live together for a month and sometimes longer, before a church wedding was performed. It was considered especially lucky to marry at the start of Wiesn, so many couples young and old chose this day to get married. There were also many proposals of marriage as well as the acquisition of Bier-Frauen and Bier-Männer, beer-wives and beer-husbands, by those who were caught up in drunken revelry. There were a lot of beer babies born too as a result.

Pashmina hurried down to the kitchens in hopes of finding something to eat as well as see to it that food would be ready when Alex woke up. A cup of tea and one of the fresh sweet rolls made for a delicious start to the day, though the pretzel rolls did look tempting. He saw several of the kitchen girls sitting outside, plucking the feathers from several chickens, which would be roasted until their skins were brown and crispy. The sausages that were to be grilled later on, had been made days ago and were sitting in fat coils on the kitchen table. Men were out fishing, their catch of the day would be served tonight, followed by the Harvest Dance. There were so many choices and Pashmina was planning on sampling them all.

He looked forward to the dance as it was a lot of fun. Pashmina loved the traditional dress, with its white blouse, black bodice, forest green skirt, and crisp white apron. He felt like an elegant lady and like peasant girl too, and Alex looked so handsome dressed like an ancient in his leather shorts and white shirt. During Alex’s time the rules were relaxed and peasant or noble all were equal during the two week long celebration.

Pashmina sipped his tea. Taking the teacup with him, he walked back to the room he shared with his beloved Alex. Opening the door to their room, Pashmina stepped inside. He quickly finished his tea and set the teacup down on the beside table, before crawling back into bed and snuggling up to Alex.

Alex rolled over and gazed sleepily at his beloved Kitten. “Morning…” he croaked.

“Good morning, your Alexness.” Pashmina smirked up at him.

Alex yawned. “Sorry…”

“It’s okay.”

“You’re up early.” Alex rubbed his face with his hand.

“Today’s Wiesn.”

“It doesn’t start until noon.”

“I know, but…”

“But you’re excited.” Alex smiled, and reaching out, he gently caressed Pashmina’s cheek.

“Yeah…” Pashmina giggled. “I want to bet on that new horse of yours, winning the opening race.”

“Pashmina darling, you do know that Snowflake isn’t a racehorse, right?” Alex held him close.

“Yeah? By he’s so muscular…” Pashmina sighed. “And all those muscles would be good for racing, right? He looks really strong and I thought…”

“He is strong, but while all those muscles are good for draft work, they make him too heavy to be a good racehorse.”


“Noblesse likes to breed them on the heavy side. Silver, that pretty little mare we got from those horse traders last summer, she’s a better bet.”

“You going to race her?”

“Yeah.” Alex smiled.

“Aaah… so that’s what Ulli’s been doing with her! He’s been training her to race!” Pashmina grinned. “I’m so going to bet on her!”

“And you should. I hope she wins for you.”

“Thank you, your Alexness.”

“You’re welcome.” Alex caressed his beloved’s cheek.

Pashmina nuzzled his palm. He still could not believe how lucky he was to have found a patron as good to him as Alex was. His beloved did everything he could to reassure Pashmina he loved him and that it did not matter in the least that Pashmina was a man. Alex had heirs to carry on his name and rule his duchy after he was gone and they adored Pashmina, thinking he was the best thing to happen to their father. He leaned in to kiss his beloved.

Before things could get too heated between them, a servant knocked and entered with Alex’s breakfast. “Good morning, your Grace, Fräulein.” He snorted softly to himself when they moved apart and sat up in bed. He was old enough to remember the Grande Duke when he was still in swaddling, had seen him in bed with his wife and his previous Kitten Irina, as well as had seen him in bed with various friends, both male and female, so catching him in the midst of an intimate moment with Pashmina was none of his concern.

“Good morning, Franz,” Alex said, Pashmina echoing him.

He placed the tray on Alex’s lap, bowed and left the room. What they got up while they were alone was none of his business. He just hoped they were finished by the time Alex’s valet and Pashmina’s lady maid showed up to help them dress. He had no desire to listen to the man grouse about their master’s proclivities for hours on end or the maid giggling about what she had seen. He sighed as he headed downstairs to the kitchens. He had enough things to worry about with Wiesn starting in a few hours than to get involved in other people’s nonsense.

“Would you like some coffee?”

“Thanks,” Pashmina said. He preferred tea, but drank it in Alex’s presence as his patron loved the stuff. Besides, Alex had a way of making it taste palatable by adding cream and several sugar cubes.

Alex poured himself a cup, before eating his breakfast. He would occasionally offer tidbits to his beloved Kitten and together the two of them quickly finished off Alex’s meal. Pashmina got up to move the breakfast tray away for some morning loving. He had just crawled back into bed, when his lady’s maid knocked on their bedroom door. Pashmina groaned, annoyed and angry his fun time with Alex was cut short before it even began, when he remembered Wiesn would begin in a few hours.

“Time to get beautiful,” Pashmina said softly to Alex, before calling out, “Come in, Liesel.”

“You’re always beautiful to me,” Alex said as she entered the room.

Pashmina blew him a kiss and got out of bed. He made himself comfortable in Alex’s “shaving chair” and waited for his valet to arrive. Meanwhile Liesel went to Pashmina’s wardrobe and took out his outfit for the day. After the valet arrived and shaved him, Pashmina disappeared behind the screen in the corner and got undressed. Liesel helped him into his underclothes, before handing him a white blouse. Pashmina quickly slipped it on. Liesel buttoned it, smoothing the lines of it on his body. She also helped him into a petticoat, before pulling the forest green skirt over his head and down to nestle on his hips. A sleeveless bodice completed the look.

While Pashmina was getting ready, Alex’s valet shaved him and got him ready for the day. Alex watched as Liesel did his beloved Kitten’s hair, plaiting his thick, dark, wavy hair into a long braid, and wrapping it around his head. Liesel also added some fresh flowers to the braid. Pashmina admired himself in the mirror. He smiled. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Liesel curtsied, before leaving the room.

Pashmina reached for his cosmetic case. He put a bit of lotion on his face, before powdering it. That softened his look as well as hiding the remains of his beard. He added some rouge to his cheeks and a touch of lip stain to his lips. Pressing them together, Pashmina made a face at himself in the mirror. Some eye shadow on his eyes, and Pashmina turned and smiled saucily at Alex.

“You look beautiful, my dear.”

“Thanks, your Alexness.” Pashmina giggled. “You look very handsome in those short pants.”

“Thanks. To be honest, I feel rather silly dressed like this, but tradition dictates that I wear it.” Alex smiled.

“Awe…” Pashmina came over and hugged him, pressing his body against his beloved’s. “But you look good to me no matter what you’re wearing…” He smiled saucily up at Alex. “Or not.”

Alex laughed and kissed him. “Come, my dear, let’s go.” He glanced at the clock on his bedside table. “It’s almost time to tap the first keg and the start of Wiesn.”

“Yes!” Pashmina eagerly started forward.

Alex chuckled and headed with him towards the door. They made their way through the chateau and onto the grounds where the tents were errected. There was a small platform set up, topped with the keg. Pashmina went with Alex as far as the stairs. Alex climbed them amid the cheers of the assembled crowd. On the count of three, he began to tap the keg. Two strokes later, and it was tapped. Alex poured the first mass; he lifted his masskrug up and cried, “Prost!” and the crowd roared. Wiesn had officially started.

Pashmina was given the second mass from the keg when Alex joined him. They lifted their mugs and toasted each other. “Prost!” They drank. Pashmina held onto Alex’s arm as they navigated the crowds and welcomed their guests on their way to the food tents. “Good food, good drink, good company” was the motto of the day. Pashmina looked forward to the rest of the festivities as they unfolded throughout the day as well as the rest of the over two weeks that Wiesn lasted. He could not wait for the horse racing and the harvest dance. Tomorrow, a special wines of the region taste-testing was scheduled and there was also a livestock show. The only thing missing were the pies and jams and the Queen’s parade at the end of it like at Vinefest. Somehow, Pashmina found this to be better than the holiday he had all but grown up with and it had nothing to do with Alex at his side. It was just better and that was all that mattered in the end.


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Dec. 1st, 2016 01:15 am (UTC)
So nice to share in their comfortable domestic morning.
Dec. 1st, 2016 01:30 am (UTC)
Yeah... :D

Thanks for reading, ranuel! :D
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