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Title: In My Little Castle By The Sea
Author: kira
Genre: slice of life
Characters: Mary, mention of John & their kids
Pairing: none
Rating: G
Word count: 100
Warning/Spoilers: none
Summary: Mary reads her late husband’s notebook…
Author’s Note: Please note that this is unbetaed, so any mistakes are my own.
Disclaimer: Don’t own Supernatural; wish I did!

Mary Winchester grabbed her cup of coffee and her late husband John’s notebook. She went outside of the tiny cabin by the lake that she dubbed her castle and surveyed her kingdom by the sea, before sitting down on one of the Adirondack chairs on its porch. She sipped her coffee and opened the notebook. In between John’s notes on what he had hunted were little glimpses of his family life with their kids. As much as she hated her boys becoming Hunters, and despite John being an absentee father because he was one, they turned out alright. She smiled.
Tags: big pretzel, dew, drabbles, mary winchester, spn
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