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Fall Festival Bingo 4

Title: Breakfast Time Bonding
Prompt: Cereal
Fandom: Original
Characters: Bernd, Fritz, mention of Amber & Wolfgang
Word count: 473
Rating: G
Summary: Bernd and little Fritz bond over breakfast…
Author’s note: Please note that Amber belongs to Kat.

Bernd yawned and hung up his coat in the mudroom. He took off his boots, and padding quietly in his stocking feet, he headed into the kitchen. He was on his way downstairs to shower and crawl back into bed with Amber, after mucking out Blitzkrieg’s and Louis’ stalls.

“Hey, Vati,” Fritz said as he looked up at his father.

“Hey.” Bernd ruffled his son’s hair. “What are doing up so early?”

“Ewww… You stink, Vati!” Fritz crinkled his nose and made a face.

“That’s horse and… poop.” Bernd grinned.

Fritz laughed.

“So why are you up so early?”

“I’m hungry and Mutti won’t wake up. She keeps telling me to go back to sleep.” Fritz pouted.

“I see. How about I make us some breakfast?”

“Okay! Want pancakies!” Fritz pulled out a chair from the kitchen table and climbed up on it.

“Why don’t we wait for Opa to get up and make those?”

“I’m hungry, Vati!”

“I know! We’ll make what I used to make for breakfast on the weekends.” Bernd grinned.

“Yeah?” Fritz leaned on the kitchen table.

Bernd nodded. He went over to the cabinet and took out two bowls. He also took two spoons from the silverware drawer and brought them over to the table, setting a bowl and spoon in front of Fritz. Bernd smiled and walked over to the pantry and took out the container of puffed rice. He brought the cereal over to his son and poured some into each bowl before putting it away.

Fritz helped himself to a handful and ate it. “Vati, can you put a nana in it? Please?”

“Okay.” Bernd grabbed a banana from the bunch in the fruit bowl on the table. He got out a knife and cut the banana up, putting about half in each bowl. After putting the knife in the sink, Bernd got out the milk and added it to their cereal. He put it back and sat down with Fritz. Bernd enjoyed the quiet bonding moment with his four year old son. He had a feeling Fritz did too.

When they finished eating, Fritz helped him bring the bowls over to the sink. Taking his father by the hand, they went downstairs to his room. Bernd tucked him in and kissed his forehead.

Bernd left the nursery and hurried over to the bathroom. He stripped down and took a quick shower. He dried off and picking up his clothes, he dumped them in the hamper along with the wet towel. Bernd shivered and hurried into the room he shared on occasion with Amber. Grabbing a t-shirt and boxers from his dresser drawer, he quickly got dressed and crawled into bed with her. He snuggled closed, loving the warmth of her body. Closing his eyes, he spooned in behind her and drifted off to sleep.
Tags: amber, bernd, bingo ficcage, fritz, original ficcage, wolfgang
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