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Fall Festival Bingo 7

Title: A Birthday Celebration Part 2; The Aftermath
Prompt: Fell and Twisted Her Ankle
Fandom: Original
Characters: James, Cesare, Didi, Wolfgang, Bernd, & Amber
Word count: 1940
Rating: PG 13 for underage drinking
Summary: Bernd has to be carried home…
Author’s note: Please note that Amber & James belong to Kat & I’m just borrowing them.

They stood just outside the backdoor to Bernd’s house. He had passed out again on the walk home, so Amber fished in his pocket for the key. She opened the door and let them in. They were hoping to sneak in and drop Bernd off in his room, but unfortunately for them, Wolfgang was in the kitchen and heard them come in.

“You’re home early,” he said as he entered the mudroom and spotted them. “What happened?”

They exchanged glances, before Amber decided to be truthful about things. “We were in the park celebrating our birthday and Bernd is such a lightweight…”

“He drank too much,” Cesare said.

“It was only two beers,” James said.

Amber sighed. “And he fell and twisted his ankle. I know we’re not supposed to be drinking, but we were pacing ourselves and ummm…”

“Happy birthday,” Wolfgang said. He frowned. “Let’s get him up to bed and we’ll talk about it tomorrow.”

“Ummm… Vati?” Amber nervously bit her lip, unable to look him in the eye. Bernd’s father was way too calm for her liking and she was worried he was angrier than he let on.

“Amber?” Wolfgang’s frown deepened.

“Can I stay and make sure he’s okay? He kind of got sick in Germany…”

Wolfgang nodded. He turned and led the way upstairs to Bernd’s room. It took a bit of fussing, but they managed to get him settled in bed. Wolfgang walked back downstairs with Cesare and James. Grabbing his keys, he drove them home.

While Wolfgang was gone, Amber got out a pair of Bernd’s boxers and one of Didi’s old t-shirts that Bernd kept for her to sleep in. She changed in his room, thinking how sorry he was going to be when he found out she was naked and he missed it. She crawled into bed with him.

Wolfgang popped his head in a few minutes later. “Good night, Amber.”

“Good night, Vati.”

“We’ll talk in the morning.” He softened his expression. “If you need anything…”

“I’ll come and get you, or I’ll yell if I need you.”

“Sleep well,” Wolfgang said softly in German.

“Thanks, you too, Vati.” Amber closed her eyes and tried to sleep. It was not the best start to her birthday, but she would have her revenge in the morning when she woke him up. Now how to wake him up in the morning without annoying Vati…?

Bernd woke up in the middle of the night. He climbed over Amber, waking her up, and stumbled and limped to the bathroom. His sprained ankle hurt like hell as he stood there, relieving himself. He groaned softly at the beginnings of a hangover on top of his ankle pain. After washing his hands, Bernd stuck his head in the sink and drank straight from the faucet.

While Bernd was in the bathroom, Amber hurried downstairs to the kitchen. She went straight to the cabinet with the pots and pulled out a saucepan. She grabbed a wooden spoon and raced back upstairs. Amber had just crawled into bed, when Bernd limped back into the room. She let him get back into bed and the two of them cuddled as they fell back to sleep.

Amber woke up the next day. She got up and went to the bathroom. She brushed her teeth and washed her face. Walking back to Bernd’s room, she grinned wickedly. Finding the hidden pot and wooden spoon, Amber banged loudly on it to wake Bernd up. “Wakey, wakey!”

His eyes flew open and he sat up, groaning. “What the hell are you doing?” Bernd glared at her.

Amber smirked. “Time to get up.”

Bernd made a rude gesture at her and lay back down. He rolled over, facing away from her. He muttered something under his breath in German, recoiling from her touch when she sat down on the bed.

“I’m sorry; Bernd, but you did bring it on yourself.”

He rolled onto his back. “Did not!”

“Did so! Who told you to drink so much?” Amber folded her arms across her ample bosom.

Bernd wordlessly huffed and looked away.

“Sorry.” Looking over her shoulder at the bedroom door and back, Amber added, “Look.” She picked up the hem of her t-shirt and lifted it up, exposing her breasts.

Bernd cracked open one eye and then the other, before opening them completely. He grinned and reached up to fondle her breasts. “Apology accepted.”

Amber pulled back. As much as she enjoyed it, the last thing they needed was a lecture from Vati about inappropriate behavior on top of the one about drinking that she had a feeling was coming. “Later, okay? If Vati catches us, he might put a stop to our sleepovers.”

“Yeah…” Bernd gave them one last squeeze and watched as she covered them.

“If you’re good, I’ll let you watch me get dressed.”

Bernd grinned. “Okay.” He closed his eyes, imagining her naked, as well as easing the headache that blossomed behind his eyes. It was just as well they had restrained themselves from any more touching as they could hear his father coming up the stairs.

Wolfgang knocked on the door frame. “Time to get up and go have breakfast.” His eyes twinkled with amusement when he spotted the saucepan and spoon.

“My ankle hurts, Vati,” Bernd said. He threw back the covers when Amber got up. Bernd sat up, his feet dangling over the side of the bed.

Wolfgang came over and had a look at it. He gently probed and moved his son’s foot, stopping when he saw him wince. “Get dressed and come down to breakfast. I’ll take you to the clinic afterwards. Do you need help getting to the bathroom?”

Bernd shook his head “no.”

His father left the room. Amber went to the bedroom door and listened to the sound of his retreating footsteps. She closed it and hurried over to where she left her clothes. “Better look quickly,” she said as she got undressed. She reached for her bra and put it on, before stepping into her panties, followed by her shorts. Amber walked over to Bernd’s dresser and got out something for him to wear. She helped him get dressed and brush his teeth, before helping him down to breakfast.

While they ate breakfast, Wolfgang decided to lecture them. He figured it was a good idea for Didi to hear it as well. “I want you to listen to me when I say this,” he said. “I don’t mind that you boys and you too, Amber, have a beer now and then. If we were in Germany, you could drink in the Biergarten, but we’re not. Here the law says, and I looked it up, that you may not drink until you’re twenty-one. So drinking in the park and,” he sighed, “I don’t know where you got the beer from, but I hope you didn’t involve some adult who should know better.” He glanced at each of them, meeting Bernd’s and Amber’s gazes. “Anyway, you got beer, drank it, but you,” he looked pointedly at Bernd, “were publicly drunk. And if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, you went and hurt yourself. Public drunkenness is frowned upon back home, and it certainly isn’t tolerated here.” Wolfgang folded his arms across his chest, giving them his sternest look.

“Yes, Vati.” Bernd felt his cheeks heating up.

“I know I look the other way when you drink, but maybe I shouldn’t?” Wolfgang raised his eyebrow.

“No, Vati.” Bernd felt a moment of panic. Whenever his father gave him that particular look, he knew he was in big trouble.

“Didi and I will take on your chores until your ankle’s better. When you’re able to walk on it, you’ll resume your chores, plus take on your brother’s for two weeks plus the time you were unable to. Understood?”

Bernd gulped. “Yes, Vati.” He breathed a small sigh of relief over getting off lightly, despite his father’s tone.

“And just so we’re clear, Bernhard, consider yourself lucky Blitzkrieg’s still here.”

Bernd looked up from his bowl of cereal, his eyes wide with shock. “Yes, Vati!” The loss of his beloved horse was the ultimate punishment to him.

As soon as they were finished eating, Bernd and Amber left with Wolfgang to go to the clinic, while Didi stayed home and washed the breakfast dishes. They were gone an hour and half, before returning home. Bernd’s ankle was wrapped in an ace bandage and he was on crutches for the next few days. Wolfgang made him comfortable in the den on the sofa with his foot propped up on a pillow. Amber got him an ice pack and they sat there, watching TV. It may not have been the best of birthdays, but things got a bit better at lunch time, when Vati made her favorite meal and they had one of Didi’s cakes for dessert. She even got a present from each of them.

“Sorry, I messed up your birthday, Amber,” Bernd said.

“I’ve had worse.” She shrugged.

“Yeah…” He sighed as he recalled one particularly disastrous birthday.

“Yeah and I don’t want to talk about them.” She smiled. “Thanks for the presents.”

“You’re welcome. I have another one upstairs for you, but I didn’t want you opening it in front of Vati.”

“Oh?” she said, her curiosity piqued.

“Yeah.” Bernd smirked. “I got you a porno mag. A pity we can’t look at it together. I got one for James too.”

She chuckled. “Thanks. Maybe we can look at it next time I sleep over.”

“Yeah?” His eyes lit up at the thought.

Amber nodded. “I promise I’ll bring it over.” She narrowed her eyes at him. “Are you sure you didn’t look at it first?”

“I gave it a quick glance to make sure you’d like it and that was it. Same with James’.” Bernd smirked.

“If you say so.” Amber folded her arms over her chest in perfect imitation of his father. She glared at him, but quickly softened it with a smile and a snort of laughter.

His smirk broadened into a grin. “I do!” If he was able to stand without his ankle hurting, Bernd would have rocked back and forth on his heels. Instead, he crossed his arms over his chest and wiggled a bit.

They laughed.

“Hey, how about I go to the library before I come back and get a few DVDs to watch?”

“That would be awesome!” Bernd grinned.

“Okay.” Amber smirked. She was glad he was feeling better. Now what to get him from the library…? Sometimes he’s a picky pain in the ass, other times; he’ll watch anything I put on… Maybe I’ll go to the video store and rent him a kid’s movie and tell him it’s porn…

They quieted down when the show came back from the commercial break. Bernd and Amber watched show after show until it was time for her to go. Amber got up to leave.

“Thanks for staying with me and happy birthday!” Bernd said. “Oh, before I forget, your present’s upstairs in my underwear drawer. Can you give James his?”

“Yeah.” She left the room and went upstairs to get the gifts. She stuffed them in one of Bernd’s spare backpacks that he kept in his closet. When she returned to the den, Amber packed the gifts she had opened in it as well. “See you in a bit, Bernd!”

“Bye, Amber!” He waved and watched her go.

On the way out, Amber thanked Wolfgang for everything, and collecting two more presents for her twin, she went outside and headed home.
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