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Fall Festival Bingo 8

Title: A Birthday Celebration Part 3; House Arrest
Prompt: Labyrinth
Fandom: Original
Characters: Bernd & Amber, mention of Wolfgang
Word count: 443
Rating: PG 13 for underage drinking
Summary: Bernd is confined to home & Amber comes back with some DVDs to watch…
Author’s note: Please note that Amber belongs to Kat & I’m just borrowing her.

Bernd had wound up spraining his ankle very badly during his drinking misadventure; Amber had stayed with him for the most part as well, going home just long enough to change her clothes. She also stopped at the library to pick up a DVD for them to watch.

Amber perused the library’s selection of movies, looking for something Bernd would like. She grabbed an old Elizabeth Taylor movie called National Velvet and was about to call it quits, when another title caught her eye. She picked up Labyrinth. David Bowie, hunh… The movie got her thinking and she wished the library carried Velvet Goldmine, a movie she knew Bernd would like, but the library had a very limited selection of R-rated movies. Maybe she could rent it elsewhere, or Bernd could find it online and they could watch it on his laptop.

Armed with her selection, Amber took them to the check-out desk. Minutes later, they were stowed in her backpack along with a change of clothes, pajamas, and her toothbrush. Vati was surprisingly liberal about Bernd getting drunk last night, then again, Bernd was of legal drinking age in Germany and Vati did let them drink in his house. He seemed more disappointed than mad. The only real punishment Bernd had was extra chores once his ankle healed up enough for him to walk on it. Being confined to the house and unable to see his horse, or even take care of him, was punishment enough, according to Bernd.

When she arrived at Bernd’s house, Amber let herself in and hurried upstairs to his room. “Hey, Bernd. I stopped at the library and got us some movies to watch,” she said as she came over and sat on his bed. Opening her backpack, Amber took them out and gave them to him.

“Thanks!” Bernd smiled. “Ooh… this one looks good.” He held up Labyrinth.

“I thought you’d like it.” Amber grinned. “Let me go ask Vati if I can make some popcorn and we’ll watch it.”

“Why? Vati won’t mind if you go make some without asking.”

“I know, but he was upset over us drinking last night and you getting drunk, so I thought I’d play it safe and go ask him.”


“Yeah.” She left the room and returned several minutes later along with a big bowl of microwave popcorn and two cans of soda. “Scooch over.” She handed him the popcorn.

Bernd took it after making room for her. He helped himself to some while Amber popped the DVD into his player and turned it and the TV on. She came back and they settled in to watch it.


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