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Fall Festival Bingo 9

Title: Bat Watching
Prompt: Bats
Fandom: Original
Characters: Bernd & Amber, mention of Fritz
Word count: 359
Rating: G
Summary: Bernd and Amber sit outside, watching some bats…
Author’s note: Please note that Amber belongs to Kat & I’m just borrowing her.

Bernd and Amber sat out behind their yurt, watching the bats dance in the soft glow of the “porch” light. They flew like little fighter pilots, weaving in and out as they chased after their prey. Bernd had hung up a few bat houses and the little critters rewarded them by keeping the mosquito population down to the point where they rarely got bit.

When they tired of watching the bats, there was always the night sky to gaze up at. The light pollution was not as bad as it was closer to town, so you could see a bit more stars. The best place to stargaze was out in the fields, but little Fritz made it hard to get away at night. So Bernd and Amber started watching the bats. He found it as much fun to do as watching the birds visit their bird feeder, but Amber was all for the bats. They were part of her love of Halloween and she never tired of their acrobatics.

“Whoa!! Did you see that?!” Bernd said as he pointed towards the bats. One of the little critters had caught a huge moth. Bernd was amazed as to how it was able to eat something that looked as big as it was.

“Yeah!” Amber grinned.

“I’m glad they like to come here. You never see them near the house, or the stable. They’re fun to watch.”

“Yeah?” Amber glanced over at him. “I thought they liked the stable.”

“That’s that barn owl you’re thinking about. Ever since we added the indoor ring, it stopped coming around.”

“The barn cats keep the rats and mice at bay.”

“That’s true,” Bernd said. “Oh-ho!! Check that one out!!”


They watched a bat weave and duck around the light, catching bugs. It was soon joined by a pair of them, the three of them weaving in and out of each other’s flight path. Bernd and Amber watched for a while longer until they grew tired and went inside the yurt, Bernd switched off the battery powered lantern they used as an outside light, before getting undressed and heading off to bed with Amber.
Tags: amber, bernd, bingo, fritz, original ficcage
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