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Title: The Start of the Season
Fandom: Original
Author: kira
Rating: Adult
Character(s): Jack Frost, Crystal and Aurora, mention of Old Man Winter
Genre: smutty humor
Warnings: incestuous behavior between sisters
Words: 1294
Written for the prompt(s): Winter/Holiday
Beta: kat
Summary: Jack Frost reluctantly gets out of bed and with the help of a couple of Snow Faeries, they assist Old Man Winter with the start the season…
Author’s notes: Special thanks to kat for pinking this for me and helping me with the title.

Jack Frost lay in bed, a fur blanket pulled up to his chin. Twin Snow Faeries, Crystal and Aurora were nestled at his sides. He knew he should get up and go about his business, but it was nice and cozy in bed, and he did not want to move. Sighing softly, Jack cracked open one eye and then the other. It was time for Autumn to go to bed and sleep until Summer woke her up. So as much as he wanted to lounge around all day in bed and have a bit of fun with the girls, he knew if he did, Old Man Winter would be on his ass in a heartbeat.

“Hey, Crystal… Wake up.” Jack nuzzled the top of her head. He turned his to the other side. “Hey, Aurora… Time to wake up.” He nuzzled her. When neither faerie made any attempt at waking up he jiggled them as best he could. “Get up, ladies, before the Old Man gets on my ass for being late.”

Crystal grumbled under her breath about what she would like to do to the Old Man and Jack chuckled. I’d love to tie his dick in a knot too and shove it up his ass… But, we have a job to do and sadly, it ain’t gonna snow without our help… “We could always have some fun when we’re done.” Jack waggled his eyebrows at her.

She snorted in reply.

“We could…” Jack flashed his most charming smile at her.

“I’d rather have fun now.” She pouted.

Aurora sat up and stretched, the furs slipping down to reveal her large, naked breasts. “So much for my beauty sleep.” She looked pointedly at her sister and lover.

“Sorry, Baby, but we have to get up.” Jack rolled over and snaked an arm around her waist as he laid his head on her lap.

Aurora rolled her eyes at his antics. “I can’t get up until you get off of me, Lover Boy.”

“Yes, Ma’am!” Jack moved to let her get up. He watched as she tossed back the covers and stood up. He loved the curve of her hips and her tight ass. A soft moan escaped his lips when she slowly turned around. His eyes traveled upwards from the thatch of downy white curls at her thighs, up the gentle swell of her belly to her ample bosom that barely fit in her hands. Aurora leaned forward, pinching her rosy pink nipples. Heavy lidded, she pursed her lips as if to kiss him.

Not to be outdone, Crystal slipped from the bed to join her sister. She was built just like Aurora, big breasts, small waist, curvy hips and thighs. The only difference between them was she kept her sex bare. They kissed as she fondled Aurora’s breasts.

Jack moaned. His little “icicle” grew hard. Things were heating up and not cooling down as expected. Old Man Winter was going to kick his ass for sure. Maybe I should sic the girls on him… Nah, the old geezer probably wouldn’t know what to do with them if I did…

He mentally sighed. “That’s enough, girls!! The sooner we get up and help start winter, the sooner we can come back to bed and play.” Jack sat up and threw back the furs on his bed.

“Awe… You’re no fun!” the Snow Faeries chorused.

“Tell me about it!” Jack grumped. His annoyance at the situation cooled his ardor. He got up out of bed and looked around for his clothes. Jack found them and quickly got dressed, Crystal and Aurora following suit. Spotting a bit of white lace on the floor, Jack picked it up. “You forgot those,” he said, tossing the bit of lace at Crystal.

“Do I hafta wear them?” She pouted.

“You’d better do what he says,” Aurora said. “You remember what happened last year when you decided to not to wear anything at all and the Old Man saw you and the northeast ended up with the mother of all blizzards and an ice storm.” She wagged her finger at her sister. “The humans weren’t happy at all.”

“Oh yeah…” Crystal giggled. “Serves him right for looking!”

“Please, Crys… I’m begging ya! Put on your panties and let’s go!” Jack sighed and covered half his face with his hand. “I promise to make it worth your while, if you behave.”

“Yeah?” Crystal picked the hem of her skirt up, tucking it under her chin. She stepped into her panties and pulled them up. Grinning wickedly, she turned around, bent over as she flipped her skirt up, and pulled her panties down in one fluid motion, mooning her sister and lover.

Aurora giggled, and walking up to her sister, she smacked her on the ass. “Quit fooling around and let’s go!” She gracefully fluttered her hands and as did so a pair of wings sprouted from her back.

Crystal mirrored her sister’s actions and minutes later, she also sported a pair of wings. Grabbing Jack’s staff, she linked arms with him, Aurora also linking her arm with Jack’s.

“Ready, Ladies?” Jack grinned wickedly.

“Ready!!” the Snow Faeries chorused.

The three of them left Jack’s house and flew up into the night. Crystal and Aurora danced upon the wind, leaving snowflakes in their wake. Jack flew down the street. He touched everything he could, with his staff, in passing. The trees were now covered in a thin sheet of ice.

It was not long, before Old Man Winter showed up. Taking a deep breath, he blew gusts of snow, blanketing the ground in white. He nodded at Jack, before hurrying on his way. That was Jack’s cue to pretty up the place. Jack waved his staff, while the Snow Faeries fluttered their hands, turning the street into a winter wonderland. The three of them, spent the night, repeating this scene all over town. It was the first snowfall of winter and it was their job to set the mood for the rest of the season.

When the first rays of the sun began to color the horizon, they headed back to Jack’s house. The minute she stepped inside, Crystal tugged off her boots. Her mittens and hat soon followed. Snapping her fingers, her faerie wings disappeared, making it easier to pull her sweater up and over her head. Crystal pushed her skirt down past her hips. The last thing to go was her panties. Hands on her hips, she said, “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and get out of those wet things!”

“The only thing wet is your panties,” Aurora mumbled under her breath. She took her time taking off her boots and mittens. Snapping her fingers, she also made her faerie wings disappear. Aurora kissed Jack long and hard, before taking off her clothes. Putting everything neatly away on the bench in the hall, she walked over to her sister and kissed her.

Jack grinned. Setting his staff aside, he also got naked. “Shall we go have a bit of fun?” He waggled his eyes at the sisters and they giggled. “Last one in bed is a pile of yellow snow!!” Jack took off like his ass was on fire for his room.

“EWW!!” the sisters cried as they took off after him.

This is going to be one awesome winter!! Jack thought as he dove into bed. Crystal and Aurora landed on him seconds later in a tangle of limbs and soft, curvy faerie flesh. Minutes later, all thoughts went right out of his head as the sisters untangled themselves and set to work pleasuring him. As far as they were concerned it was going to be a long, hard winter, not that they minded a bit!
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