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iPod Shuffle Bingo 5

Title: Rocking Out While Driving
Prompt: Dragula
Fandom: Original
Characters: Bernd, Amber, James, Fritz, Maria, mention of Greta, Minky, and Vati(Wolfgang)
Word count: 751
Rating: G
Summary: Bernd and James go pick up the kids at school…
Author’s notes: Thanks go out to my beta, Kat, for pinking this for me. Please also note that Amber, James, Maria, Greta, and Minky belong to her.
Author’s notes 2: “Dragula” was written by Rob Zombie and Scott Humphrey, and was recorded by Rob Zombie.

They sat in Bernd’s car, blasting the music on his iPod from his metal playlist. When Rob Zombie’s “Dragula” came on, Bernd and James banged their heads to the beat as they waited at a light. “DIG THROUGH THE DITCHES!! AND BURN THROUGH THE WITCHES!! I SLAM IN THE BACK OF MY… DRAGULA!!” they half growled, half sang the chorus.

The people in the cars next to them on either side gave them strange and dirty looks as they rocked out to the song. When the light changed to green, Bernd took off like his ass was on fire, squealing the tires and annoying the other drivers. They were on their way to pick up the kids from their after school program and Bernd did not want to be late. “Dragula” was one of Bernd’s favorite songs and James’ too, as he heard it a million times while driving around with his best friend and lover. James found Bernd’s taste in music amusing. While it was eclectic, he tended to play the heavier stuff more than the light, which seemed at odds with his pastel pink hair and his flighty, effeminate nature.

“DIG THROUGH THE DITCHES!! AND BURN THROUGH THE WITCHES!! I SLAM IN THE BACK OF MY… DRAGULA!!” Bernd howled as he pulled in behind the cars of the parents, who were waiting to pick up their kids.

The song came to an end and the next one started. Bernd was rocking out to it when James reached over to turn the volume down, after failing to get his best friend’s attention. “Hey, Prissy, let’s put the other playlist on. That teacher’s giving us dirty looks.” He tilted his head towards the window and the woman standing outside with a clipboard. The last time they had picked up the kids, Vati got a phone call that was meant for Bernd and got an ear full about proper behavior in the school parking lot. Amber, having been there when Vati picked up the phone, in turn, got an ear full about it and by the time Bernd and James arrived home with the kids, they in “big trouble” as Bernd would later put it.

Bernd sighed. As much as he wanted to listen to Marilyn Manson’s “The Beautiful People,” James did have a point. He and Amber were already known as “those parents” ever since Fritz’s first Halloween at school when he dressed up like a fairy princess and she went as a zombie nurse. With Greta and Mishka added to the mix, and the rumors and innuendo surrounding their private lives, Bernd tried to be as low key about things as possible, whenever he remembered to be. So he turned off Manson and looked for the kid’s playlist, while James got out of the car to check in with teacher, who had been giving them the hairy eyeball.

James returned a few minutes later with Fritz and Maria in tow. Once everyone was in the car, Bernd pulled away slowly as James and the kids waved at the teacher. On the way home, Bernd sang softly to himself. “Dig through the ditches! And burn through the witches! I slam in the back of my Dragula!”

“Hey, Vati?” Fritz said.


“Can you play that Halloween song?”

“Yeah!” Maria said.

Bernd grinned. When he stopped at a light, he reached for his iPod and quickly thumbed through his playlists. Finding “Dragula,” he hit play, although, he did not crank the volume.

James covered his face with his palm to cover up his laughing. They’re definitely his and Amber’s kids… he thought as Fritz shouted out the chorus. He chuckled softly when he realized it could have been worse; they could have been listening to Rammstein, who Bernd claimed had some of the filthiest lyrics around.

They drove home, banging their heads and belting out the song in a bizarre homage to Wayne’s World’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” scene. When they turned onto block, Bernd switched the music back. He parked the car and everyone got out. They were greeted by Amber.

Fritz sang as he as he walked inside, “Dig through the ditches! And burn through the witches! I slam in the back of my Dragula!”

Amber shook her head at him. Bernd grinned and shrugged. She put her arm around him as they went inside. They were “those parents” and if anyone had any complaints, it was just too bad for them; they were not changing. James grinned and followed them inside.
Tags: amber, bernd, bingo ficcage, fritz, greta, james, maria, mishka, wolfgang
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