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iPod Shuffle Bingo 7

Title: My Feel Good Song
Prompt: Lust for Life
Fandom: Original
Characters: Bernd, Greta, mention of Amber
Word count: 497
Rating: G
Summary: Greta walks in on Bernd, who’s listening to his feel good song…
Author’s notes: Thanks go out to my beta, Kat, for pinking this for me. Please also note that Amber and Greta belong to her.
Author’s notes 2: “Lust For Life” was written by Iggy Pop and David Robert Jones, and was recorded by Iggy Pop.

Bernd walked into his room. He could not believe it; he was a father and he had a newborn son. Now that all the excitement was over and he was home from the hospital, he suddenly felt very overwhelmed. He took off his shirt and was about to head to the bathroom for a quick shower and then to bed, when he changed his mind. Bernd reached for his iPod and thumbed through his playlists. Finding the song he wanted, he hit “play.”

The hard driving drumbeat of the opening bars of “Lust for Life” came on. Bernd bopped along with it. All his pent up energy and anxiety came pouring out as he danced around like Iggy Pop did in the music video for the song. “Lust for Life” was his feel good song despite it being about drugs.

He sang softly, “I got a lust for life… Got a lust for life… Oh a lust for life… Oh a lust for life… A lust for life… I got a lust for life… I got a lust for life… A lust for life…”

While he was bopping around his room, Greta knocked on his bedroom door to see if he was finished in the bathroom. When he did not answer, but she could hear him moving around his room, she knocked again and opened the door. She watched him jerking around, his eyes closed, with his iPod in hand as he sang softly. It was hard to keep from laughing but she managed. When he moved so he could see her and opened his eyes, he briefly froze. She smiled at his discomfiture and when he pulled the earbuds from his ears, she said in German, “You look stupid, doing that.”


She rolled her eyes.

“Ummm…?” Bernd fidgeted. He had no idea what she wanted and he wished she would come to the point, so he could go back to listening to his feel good song.

“If you’re not going to use the shower, I will.”

“Okay…” Bernd still continued to fidget.

“Are you alright?”


“You sure? You don’t look alright.” Greta moved closer to him.

Bernd nodded. “I’m fine. I’m a lil tired, but it was a long day.”

Greta snorted in amusement. “You didn’t do anything; Amber did all the work.”

He frowned.

She shrugged. “He’s beautiful,” she said, her expression softening into a smile.

“Yeah…” Bernd grinned.

“Unlike like his father,” Greta teased.

He made a face at her.

She laughed. “Seriously, you’ll be fine, Bernd. Now go shower, because if you’re not going to, I am.”

“You go; I want to finish listening to this.” He held up his iPod.

“Okay. Gute Nacht.” She left the room.

Gute Nacht, Greta!” he called out to her. “Danke!” Putting his earbuds back in his ears again, Bernd looked for his feel good song. Finding it, he hit play again. This time when he danced around, he did so with a lighter heart.
Tags: amber, bernd, bingo ficcage, greta, original ficcage
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