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iPod Shuffle Bingo 8

Title: Find Me Somebody To Love
Prompt: Somebody To Love
Fandom: Original
Characters: Luigi, Bernd
Word count: 497
Rating: G
Summary: Luigi wishes he had somebody to love…
Author’s notes: Thanks go out to my beta, Kat, for pinking this for me.
Author’s notes 2: “Somebody to Love” was written by Freddie Mercury and was recorded by Queen.

Luigi woke up and stretched. He rolled over, facing the empty side of the bed. Tired of waking up alone, he went on a few disastrous dates with girls young enough to be his daughter. The sex was good, but he wanted something more; somebody of his own to love and cherish aside from his friend Wolfgang.

He got up out of bed and scratched his hairy stomach on his way to the bathroom. He went through his morning routine, feeling a bit better afterwards. Luigi grabbed his faded bathrobe, and putting it on, he left his bedroom.

Armed with a cup of coffee, Luigi sat at the kitchen table with his laptop. He read his emails and while he was deleting the ones he had read, one popped up from Bernd. Luigi opened it.

Hey Onkel Luigi!!

I found the song you were looking for. Enjoy!! :D


PS: If you need help putting it on your iPod, let me know.

Luigi clicked on the attachment. I have no idea where you find these things, but damn! Find them, you do! He saved Queen’s “Somebody to Love” to his laptop. Getting up, he went to get his iPod. Luigi hummed as he rummaged around in the bedside table’s top drawer. There, among the condom boxes, adult toys, old photos, spare batteries, and a flashlight, was the iPod Bernd and Amber had given him for his birthday. He grabbed it and the cord to connect it to his laptop.

He connected it to his computer and went to make another cup of coffee. While they were syncing up, Luigi made a mental note to reply back to Bernd. He sipped his second cup. Life may have gotten a bit lonely, but then there were things like this to make his day. Luigi smiled.

Hey Bernd,

Thanks for the song! Don’t worry; I got it on my iPod now. I’m listening to it now.


Uncle Luigi

He hit send. Luigi plugged in his earbuds and put them in his ears. He scrolled through his playlist looking for the song. When he found it, he hit play. “Can anybody find me somebody to love?” Freddie Mercury sang in his ears. It perfectly summed up his mood when he woke up, but as he listened to the song, instead of feeling sorry for himself, Luigi realized he had plenty of people to love… they were called “family.”
Tags: bernd, bingo ficcage, luigi, original ficcage
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