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Fandom Stocking fill (Ficcage)

Title: Study Buddies
Fandom: Hetalia
Characters: Alfred Jones (America)/Kiku Honda (Japan)
Word count: 621
Rating: Mature
Summary: Boyfriends and college roommates, Alfred and Kiku, go back to their dorm for a bit of fun…
Author’s notes: please note this is unbetaed so any mistakes are my own.

For kuuderella… Happy Holidays!

“Hey, Kiku, whatchya got there?” Alfred said as he came over to sit next to his boyfriend. Since they were in the university’s library, Alfred’s “indoor voice” earned him a lot of stares and shushing from their fellow students. He set his backpack down on the table with a loud thump, getting another round of shushing, which Alfred typically ignored.

Kiku sighed softly. He closed the book he was reading. “Hi, Alfred.” He handed his book to his boyfriend. “It’s the new manga I got.”

Alfred quickly thumbed through it. “Sweet!” He grinned.

Kiku nodded. “It’s pretty good.”


“Yeah.” Kiku held out his hand and Alfred returned the manga. He put it back in his backpack. “Are you ready for tomorrow’s calculus test?”

Alfred nodded. “It’ll be easy-peasy!”

Kiku grinned. “Good. And what about World History? Did you finish your paper?”

“I just need to type up my bibliography and I’m done. You finish your homework?”

“Yeah.” Kiku reached for his backpack and stood up. “Let’s go.”

Alfred grinned. He didn’t need to be told twice. Pushing back from the table, he stood up and grabbed his backpack. As much as he wanted to sling his arm around Kiku’s shoulders, he respected his boyfriend’s aversion to public displays of affection and followed him out of the library. A quick walk across campus and they were back in their dorm room. Alfred closed the door behind them, locking it.

Kiku put his backpack on his desk. He turned when Alfred came up behind him, and melted into his embrace. Tilting his face up, he met his boyfriend halfway for a kiss. When they came up for air, Alfred waggled his eyebrows at him and Kiku nodded.

They hurriedly undressed, leaving their clothes where they fell and stealing kisses. Alfred picked up his boyfriend and playfully dumped him on the bed. He pounced.

Kiku laughed as he wrapped his arms around his boyfriend. He nuzzled Alfred cheek and moaned softly when Alfred ground his hips against his. He bucked upwards as they both grew hard.

Alfred kissed his boyfriend long and hard. Breaking the kiss, he trailed a line of butterfly soft kisses across his jawline and down his neck to the hollow at the base of his throat. He nibbled on Kiku’s collar bone.

He writhed beneath his boyfriend, grinding his hops against Alfred’s. Kiku moaned as his boyfriend nibbled his left nipple. As he worried the tiny nub of flesh between his teeth, Kiku felt the little waves of pleasure run down his spine to pool deep within his cock. He was close to climaxing, but he hung on as best he could while his boyfriend kissed his way lower.

Alfred moved lower until he reached the “prize.” He kissed Kiku’s inner thighs, before engulfing his cock with his mouth. Kiku moaned as Alfred sucked him off. His head bobbing up and down, Alfred did all those things his boyfriend loved. Kiku’s breathing quickened. Unable to hold back any longer, he moaned and fisted the sheets as he climaxed hard. Alfred kept going, licking and sucking until Kiku’s breathing evened out. He sat up, swallowed, and using a mix of spit and spent fluids as a makeshift lube, he coated his cock with it. Pushing his boyfriend’s knees back, Alfred entered him.

He quickly developed his rhythm. Alfred loved hot tight Kiku was and he moaned as he moved closer and closer to his own orgasm. On and out, and in and out, Alfred pounded away until the pleasurable sensations became too much and he climaxed. He pulled out and they did a quick clean up, before getting back into bed. They cuddled together as they drifted off to sleep.
Tags: america, fan ficcage, fandom stocking, gift!fic, hetalia, japan, kuuderella
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