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Fandom Stocking fill (Ficcage)

Title: In the Townhouse
Fandom: Kuroshitsuji
Characters: Soma, Agni, mention of Lizzie, Paula, Edward, Ciel, Sebastian,
Word count: 713
Rating: G
Summary: Soma and Agni enjoy their Christmas presents…
Author’s notes: please note this is unbetaed so any mistakes are my own.

For COM with love… Happy Holidays!

Agni and Soma sat on the settee in front of the fire, wrapped in the warm cardigans Lizzie had given them, relaxing. They were reading the books Ciel had given them as gifts. Soma would occasionally reach over for one of the Christmas cookies Sebastian had made and ate it. The canaries, Agni had gotten him for Christmas, sang and flitted about their cages.

It had been a busy few days, giving out curry bread to the poor, attending Ciel’s Christmas party, and then one at Lizzie’s home. There was a church service with a Nativity play that Soma loved, a group of brave souls who sang Christmas carols in the park as the snow began to fall, a sleigh ride, good food to eat, and everything was carried on with all the pomp and circumstance of a royal Indian wedding. Now all they wanted to do was just sit and relax and do nothing.

Soma closed his book. “Agni?”

“Yes, my Prince?”

“While I’m enjoying these stories, and I especially loved the one about Rki Tiki Tavi the mongoose and his family, I wonder if this Mr. Kipling has ever been to India.”

“Oh?” Agni also closed his book.

Soma nodded. “Some things seem right, and some don’t.” He sighed.

“Aaah… Sadly, my Prince, I have no idea if the author has visited home or not, but maybe you should simply enjoy them for what are; stories.”

Soma thought it over. “You’re right; I should.” Soma ate another cookie, washing it down with a mouthful of lukewarm tea. “Agni?”


“Do you think we could go to Baker Street and look for Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson? I’d love to meet them!” Soma grinned.

Agni placed his hand over his heart. “If that is what my Prince desires, then so shall it be,” he said with a smile. “But I think it would be better if we waited for the weather to warm up a bit.” And maybe by then, you’ll realize they are just characters in a series of books and stories…

Soma finished his tea. “Yeah… Would you like more tea?”

Agni got up. “I’ll go make us some more, my Prince.”

“Thanks.” Soma also got up and followed him to kitchen, bringing the half empty plate of cookies with him. While Agni puttered around the kitchen, gathering what he needed to make tea, Soma added more cookies to the plate.

“Would you like some curried chicken for dinner, my Prince?” Agni said as he waited for the kettle to boil. “There’s some leftover chicken I can use and I can make you some rice pudding for dessert.”

“I’d like that, Agni.” Soma ate a cookie.

“I also was thinking, while they’re still in London we should invite Miss Lizzie and her girl, Miss Paula, to dinner.”

“Good idea. And maybe we can ask her brother Edward to come as well.”

Agni nodded in agreement. “I’ll send word to everyone to come tomorrow night for dinner, if that is okay with you, my Prince.” The kettle whistling, he switched off the stove and poured the hot water into the tea pot. He added some tea to it.

“It is, Agni.” Soma smiled. “Is there anything I can help you with?”

Agni also smiled, touched by his master’s generosity. “Thank you, my Prince.”

“You’re welcome.”

While the tea was brewing, they made plans for tomorrow’s dinner. When everything was settled, Agni carried the teapot back to the parlor. He refilled Soma’s cup, before sitting down and refilling his own. Picking up his book, he sipped his tea as he read.

Soma also sipped his tea in between eating cookies. He was now reading a story about a young mahout, that he liked very much, although the story about the little mongoose was still his favorite.

They whiled away the afternoon in typical fashion, by reading in front of the fire. After a while, Soma retired to his room for a nap, not that Agni minded. Now he was free to make dinner without the prince’s “help.” And if one day was pretty much like the next and the one before it, neither minded for there were visits and dinner parties and the like to add a little spice to their lives.
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