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Fandom Stocking fill (Ficcage)

Title: Who’s That Voice?
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Characters: Penelope Garcia, Derek Morgan, Spencer Reid, Dave Rossi, Aaron Hotchner
Word count: 812
Rating: PG 13 for mention of a violent crime
Summary: Garcia, while watching a Simpson’s video clip, hears a familiar voice, but can’t place it…
Author’s notes: please note this is unbetaed so any mistakes are my own.

For Lisa with love… Happy Holidays!

Garcia sat at her computer, surfing the net, as it was a rare moment at the bureau when they had no cases pending. She opened a new tab and began a search for puppy and kitten videos when something else caught her eye. “The Simpsons, hunh…” she said softly. Garcia clicked on the link. She spent several minutes chuckling at various clips as she randomly clicked through the offerings in the side bar.

She clicked on one called “Simpsons Mafia” and sat back to watch. It turned out to be a montage of clips about a character called “Fat Tony.” The first time he spoke, Garcia frowned. There was something about his voice that sounded vaguely familiar. She searched for other clips and watched them. It bothered her that she could not for the life of her place the voice. She paused the clip she had been watching and got up to make herself a cup of tea. On the way to the break room, Garcia spotted Morgan and Reid.

“Hey, guys, come’re!” she called out to them.

Derek moved closer to where she was standing on the second floor and looked up. Reid followed along.

“What’s the matter, Baby Girl?”

“Everything alright, Garcia?” Reid asked.

Garcia nodded. “You’ve got to come hear this!’ She turned and headed back to her office without waiting for a reply.

Reid and Morgan exchanged glances. Reid shrugged at his friend and colleague’s unspoken question. The two of them hurried after her. They found her sitting at her desk.

Without taking her eyes off her monitor, Garcia said, “Listen and tell me what you think.” She clicked play.
Fat Tony said, “It's funny because it's true.”

Derek grinned. “I didn’t know you liked The Simpsons.”

She shushed him. “Listen.” Garcia replayed the clip. When it finished, she said, “Sound familiar?”

Reid nodded. “He does, but I have no idea who it is. Morgan?”

“I’m with Reid, he sounds familiar, but I can’t place the voice. Sorry, I can’t be of more help.”

“It’s okay.” Garcia sighed softly. “Thanks.”

Dave Rossi poked his head in her office. “Maybe I can help?”

“Ummm…” Garcia’s eyes went wide. “Ummm… okay.” She played the clip again.

Rossi laughed. “Nice parody of a bad Italian stereotype. What’s the problem, Garcia?”

“We,” she paused to compose herself. “Well, that guy sounds familiar and we can’t place the voice.”

“Yeah? Let me hear it again.”

Garcia played the clip again.

“He sounds a bit like my Uncle Louie,” Rossi said. “What does Google have to say?” he said in a voice reminiscent of his uncle’s not that his colleagues would know that.

Garcia blinked. No, it couldn’t be… “Google… That’s too easy.” She laughed and she Googled it anyway. Everyone peered over her shoulder at the result.

“Joe Mantenga…” Rossi said. “He’s a good actor; I liked him in The Godfather III. I had no idea he was in The Simpsons.” He grinned. “So do we have a case or what?”

“Nothing yet, sir,” Garcia said. “Which is a good thing, hunh?”

Rossi nodded. “Yup.”

Two hours later when a case came in, Aaron Hotchner found Rossi in his office, chuckling softly to himself while sitting in front of his computer. “We have a case.”

Rossi hit pause on the video clip, he was watching. “Yeah?”

Aaron nodded. He started to leave, but stopped. “If you don’t mind me asking, Dave, what’s so funny?”

Rossi grinned. “The Simpsons. There’s a character on there, who sounds a bit like my late uncle.” He closed his laptop and stood up to leave.


“Yeah, he’s called ‘Fat Tony’ and he’s voiced by Joe Mantenga…” Rossi said as they left the office. “You should watch it. I think you’d like it, Hotch.”


Rossi nodded. “Now, what’s this case about?”

“Garcia has the details,” Hotch began, finishing up as they entered the briefing room.

They sat and Garcia filled in the blanks. It was a routine case in Florida, a series of gruesome murders in a touristy town near the beach.

“Wheels up in thirty,” Hotch said at the end of the briefing.

The mystery of the familiar voice, forgotten, everyone went about getting ready to go. Rossi hung back and walked over to Garcia. “Can you do me a favor?” He smiled.

“Sure, what is it?”

Eyes twinkling with amusement, Rossi said with mock seriousness, “Can you finish watching that ‘Simpsons’ episode for me? I’d like to know what happens to Fat Tony. There’s only ten minutes or so left.”

She laughed, appreciating his attempt at making her feel better. “You got it, sir.”


“No, thank you, sir.”

As they walked to his office, Rossi filled her in on what was going on so far. He left her sitting at his desk, watching the end of the show. He smiled when he heard her laughter.
Tags: criminal minds, fan ficcage, fandom stocking, garcia, gift!fic, hotch, morgan, reid, rossi, vexed
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