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Fandom Stocking fill (Ficcage)

Title: Hanukah Fairies
Fandom: Original
Characters: Bernd, Amber, Mishka, mention of Greta, Vati, the kids
Word count: 846
Rating: PG 13 for implied naughtiness
Summary: Mishka and Amber make Bernd a Hanukah treat…
Author’s notes: please note this is unbetaed so any mistakes are my own. Please also note that Amber and Mishka (Greta too) belong to her.

For Kat with love… Happy Holidays!

“Hey, Amber, got a minute?” Mishka said as she drained the pasta. She poured the dreidel and Star of David shaped noodles back into the pot.

“Sure,” Amber said. She finished her tea and got up from the kitchen table. Amber walked over to her girlfriend, who stood by the stove. “What do you need?”

“Your recipe for that mac and cheese Bernd likes. My mother sent me a couple of bags of ‘Hanukah pasta’ for that nice ‘Jewish’ boy.” Mishka grinned. “All I know how to make is the stuff in the little blue box.”

“Watch and learn,” Amber teased as she bustled about the kitchen, making the cheese sauce, while Mishka helped her when needed and made metal notes. A few minutes later, Amber stirred the pasta into the sauce while Mishka added some blue food coloring.

“I hope he’ll eat it, if not; more for us!” Mishka said. She grinned. Amber’s mac and cheese recipe was as tasty as it was easy to make and Bernd was not the only in the house fond of it.

Amber chuckled. “Yeah, but he should. He ate the Halloween pasta,” she said, referring to the “blackaroni and cheese” she had made.

“That’s true. I wish I could have seen it.”

“It was priceless.” Amber grinned. “The good thing is he’s gotten better about eating non-white food now.”

“Yeah.” Mishka divided the mac and cheese into three bowls. “We should do this ‘Bernd-style’.” She smirked.

“And that is?”

“We should wear those menorah headbands he got us.” Mishka got out a tray and put the bowls of mac and cheese on it along with a couple of forks and some napkins. “And make a big deal out of it.”

Amber laughed. “Yeah!” She was in a silly mood and with no kids in the house, as they were out with Greta and Vati, she decided to give into it. Her only regret was Greta was not here to join in the fun. “Should we put on those silly sweaters he got us?”

Mishka thought it over. “It might be overkill.”

Amber shrugged. “Okay. I’ll go get the headbands.”

“Hurry back!”


Minutes later, they were on their way to the den, where Bernd was watching one of the anime DVDs he got for Christmas. They were quite the sight, in their headbands and the butterfly wings Amber grabbed from the playroom. They started singing the dreidel song as they entered. “Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel… I made it out of clay… And when it’s dry and ready… Oh dreidel I shall play…”

Bernd paused his DVD and looked over at them. He did not know whether to laugh or not at them, so he wound up grimacing and smirking at them as he desperate tried keeping his laughter in. “Uh…?”

“We’re Hanukah fairies,” Amber said with mock seriousness.

“Yeah!” Mishka added.

“Oh-kay… And?” Bernd watched as they walked over to stand in front of him

“We brought a Hanukah treat for you,” Mishka said as she set the tray on the coffee table.

“And if you’re good and eat it all up…” Amber cupped her large breasts. “We’ll let you play with our dreidels.” She looked at Mishka, who nodded, and back at Bernd.

“Yeah?” He grinned.

“Yup!” they chorused.

“Okay, what am I eating?” Bernd smirked.

“This.” Mishka handed him a bowl of blue mac and cheese. She handed one to Amber and took the last one, before sitting down next to her.

“It’s blue…” Bernd frowned as he looked at the bowl.

“And it’s good,” Amber said between bites.

Mishka nodded and took a bite. It really was as good as it looked. She looked up to see Bernd, shoveling it in, and chuckled at how willing he was to do something if there was sex involved. “Take human bites,” she teased.

Bernd looked up at her and smiled. He slowed down enough to savor the taste of the mac and cheese. “It’s really good.”

“It’s Amber’s recipe.” Mishka finished her mac and cheese.


“So eat up!”Amber said. She ate her last bite and put her bowl on the tray.

“Yes, ma’am!” Bernd quickly finished his.

The girls got up. Amber walked over to her husband. She leaned over and said, “Be a good boy and clean up, and we’ll meet you downstairs.”

He reached up and fondled her breasts. “Okay.”

Amber took Mishka by the hand and left the room. She whispered something to her girlfriend as they hurried to her room.

Bernd switched off the TV. He picked up the tray and carried it to the kitchen. He took his time tidying up; to give his wife and girlfriend time to do whatever it was they had planned for him. When he was finished, he slowly made his way downstairs to Amber’s room. Opening the door, he found them sitting on the bed, wearing nothing more than their headbands and wings. Shutting the door behind him, Bernd quickly got naked as this visit from the Hanukah fairies promised to be a lot of fun.
Tags: amber, bernd, fandom stocking, fritz, gift!fic, greta, kat, maria, minky, original ficcage, vati
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