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the Duchess of Crack! and the Queen of Fluff

30 day challenge: day 1

I saw this in Kat's journal & I decided to give it a try. XD

Tell some basic things about myself.

Well, I really don't like to talk about myself. I'll give you lil tidbits as a way of sharing your pain, but as most of you know, I very rarely post about what I'm doing or have done. XD I like to write & do art. I like to read and I like like fluffy things like bunnies, puppies, kittens, lambs. I like birds and fish & I have a pet parakeet, Ban (aka Chicken Nugget), who's an old man, he'll be 10 in December, not bad for a bird who's been over bred for the pet trade to the point where cancer is very common. I also have a cockatiel, Gilbird (aka Gilbee) who's sick at the moment. T.T I also have a tankful of pretty guppies. :D

I'm short & fat & I wear black a lot, but I do like to wear other colors too. I NEVER go anywhere without putting on eyeliner. I want to get a dog , but no one in my family can figure out what kind to get. XD At this point, I want to go get a pound puppy. XD My sister's transgender & I sometimes call her by the wrong pronoun. *face palms* That's mostly cuz I had a brother for most of my life & old habits are hard to break.

And I'm terrified of small dark places & being underground or in caves. XD I think it's cuz I'm terrified of being buried alive.I wonder if that's cuz I was buried alive in a previous life. XD

I like anime & manga, but not as much as I used. *sighs* And I like a variety of music, from Jpop to do wop, metal to Mozart, Indian music & other music from far away lands. :D

My fave anime characters are Prussia & Soma.:D

It also makes me sad when no one on my Flist, with a few exceptions reads my crappu & comments on it. It's not all fan ficcage. XD

And wow... I actually did come up with a lot of stuff about me. o.0
Tags: 30 day challenge, day 1
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