the Duchess of Crack! and the Queen of Fluff (kiramaru7) wrote,
the Duchess of Crack! and the Queen of Fluff

30 day challenge day 20

Today's challenge is name all the concerts I've been too. I doubt I can remember them all, but I'll try. XD

In no particular order... Bob Weir's Rat Dog, Dark Star Orchestra, Dead & Company, Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, Scorpions, The British Invasion (a band that started out covering the Beatles in EPCOT & expanded to include anyone at the time coming across the pond), Cinderella, Phil Lesh & Friends, Epica, The Agonist, The Golden Gate Wingmen, & that's all I can name off the top of my head. I have seen several of them more than once & I'm going to see DSO in May & Phil Lesh in a week or two (I have to check my ticket XD). I like all kinds of music & going to Concerts.
Tags: 30 day challenge, day 20
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