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Cross-posted from Faerie Wish

Title: The Sacrifice
Fandom: Original
Author: kira
Rating: Adult
Character(s): The Lord of the Forest, the Girl
Genre: fantasy
Warnings: none
Words: 1050
Written for the prompt(s): New Year
Beta: kat
Summary: The Lord of the Forest accepts his yearly sacrifice…
Author’s notes: Special thanks to kat for pinking this for me.

The unicorn, a beautiful ethereal creature bathed in moonlight, stood there and calmly looked in her direction. The girl felt her breath hitch in her throat at its beauty. She was a virgin sacrifice, a gift to the gods, a plea for the coming New Year to be a good one. With trembling fingers, she loosened the laces that held her cloak closed. She shivered in the cold as she let it drop to her feet and took a step forward, her feet making a soft crunch in the snow.

The unicorn shook his head and pawed at the snow. His breath came out in puffs of smoke and the girl watched, fascinated. He was the Lord of the Forest, a powerful god, who held their lives in the palm of his hand, despite having no hands. The unicorn snorted, startling the girl, and shook his head again.

The girl held out her hands. She was frightened, but she had to get him to accept her. She stepped forward again. Her heart racing and her breathing quickening, she swallowed and made her way towards him. She paused when the unicorn approached. Her hands trembling, she reached out and touched his velvety soft nose. The girl giggled as his breath tickled her palm. She gently patted the unicorn’s neck and moved her hand over his body. He felt just like one of her father’s horses and she relaxed.

The girl put her arms around his neck and sighed. The unicorn whickered softly, signaling his acceptance of the girl. Stepping back from him, the girl loosened the ties on her bodice. She pushed it down off her shoulders and past her hips until she stood there, naked in the snow. The girl shivered as she climbed on his back.

The unicorn took a step forward, his hooves making soft crunching noises in the snow. Moving past the trees, he became trotting in the snow. The girl on his back hugged him tightly with her knees, her hands fisting his long flowing mane. She moved with him, unafraid when he went into a gallop. He liked this one with her long blonde hair and blue eyes. She was neither too fat nor too thin and though shy, he could tell she had been well coached in her role as his “bride.”

The unicorn raced across the snow to his bower. He could tell she was ready to be his by the soft mewling sounds she made. This one was special and he wondered when he got her with child if she would bear him a son, who would take his place in the coming years. All the others had born him only daughters. Reaching his bower, the girl slipped from his back. She hugged his neck again and stepped back, uncertain of what to do next. The unicorn shook his head and as he turned to face her, the girl noticed his horn had shrunk to a mere bump on his forehead. It was barely visible under his forelock. He moved towards her and nuzzled her breasts. She giggled.

The girl covered her breasts as he moved lower, blowing his warm horsey breath on her naked body. When he nuzzled the soft tangle of curls above her thighs, she parted them. She closed her eyes as she fell backwards onto the snow. Instead of being cold, it was soft and warm like a princess’ featherbed and the girl sighed. She opened her legs, the desire she felt for him making her bold. The girl let out a soft little cry of pleasure when the unicorn nosed her most intimate of places. She wanted him and now. Reaching out, she held the unicorn’s head in her hands, and leaning in, she covered his velvety soft nose with kisses.

The girl wondered what it would feel like when he took her maidenhead. Would he mount her like a mare or lie with her like a man? When she leaned in to kiss him again, he worked his magic and it was now a beautiful young man she was kissing. With a sharp little cry of pain, he entered her and the maiden became a woman. He took her again and again that night, filling her with his seed. When the morning came, the girl was found, wearing nothing but her cloak. Her face streaked with tears, she told the villagers, who had found her, about the unicorn and the beautiful young man he had become, and how he had taken her maidenhead and pleasured her all night long. She told them how in the morning he was gone, leaving her wrapped in her cloak.

The unicorn worked his magic as the Lord of the Forest and as the girl’s belly grew big with child, so the villagers’ fields filled with their bounty. On the day of the harvest, the girl’s pains began and she cried for the unicorn and the beautiful young man. Sometimes she simply cried for her lost maidenhood and at midnight, when the day ended and a new one began, she finally birthed a baby boy. He was perfect in every way, except for a small bump on his forehead. He cried loudly as one of the midwives washed him, quieting down only when the girl put him to her breast. She suckled him, counting his fingers and toes. Holding him close, she shooed the women out of her home with a wave of her hand. As they left, it was said that he came, the Lord of the Forest in all his glory.

The unicorn walked into the girl’s home, treading lightly as he made his way to her bed. There, lying next to her was his son, the next Lord of the Forest. He whickered softly at the unicorn foal that suckled from her. Spitting out her breast, the foal got up and left her bed. He whinnied softly to his mother. She opened her eyes and smiled at father and son. Sighing softly, she died as father and son left the room. They headed out in the moonlight to the forest. This winter would be the unicorn’s last, not that he cared as he now had a son to take his place as the new Lord of the forest.


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Mar. 9th, 2017 06:23 am (UTC)
That poor girl. :(
Mar. 9th, 2017 08:35 pm (UTC)
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