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Bingo 2: Wild Strawberries

Title: Wild Strawberries
Prompt: wild strawberry
Fandom: original
Characters: Bernd, Blitzkrieg, Wolfgang, and mention of Amber
Word count: 842
Rating: G
Summary: Bernd finds some wild strawberries…
Author’s note: Thanks to my beta Kat for pinking this. Please note that Amber belongs to her.

Bernd led his horse, Blitzkrieg, out of the stable. The big black Friesian flicked his ears at a buzzing fly. He wanted to shake his head, but his young master held tightly onto his bridle. They paused and Blitzkrieg finally got his chance when they paused and Bernd gathered the reins in his hand. Sticking his left foot in the stirrup, he mounted his horse, his messenger bag with a book inside banging against his leg. After he settled himself in the saddle, Bernd gently touched his heels to Blitzkrieg’s sides. “Let’s go,” he said softly.

Blitzkrieg broke into a trot as they left the stable behind them. They were on their way to Bernd’s favorite reading spot, a small meadow on the edge of the property. There was a creek running through it. Depending on the time of day, Bernd occasionally saw deer, but mostly it was squirrels and birds coming for a drink. The birds used to stay for a quick bath. He also saw rabbits and once when he was walking through the meadow to get Blitzkrieg for the ride home, he found a nest of baby bunnies. While he never managed to find another nest, Bernd often saw half grown rabbits munching on clover. As much as he longed to get close enough to pet them, the bunnies inevitably noticed him, sending them scurrying for cover.

This time, instead of finding bunnies or cool looking bugs, Bernd found something even better. While trying to find a place to sit and read his book, he had stumbled upon a patch of wild strawberries. Some were in various states of being eaten, but he did manage to find a handful that was untouched. Bernd popped one in his mouth. It tasted better than the ones Vati got in the store, sweet and juicy, and just like summer in his humble opinion.

Finishing his handful of strawberries, Bernd wiped his hands on his pants. He headed over to the shade of a large oak tree and sat down to read. He took his messenger bag off and opened it. He fished around inside for his book and got comfortable. While his horse Blitzkrieg grazed on meadow grass, Bernd read. Every so often, he would pause in his reading to check on Blitzkrieg and make sure he had not wandered off. When sun got too hot, Bernd decided he had done enough reading for the day. He put his book away and whistled for Blitzkrieg. The big black Friesian picked up his head and whinnied. Bernd slipped the strap of his messenger bag over his head as he walked over to his horse.

Gathering the reins, Bernd swung himself into the saddle. “Let’s go home.” He urged Blitzkrieg forward with a gentle nudge of his heels. The horse walked slowly through the meadow, breaking into a trot as they neared the stable. As soon as they were close enough, Bernd dismounted. He led his horse into the stable and removed his saddle and bridle, before putting on his halter. Bernd attached a lead to the halter and led Blitzkrieg out to the paddock, turning him loose. He went back into the stable and put away his horse’s tack.

Bernd left the stable and headed home. With a bit of luck, he would be back in time for lunch. He entered the mudroom, kicked off his sneakers, walked into the kitchen. “Hey, Vati!” Bernd said as he headed over to where his father stood at the sink, washing dishes. “Any lunch left?”

Wolfgang mentally shook his head at his eldest. “There’s some chicken salad in the fridge and what’s left of the strawberries for dessert.”

Danke!” Bernd walked over to the fridge to take out the chicken salad and strawberries. He set about making himself a chicken salad sandwich and a glass of milk to wash it down with. He ate it quickly, as he was looking forward to the strawberries. Bernd finished his milk and reached for the bowl of strawberries. He picked one of the bigger ones and bit into it. While it was good, Bernd was surprised that it was not as good as its smaller wild “cousins.” He ate it anyway and helped himself to another one. That one was better, but it was still not as tasty as the ones he found in the meadow. It took several more strawberries, before Bernd decided his “secret stash” was far superior to the ones his father got at the farmers’ market. He was about to tell him that too, when he decided to keep quiet. If “everyone” knew about his stash, they would eat it all and then there would be nothing left for him to enjoy on those lazy afternoons. When he got up to clean up after himself, Bernd decided he could trust Amber with the secret. With that in mind, Bernd imagined her delight as he washed his lunch dishes. As put everything away, he made a plan to take her there next time she came over.


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May. 2nd, 2017 07:20 pm (UTC)
Wild strawberries are always best
May. 3rd, 2017 02:25 am (UTC)
Yeah! :D
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