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Bingo 5: Frog Wheat

Title: Frog Wheat
Prompt: asparagus
Fandom: original
Characters: Amber, Fritz, mention of Bernd & Wolfgang
Word count: 312
Rating: G
Summary: Fritz and Amber talk about the asparagus, she’s making for dinner…
Author’s note: Thanks to my beta Kat for pinking this. Please note that Amber belongs to her.

“Hey, Mutti, whatchya making?” Fritz looked up at his mother as she stood next to the kitchen counter. She was breaking the ends off some asparagus, but the four year old had no idea why she was doing that. He waited patiently for her to notice him.

Amber paused to look at her son. “I’m making asparagus, Fiete.”

“Oh…” Fritz thought about it for a moment. “Vati doesn’t like frog wheat.”

His mother sighed. “I have some of the white kind he likes.”

Fritz nodded. “Opa likes that kind too. How come they don’t like green one?”

“Well, Opa only ever ate the white kind and Vati just… Vati just likes to eat white things.” Amber mentally shook her head at Bernd’s pickiness when it came to food.

“Yeah? I thought Vati liked it cuz it doesn’t taste like frogs.”


Vati likes white frog wheat cuz it doesn’t taste like frogs. That’s why Vati calls it that.” Fritz looked up at his mother with all the seriousness a four year old could muster.

Amber could not help chuckling. “Your Vati’s very silly.”

“Yeah!” Fritz laughed.

“So what kind of asparagus, I mean frog wheat, do you like?” Amber smiled.

Fritz scrunched up his face and put his finger on his lips as he thought it over. The way his mother made it, both kinds of asparagus were good. He also knew his mother liked green, while everyone else liked the white kind.

Amber thought he looked adorable as he thought it over. She could “smell the wood burning” in the same way she teased Bernd about. While she waited for her son’s answer, she finished breaking the ends off the asparagus and put them in the pot to cook. “Well?”

“I think I like both like you do, Mutti.”

“Yeah?” She wiped her hands and ruffled Fritz’s hair.

“Yup!” Fritz grinned.
Tags: all bingo, amber, bernd, bingo, bingo ficcage, fritz, wolfgang
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