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Bingo 9: Taking Care of Baby

Title: Taking Care of Baby
Prompt: Fresh Air
Fandom: Original
Characters: Amber, Bernd, James, Greta, Wolfgang, and baby Fritz
Word count: 2312
Rating: G
Summary: Fritz has diaper rash and Amber is a bit hesitant about leaving him with Bernd and her twin brother James…
Author’s note: Thanks to my beta Kat for pinking this. Please note that Amber, Greta, and James belong to her.

“You think you two Numbnuts will be okay for a couple of hours?” Amber said to Bernd and her twin brother James. “I fed Fiete,” she said, calling Fritz by her pet name for him, “and changed him and put him down for a nap, so all you two need to do is listen to the baby monitor. And yes, Bernd, you can listen to it and still play video games. And-” She was about to say more, when Greta interrupted her.

“Yes, you can take Fiete to the park if he wakes up, but after you take care of him, okay? And if you have any questions, ask the Old Man,” Greta said, referring to Bernd’s father. “Let’s go, Amber, the movie’s going to be over by the time we get there.” She tugged on her girlfriend’s arm.

“Okay. Bernd, don’t forget the teething ring’s in the freezer. Oh, and one last thing, if you do take Fiete to the park, the diaper bag’s in the mudroom and there’s bottles in the fridge. Don’t forget to heat the milk up before you leave.”

“Got it. Now go have fun with Greta at the movies. James and I have this all under control.” Bernd grinned at her.

Amber sighed. “That’s what I’m afraid of.”

“But I’m not, so let’s go.” Greta started walking out the mudroom’s door, dragging Amber by the arm behind her. Everyone knew Amber needed to get out of the house without the baby, including Amber herself, but she was reluctant to leave her infant son behind, especially with his father and her twin. Greta decided a bit of tough love was needed. After convincing Amber that going out for a bit without the baby was good for the two of them, she made sure to read Bernd the riot act about looking after their son while Amber was in earshot. Besides, Greta knew if anything were to come up that Bernd found overwhelming, Wolfgang was home to take over. She also knew if they went to the park, the old man would tag along to make sure nothing happened.

With a reassuring smile, Greta got into her car and drove off, after Amber got in. She was determined to give her girlfriend a good rest from motherhood, if only for a few hours, by taking her to the movies. The Cineplex at the mall had recently installed reclining seats, and if Amber fell asleep watching the movie, that was good too.

Bernd and James watched them drive off. He did not know what the big deal was, he was the one who got up at night to feed Fritz and take care of him. So the baby had a bit of diaper rash, all he needed to do was remember to put the ointment on and everything would be okay. He looked at his friend and said, “Wanna go play video games?”


The two of them went into the den and set up the Wii. James popped in “Mario Kart Wii” and they each grabbed a controller. After picking a character, they began to play. They were on their fourth race when they heard Fritz crying,

“That was a short nap,” James said as he coasted to an easy victory.

“Yeah!” Bernd said. “But the poor lil guy’s teething and he’s got really bad diaper rash and he wakes up as soon as he dirties a diaper.” He got up to go look after the baby. “I’ll be right back.”

“Okay,” James said as he watched him go.

Bernd entered the kitchen on his way downstairs to the nursery. His father sat the kitchen table, enjoying a cup of coffee as he read the newspaper. Bernd paused. “Hey, Vati? Can you heat up a bottle for me, while I go downstairs to get Fritz?”

“Okay.” Wolfgang set the newspaper down and got up to heat a bottle for his grandson while his son went downstairs. Eschewing the bottle warmer for an old fashioned pot of hot water on the stove, Wolfgang went to get a bottle from the fridge.

While his father was busy in the kitchen, Bernd went downstairs to take care of his son. He picked up Fritz, who was crying his heart out, and carried him over to the changing table. He gently laid the baby down, before reaching for a clean diaper. Bernd had changed his fair share of diapers, so this was no big deal, but the sight of Fritz’s red, little bottom made him pause. He made soft, soothing sounds as he wiped it, but Fritz was having none of that. He wiggled and howled, his face scrunched up and just as red as his butt. “It’s okay, Baby,” Bernd soothed.

Wolfgang brought the bottle downstairs and James came with him. “Here,” he said, handing James the bottle. “Let me see, Bernd.” He spoke to his grandson in German as he showed his son how to gently, but quickly, wipe the baby’s bottom. “You know I don’t tell you and Amber what to do, but Didi was like this and you too, and I learned from your Mutti and the doctor how to help. First you should use a wash cloth to clean him with warm water and you need to carefully dry him off like this,” Wolfgang explained as he showed his son what to do. “Your Mutti also used to keep your diaper off whenever your butt got red.” Wolfgang swaddled Fritz in a blanket, without his diaper on, and sat in the rocker. He opened the blanket on the bottom. “Give me the bottle, Bernd.”

Much to Bernd’s and James’ amazement, Fritz settled down. He was not particularly hungry, having woken because the dirty diaper was irritating his delicate skin. The air on his bottom felt good and he kicked happily.

“Let’s bring him upstairs and let him play on the floor,” Wolfgang said as he burped the baby.

“Okay, but doesn’t he need a diaper up there?” James said.

“If you give him to me, I’ll diaper him, Vati,” Bernd added as he grabbed a clean diaper, the diaper rash ointment, and the baby powder.

Nein. He’s fine as is. You can bring a diaper and the rash ointment, but it’s better to just let him air out.” Wolfgang smiled. He found it hard to keep from laughing as his son and “adopted” son exchanged glances. “Just grab a clean crib pad and a towel from the bathroom. Leaving his bottom exposed to the air as much as possible works. And when you do put his diaper back on make sure you put on a thick layer of the ointment. It’ll clear up in a few days, you’ll see.”

Up in the den, they made a “bed” on the floor for Fritz to lie on from the crib pad and towel. Wolfgang laid him down on his stomach, before settling back on the sofa with his book. Bernd and James went back to the video game. Everyone kept an eye on Fritz, who slept peacefully, despite the noise his father and uncle were making.

Amber and Greta arrived home a few hours later. Even though Amber had nodded off a few times during the movie, she still had a great time and was happy Greta insisted she take time off from “mommy duty.” Feeling rejuvenated, she and Greta went downstairs to check on the baby.

They entered the nursery and were surprised to see the crib empty. The house was relatively quiet and Amber was sure that if Fritz was awake, he would be crying his head off. “I guess Bernd and James really do have things under control,” she said to Greta, both suspicious and perplexed.

“Amazing, isn’t it?”

The two of them went back upstairs to check the den. There they found Bernd and James playing video games and Wolfgang calmly reading. “Ummm…” Amber said when she saw the baby. She went over to him, surprised he was sound asleep. She wondered what sort of idiocy went on that had Fritz diaper-less. And yet, leaving the baby with their diaper off for as much as possible when dealing with a bad case of diaper rash was exactly what she had found in her “research” on what to do for it.

“Hey, Amber,” Bernd said. He scooted over to her. “He woke up a lil bit after you left, and I went to change him, but Vati said to leave his diaper off cuz of the rash.”

“And no more baby powder,” James added.

“I told Bernd no more baby powder while he has the rash.” Amber quietly wondered if anyone in the house actually listened to her.

“When Bernd was little, he’d get a rash too, and Angela used to leave his diaper off as much as she could until it healed. I used to do it with Didi too and it really works.” Wolfgang smiled. “Something in the air does it.”

Vati says we should stop with the baby wipes too until he’s better,” Bernd said.

Amber arched her eyebrow at them. She hated being told what to do, especially where Fritz was concerned, mostly because it felt like she was being treated like an idiot with about as much sense as a potato, but she knew Bernd’s father meant well. “That’s why there is a stack of extra soft wash cloths by the sink in the basement bathroom.” Bernd knew all about them too and she wondered why he was using the baby wipes in the first place when she had told him not to. Why is it you never pay attention, Bernd, when I tell you something important…?

Wolfgang marked his place in his book and set it aside. “Now that you’re back, I need to run up to the store. I’ll see you later.” He got up to leave.

“Hey, Old Man,” Greta said. “You want some company?” She wanted to get him alone to find out what went on while she was out with Amber.


Amber sighed as they left the room. She rolled her eyes at Bernd, who put his arm around her. “He’ll be fine, Amber.”

“I know.”

“And it really works. I googled it, when I went to get another game from my room.”

That made Amber laugh. “You didn’t!” She felt a bit better, hearing that. In theory, she knew that Bernd was just as concerned about taking care of their son properly as she was, but it was nice to get it confirmed. Sometimes, it felt like she was doing all the fretting and research, while Bernd was just taking orders.

“He did,” James said as he stood up. “I went upstairs to find out what was taking him so long and there he was, with a bunch of ‘mommy sites’ open and everyone said to do what Vati said.”

“You could always call the pediatrician if you don’t believe me,” Bernd said.

Amber gave him a look. She had issues with doctors in general, not that she would ever deny her son medical care, but she was not going to bug the pediatrician unnecessarily either. Besides, they did have Vati. “Fiete looks like he’s finally sleeping peacefully.” She smiled. “And his butt looks kind of cute all pink and rosy and up in the air.” She leaned on Bernd and said softly, “Kind of like the other night when I was playing with his daddy’s.”

“Yeah…” Bernd said as memories of that night danced in his head.

James, who heard their exchange, said, “I think it’s time for me to go. Later, kids!” He got up. “Don’t worry about seeing me out.”

“We won’t, Numbnuts,” Amber said. She leaned in to kiss Bernd, when Fritz woke up. She and Bernd exchanged glances. “Oh well, maybe later.”

“Yeah.” Bernd picked up his son while Amber got up and sat on the sofa. He handed the baby to her, after she finished unbuttoning her shirt. Amber liked the skin to skin contact while she nursed him. Fritz looked like he liked it as well because he nursed hungrily from her, something he had not done since before his rash. When he was finished suckling, Amber let him lie on her stomach with his head pillowed on her breast. She stroked his cheek with the back of her finger and Fritz cooed. “Who’s Mutti’s little angel…” she said softly. “And a little devil too?”

“Hunh?” Bernd said.

“Fiete’s an angel, because he’s well, Fiete… and a little devil because he just peed all over me.”

Bernd chuckled and handed her the towel from the floor. “At least he’s not crying.” He picked up Fritz and held him close.

“Yeah…” Amber said as she cleaned herself up. “I’d better go change, before Vati gets back.”

“We’ll be here.” Bernd swaddled the baby and watched her go. When Amber came back, he said, “I think he went back to sleep. Should we put him back in his crib without his diaper?”

“Why don’t we let him sleep in the bed you guys made for him on the floor?” Amber went over fussed with the towel and blanket covering the crib pad. “Take the blanket off him, Bernd.”

Bernd did as he was told. He laid the baby down on his stomach and Amber patted Fritz’s back to settle him. Once they certain he would be okay on the floor; they sat down on the sofa to watched TV. However, they found themselves more interested in watching their infant son sleep.

“You did good,” Amber said softly. She reached over and gave Bernd’s thigh a little squeeze.

“Yeah?” Bernd grinned.

“Yeah.” She gave him her best cheeky grin. “I’m surprised,” she leaned in and kissed his cheek, “but I knew you could do it.”

Danke…” Bernd kissed her back.


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May. 2nd, 2017 06:53 pm (UTC)
Bernd did good, though I doubt Amber will stop worrying any time soon.
May. 3rd, 2017 01:49 am (UTC)
Yeah. XD It is a mom's job to worry. plus Bernd has had moments where he's had trouble taking care of himself, so she's completely justified in worrying.
May. 7th, 2017 05:04 pm (UTC)
Yeah XD
May. 7th, 2017 06:01 pm (UTC)
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