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Summer Prompts; Bingo 1

Title: Refuge from the Storm
Fandom: Original
Prompt: Summer Storm
Medium: Fic
Size: 1692 words
Rating: PG 13
Warnings: young love, nudity
Summary/Preview: Bernd and Amber take refuge in the stable during a summer storm…
Author’s note: Please note that Amber belongs to Kat; I’m just borrowing her for this fic.

They were out riding Blitzkrieg, enjoying their first day of summer vacation, when a sudden storm blew in. The sky grew dark and the heavens opened up, pelting them with rain. By the time they reached the stable, Bernd and Amber were soaked to the skin.

Bernd got his horse dried off and settled in his stall, while Amber went to get a blanket from the tack room. Outside, the wind whipped up, blowing the rain against the stable. It was relentless and Bernd hurried to the stable door. He looked out at the pouring rain and shivered in the stable’s the cool interior.

Amber returned with a couple of blankets. “Can we make it back to the house? It’s not like we’re not already wet.”

“It’s really coming down. I think we should stay put until it eases up a bit.” Bernd turned and walked over to her. As if to underscore his words, there was the loud crack of thunder. Blitzkrieg whinnied nervously. “It’s okay, boy,” Bernd said to his horse. He hurried over to him and when the big black Friesian stuck his head out of his stall’s door, Bernd rubbed his nose. “I’m staying here.”

Amber knew there would be no reasoning with him where his horse was concerned. “Then we should get out of these wet clothes before one of us gets sick.” While it was a bit damp and chilly in the stable, Amber felt more refreshed than cold. She could see Bernd shivering and knew he would stay in his wet jeans and t-shirt as long as his horse needed. “You’ll feel better and I think there’s some blankets in the tack room.”

He looked over at her.

Amber rolled her eyes. “I’ll get naked too.” At fourteen and an early bloomer, she was not that comfortable getting undressed around him, though she did share his enthusiasm for the naked female form. It was being that naked female form that made her wish she did not have to disrobe too. She sighed.

“Okay.” Bernd grinned. He gave Blitzkrieg a final pat on the nose and came over to where she sat on the bales of hay in an empty stall. He took his shoes off, before taking off his shirt and hanging it over the stall door, followed by his jeans and underwear.

Amber snickered at him as he stood there, dressed in his shoes and socks, his skinny frame shivering. She tossed one of the blankets at him and he caught it. Ignoring him for the moment, Amber got up as Bernd wrapped the blanket around himself. Telling herself it was no big deal, she pulled her wet t-shirt up over her head. It was followed by her jeans. She hung them up on the hay rack. Ignoring Bernd’s expectant looks, she finished getting undressed. Amber turned to give him a quick eyeful, forestalling any whining about “I showed you mine, now let me see yours.” She hurriedly wrapped the blanket around herself like a sarong and sat down.

Bernd sat down next to her. Leaning against Amber, he smiled at her soft nervous laughter, which he took to be chuckling. He wished he could touch her boobs and figure out how to make her squirm like that girl in the late night movie. Bernd knew better than to suggest it. So he contented himself with the mental image he had of her in all her naked glory. That led to thoughts of her riding Blitzkrieg bareback naked. He wondered if he could talk her into it next time they went to their favorite spot, a secluded area with a creek on the property where he went skinny dipping with Amber’s twin brother, James, the other day.

Amber could just imagine what was going through his head as the summer storm raged on. Despite his best efforts to hide it, she caught a glimpse of his growing desire for her. “If you think I’m touching that thing…” she warned.

“No!” Bernd sat up. His face felt like it was on fire; he was so mortified at being caught mid-fantasy. Luckily, it was enough to cool his ardor.

“Good, and don’t think you can play with it here either.” She rolled her eyes. She had seen him do it a few times before, as well as stroked it for him, but Amber viewed it as curiosity at best. If he was a girl, she might have been more receptive. Unfortunately, he was not, and besides, there was always the possibility his father could find them together. It was bad enough they were naked, without throwing “getting up to no good” into the mix.

“Okay, okay!!” Bernd said, not that he wanted to play with himself anymore. Her tone of voice and attitude reminded him too much of his father and that led to the memory of a very awkward conversation about growing up and becoming a man. As frustrating as things could be at times, like now, he knew better than making either one of them angry with him. “Anyways… when do you think it’ll stop raining?”

“How would I know?” His question surprised her as she was sure he was going to beg her to do something stupid.


“Maybe we should get dressed and go inside and hang out in your room. It doesn’t sound like it’s thundering anymore, so Blitzkrieg should be okay.”

Bernd nodded.

“He’s got the barn cats to keep him company.” Amber got up and stood in front of him. She reluctantly dropped the top of one side of the blanket, exposing her breast. “You can touch it if you want,” she said, hoping a quick feel would get him to forget about his horse.


“Yeah and hurry. Vati could be looking for us.”

Bernd sighed. He reached up anyway, and gave her breast a quick squeeze. “You can touch me too if you want.”

“There.” She smiled just as awkwardly as he did, before turning and hurrying over to where her clothes were hung up. While they were not sopping wet anymore, they were still wet and felt cold and clammy next to her skin. Judging by the soft complaining from her friend, he was not happy about having to get dressed again.

After making sure Blitzkrieg was okay, Bernd and Amber made a mad dash through the rain to his house. Vati met them in the mud room with towels fresh from the dryer. The warmth felt good and helped ease some of the chill they felt.

“I’m sorry, but can you take the wet jeans off here?” Wolfgang said. “And maybe your socks too?”

Bernd and Amber exchanged glances. “He doesn’t want us getting the floors all wet,” Bernd said.

“Well duh!” Amber replied. She took off her shoes and socks. Her jeans soon followed. Grabbing the towel, she wrapped it around her waist. “See you upstairs,” she said as she picked up her wet clothes and handed them to his father. “Thanks. I’ll bring the rest down in a bit.”

“Okay.” Wolfgang took them and put them in the basket he had left by the basement door.

Bernd stripped down to his skin, once she left. He wrapped the towel around his waist and picked up his clothes. “Here, Vati.” Bernd was about to hand them to his father, who was heating up some soup on the stove, instead, he dropped them in the basket when he spotted Amber’s jeans. He hurried up to his room to get dressed. “Hey, Amber, did you find something to wear? Vati said he’d wash our clothes and he’s made us some lunch,” he said as he entered his room.

Amber was sitting on his bed. She was dressed in his younger brother Didi’s old t-shirt and pair of his boxers. It was tight, but it was better than sitting around naked or in her wet clothes. “Yeah?”

He nodded as he rummaged through his dresser drawers, looking for something to wear. He barely paid any attention to her when she left as he was cold and wanted to get dressed. Bernd pulled on a pair of boxers and socks. They were followed by his favorite t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Dressed, he went downstairs to the kitchen. He sat down and Vati placed a bowl of hot tomato soup in front of him. A few minutes later, Bernd had a grilled cheese sandwich to go with it. He ate; savoring the warmth on the “inside,” for the soup had done wonders in chasing away the chill he felt. He barely noticed his father leaving to do the wash; he was so focused on his lunch. He smiled between bites.

“What?” Amber nudged him with her foot.

Bernd glanced towards the basement door and back at Amber. “I was just thinking about before. You know.” He blushed.

Amber heaved a long suffering sigh as she shook her head at him. “Is that all you ever think about?” she teased.

Taking her seriously, he said, “Yeah, but I also think about Blitzkrieg, and hanging out with James and Denis, and stuff.” He wanted to tell her he liked her, but she always got mad him when he did, so he kept it to himself this time.

She laughed and changed the subject, before he said something stupid. “Anyway, it sounds like it stopped raining.” Amber always hated it whenever he said he liked her as it made her feel all confused inside and she especially hated the awkwardness that resulted from it.

Bernd frowned at her laughter. He stuffed the last bite of his grilled cheese sandwich in his mouth and got up from the table. He looked out the kitchen window. “Hey look, Amber! There’s a rainbow!”

She got up and came over to him. “Cool!”

“Wanna go play some video games?”


And just as quickly as the storm blew over so did the awkwardness that threatened to blossom between them. They cleaned up the remains of their lunch and hurried upstairs to his room, where his father found them an hour later, playing video games.


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