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Summer Prompts; Bingo 3

Title: Karaoke Crazies
Fandom: Original
Prompt: Karaoke Bar
Medium: Fic
Size: 494 words
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Summary/Preview: Luigi and his friend Wolfgang go to a karaoke bar…
Author’s note: Luigi is singing “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” by Rod Stewart, Carmine Appice, and Duane Hitchings. Wolfgang is singing “Eight Days a Week” by Paul McCartney and John Lennon.

They cruised up and down Main Street, feeling like a couple of teenagers. Luigi waved and called out to any pretty girl he saw. He loved summer with its short shorts, halter tops, bare midriffs, and miniskirts that showed off the female form in all its glory. Tans, peeling sunburns, fat, thin, long hair or short, he loved them all. He just wished his best friend would loosen up a bit. Wolfgang, on the other hand, would have been a lot happier if Luigi acted his age.

Somehow they wound up at Tokyo Sue’s, a local hangout and karaoke bar that was very popular with the younger crowd. As they sat down at a table, Wolfgang prayed the kids would not suddenly show up. A waitress soon stopped by their table and they ordered the house special; a teriyaki burger, onion rings, and a Kirin beer. They watched the singers, some really good, some bad, while they munched on their food.

“You know what?” Luigi said. He popped his last onion ring in his mouth and ate it.

Wolfgang sipped his beer. “What?”

“We should get up there and sing!” Luigi grinned. He laughed at the slightly panicked look on his friend’s face.


“Come on, it’ll be fun!”

Wolfgang sighed. “You go up there then.”

“I think I will!”

Wolfgang watched him get up and walk over to the book of songs, while the present singer finished her song. He shook his head as Luigi strutted up onto the stage. The song started and Wolfgang coughed to cover up his laughter, not that Luigi could hear it. He chuckled when his friend wiggled his hips as he belted out the chorus.

“If you want my body and you think I'm sexy… Come on, sugar, let me know…” Luigi leered at a group of girls half his age. “If you really need me, just reach out and touch me…” He blew a kiss at the girl who touched his leg. “Come on, honey, tell me so… oooh, tell me so, babe…” he crooned.

As the song went on, more girls crowded around the stage, squealing with delight, as Luigi strutted across the stage. Wolfgang sat there, shaking with silent laughter. His friend was right, it was a lot of fun, watching him play rock star, as he flirted with his audience. Wolfgang would not be surprised if he told him he was “going home with a couple of chicks.” What he never expected was getting up on stage himself.

“Oooh, I need your love, babe… Guess you know it's true…” Wolfgang sang softly. Unlike Luigi, he was not one for letting loose in public, but he tried. “Hope you need my love babe… Just like I need you…” he sang much to his audience’s delight. They screamed, no doubt at Luigi’s urging, all through the song. And yet, when it was over, Wolfgang found himself smiling and eager to find another song to sing.


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