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Bingo 2: Didi’s Super Secret Guilty Pleasure

Title: Didi’s Super Secret Guilty Pleasure
Prompt: Champagne
Fandom: Original
Characters: Didi, Tino
Word count: 602
Rating: G
Summary: Didi enjoys his super secret guilty pleasure…
Author’s Note: Special thanks to Kat for pinking this for me.

Didi picked up the latest book in the “Champagne series” of romance novels he liked and headed to the bathroom. Since Tino was working late at the gallery, organizing a new exhibit, he decided to indulge in his super secret guilty pleasure. He set the book on the vanity counter and walked over to the tub and started the water going. He also dumped in some Epsom salts as it made taking a bath more relaxing.

While the tub was filling up, Didi grabbed a towel and put it on the little bath stool next to the tub. He also set his book on top of it. Opening the hamper, he took off his shirt and tossed it inside. The shirt was quickly followed by the rest of his clothes. Naked, Didi padded over to the tub and got in. The water was hot like he liked it and silky feeling from the Epsom salts. He sat down and sighed contentedly. Reaching forward, he turned off the taps.

Didi leaned back and grabbed his book. He opened it and started reading. He found it much better than the previous book. It turned out to be a real “page turner” and he was halfway through it, before he realized the water had gotten cold. Didi reluctantly closed his book and set it on the bath stool. Grabbing the soap, he quickly washed himself, before getting out of the tub and letting the water out.

He dried himself off, and wrapping the towel around his waist, Didi picked up his book and left the bathroom. He padded down the hall to his room. He read while he walked, only putting the book down to get dressed. Crawling into bed, Didi was nearly finished with his book when Tino came home.

“Hey, Didi!” Tino said as he breezed into the bedroom.

Didi looked up from his book. “Hi. How was work?”

“It was crazy, but we got everything hung.” Tino yawned. “There’s an opening night party, you want to go?”

“Sure.” Didi marked his place and put the book on the night table next to his side of the bed. He got up and walked over to his husband. “Why don’t you take a quick shower and come to bed.”

“I’m tired…”

“You’ll sleep better.” Didi wrapped his arms around him. They kissed.

“Okay. Go back to bed and finish your book.” Tino smiled at the soft dusting of pink on his husband’s cheeks. “You’re almost done, right?”

“Yeah? How did you know?” Didi frowned.

Tino wagged his finger at him. “I know you! If you like a book, especially a series, you’ll read like your life depended on it.” He grinned. “I wouldn’t be surprised to find you were reading in the tub.”

Didi’s blush deepened. His beloved knew him too well and now his secret was out. He wondered how long it would be before everyone else found out. He could hear his brother teasing him in his head and it was not pretty.

“It’s okay, your secret’s safe with me!” Tino kissed him. “Now go back to bed and your ‘mistress’,” he teased, “while I go shower. Then you can cast her aside and show me how much you love me.” He giggled.

Didi kissed him. “Sounds like a plan.”

“It is!”

While his husband showered, Didi finished his book. It was a good one and he was glad Tino gave him the time to finish it. To show him how much he appreciated it, Didi made sweet passionate love to him, before they turned off the lights and went to sleep.
Tags: allbingo, bingo ficcage, didi, original ficcage, tino
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