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Bingo 6: The Art Project

Title: The Art Project
Prompt: Pretty Paper
Fandom: Original
Characters: Amber, Bernd, Tino, and mention of Greta, and Didi
Word count: 997
Rating: G
Summary: Amber makes a gift for Greta during this month’s Art challenge with Tino…
Author’s Note: Special thanks to Kat for pinking this for me. Also please note Amber and Greta belong to Kat, I’m just borrowing them.

Amber opened the big envelope from Tino. Inside, she found a collection of pretty papers, magazine clippings, paper napkins, and tissue paper. She also found a note telling her to use the items in any way she saw fit to create something. Amber chuckled. She and Tino had a monthly challenge going on to create various little art projects. This month, it was her brother-in-law’s turn to send the supplies; last month had been hers and her husband Bernd loved little acrylic Andy Warhol inspired portrait of his horse, Blitzkrieg.

Looking at her supplies, Amber decided to make Greta a decoupaged jewelry box. She wondered if bumping into Tino at the craft store and telling him about what she was thinking of doing, had inspired this month’s project. She went and got the wooden box that she had intended to paint, line with felt, and give it to her wife, and painted it black. After setting it aside to dry, Amber looked through the various papers Tino had sent her. Some were really pretty; others in her opinion were okay, like the magazine clippings. She did like the calligraphy wrapping paper and set it aside as she sorted through her supplies. Amber then went back through the pretty paper pile and narrowed it down to paper she thought would go nicely with the calligraphy one.

Amber took the papers and tore them into pieces to decoupage. She knew she could have simply used scissors, but she liked the rough edges, tearing the paper gave her. She also got out her jar of Mod Podge and a brush. Giving the box time to fully dry, Amber went downstairs and had lunch with Bernd.

“What’s this month’s project?” Bernd said between bites of his sandwich.

“Decoupage.” Amber made herself a ham sandwich. She poured herself a glass of milk and came over to sit at the table with Bernd.

“Sweet! What are going to make?” Bernd drank some of his milk.

“You know that box I got at the craft store? The one I wanted to use to make a jewelry box for Greta?” She nibbled on her sandwich.


“Well, I’m still starting with a black base.”

Bernd swallowed a bite of his sandwich. “Okay. And?”

“I got some pretty paper that I can make something that’s kind of a distressed, early twentieth century French romantic kind of thing for her.” She took a big bite of her sandwich.

Bernd blinked. He had no idea what she was talking about, but he had a feeling it was something Greta would love. “Awesomeness! You gonna make one for Minky?”

“Well, this is supposed to be for Greta’s birthday, but if Minky likes it that much, I can make one for her birthday too. Tino certainly sent me enough paper for it.” She chuckled.

“What?” Bernd grinned, intrigued by what she found so funny.

“I wonder if the reason I got so much paper is because Tino’s going to decoupage that little end table he found at that garage sale last week.”

“Didi mentioned something about it last time I saw him.” Bernd chuckled too. “He also said something about their apartment starting to look like Tino’s corner of the gallery.”

She laughed. “That sounds like Tino.” She took a bite of her sandwich.

Bernd smiled at her. “So…?”

“So I need to finish my lunch so I can go back to creating,” she said playfully.

“I see.” Bernd picked up his plate and glass, and brought them over to the sink. “Hey, Amber, if you want, I’ll wash your dishes too. I’m actually free this afternoon so I can also do homework duty.” He started washing the dishes in the sink.

Amber snorted. “Okay, who are you and what did you do with Bernd?” she teased as she got up from the table and brought over her plate and glass.

“I’m still here; I’m just giving you some creative time…?” He rinsed the soap off his plate and put it the dish rack to dry.

Amber kissed his cheek. “Noted and appreciated.” She leaned against him. “Thanks.”

He leaned back. “You’re welcome. Now go create!”

She could feel the side of his mouth curve upwards in a smirk. Chuckling, she left the kitchen and headed downstairs to the room just outside her bedroom that everyone called her craft room. Sitting down at the table, Amber arranged the bits of paper in a pleasing design, before choosing a piece to start with. One by one, she glued each piece of paper onto the box, making sure to smooth away any bubbles or wrinkles, before adding another piece. When she was done, she left the box to dry for an hour. Grabbing a book, she headed into her bedroom and curled up with it in bed and read. When she finished a couple of chapters, Amber got up to check on the box.

Deeming it dry, she coated it with a layer of Mod Podge to seal the design. Amber repeated this step a couple of times, making sure it was completely dry between layers. An hour later, she had finished reading her book and the last layer of Mod Podge was dry. Getting out her phone, she took a picture of the box. Amber dashed off a quick email to Tino, before wrapping it in some wrapping paper to give to Greta for her birthday.

Hey there!

Thanks for the pretty paper. I thought you might like to see what I did with it.

Love Amber

Attaching the photo to the email, she sent it off. Tino surprised her by replying almost immediately.

Hey Amber!

It’s beautiful!

Love and kisses, Tino

PS: I’ll show you mine when I’m done! *winks*

She chuckled at his response and hoped Greta would like it too. Grabbing another book, she went upstairs to read. She would find out in a few days if Greta liked it or not as it was almost her birthday.
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