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Bingo 9 : Their First Christmas Together

Title: Their First Christmas Together
Prompt: First Holiday as a couple
Fandom: Original
Characters: Didi, Tino
Word count: 602
Rating: G
Summary: Newlyweds Didi and Tino celebrate their first Christmas…
Author’s Note: Special thanks to Kat for pinking this for me.

It was Didi’s and Tino’s first holiday as a married couple. While they may not have agreed on how they wanted to celebrate or more specifically how to decorate their apartment, they rarely fought over it. Didi really did not mind giving in to Tino’s wishes as it meant his husband would be happy.

So that was how he found himself decorating an old silver Christmas tree they had found in the thrift store, even though he would have loved to have had a live tree. Didi carefully hung each ornament that Tino had made whenever he had a chance in the days leading up to Christmas. There were some made from old Christmas cards, others were simple painted scenes on wooden disks. Didi also found a couple that he had made. He did not think they were as nice as his husband’s so he hid them as best he could in the silvery boughs. By the time Didi was finished, Tino came home from his errand.

“Didi! I’m home!” Tino closed the door behind him as his husband came over to him.

“What’s this?” Didi motioned towards the shopping bag Tino was carrying. He figured it was more Christmas presents, but thought he would ask anyway. He smiled.

“It’s for you,” Tino said as he handed it to Didi.

He frowned. “Me?” Didi looked in the bag. “Tino?”

“I know you’re not crazy about our tree and really wanted a live one so…” Tino trailed off with a smile.

Didi kissed his husband’s cheek. “Thank you.” He took the little fir tree out of the bag, chuckling at its size. “Let’s put it on the table next to the silver one.” He waited for Tino to hang up his coat and together they went into the living room.

“Okay. Are there any ornaments left?” Tino reached for the box that he put the ornaments, he had made, in.

“A few.” Didi set the live tree in its pot on the table next to the silver one, in the space he was intending to put Tino’s crèche. “We’ll have to find another place for your manger now.”

“That’s okay. We can always put it on the coffee table this year. I was thinking of getting an étagère when they go on sale and using that, unless we can build something like my dad has.”

Didi nodded. “Anyway, want some cocoa? I was going to make myself some.”

“Please! And can we have some of your cookies too?” Tino grinned. He put the remaining ornaments on what he thought of as “Didi’s tree,” swapping out any he felt were too big with some of the smaller ones on the silver tree.

“Of course.” Didi left to go make cocoa.

Minutes later, they were sitting on the sofa, admiring their handiwork on the Christmas trees, and enjoying their holiday snack. Both agreed that not only were they blending their own family traditions, but were creating new ones as they both loved the idea of two Christmas trees.
Tags: allbingo, bingo ficcage, didi, original ficcage, tino
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