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RenFaire fun!

EDIT: Since this was big with pix... it's under the cut. XD

This past Saturday I went with my sister to the annual renfaire in Tuxedo, NY. I wasn't able to finish my princess dress on time, and besides, I wasn't happy with the neckline, so I just grabbed stuff out of my closet to wear. My sister also grabbed stuff from her closet (she actually wore the outfit she wore at her friend's wedding & just added a corset). We tried to get up & get on the road by 8, but called it a success when we left at 9. We're like an hour & half/two hours away so it's a bit of a drive. But the leaves were starting to turn as we headed upstate, which was nice & it wasn't too traffic-y. I had read online, while looking for tickets (we we purchased ahead of time online), that parking was insane. We actually had no problems getting in the lot & finding a spot. We also were able to zip right when we left. The only draw back, was it was a bit of a hike to get there. My knee's been acting up, so we went slow. Best part was when we finally got there, ten minutes (if that) later, we were able to walk right in as the lines were at the ticket booth! :D


Once inside, we briefly stopped to listen to the music & just soak up the atmosphere. Then we wandered around. It was in Sterling Forest & has a permanent set up, since it runs from August 5th through October 1st. It turns out we were there for "Romance Weekend." XD Which explains a few "bawdy skits" here & there. Totally TAME stuff since there are kids there. I notice peeps dressed as Vikings, extras from "Game of Thrones," and there were a lot of Tudor ladies as well as tribal belly dancer types. There were even some Steampunks, one Naruto ninja & I found a Chibitalia who was sooo HAPPY I knew who she was. I even got my traditional Chibitalia hug. XD (Every con I've ever been too that had a Chibitalia or two walking around, I always get a hug from at least one. I once even got a hug from a very happy Chibimano. XD)

Anyways... while wandering a shop, where my sister was looking for a short sleeved peasant blouse, some woman came up to me and asked me if her corset was upside down. She said it felt weird, but her husband, who laced her into it, told her it was fine. It was upside down. XD So I loosened her laces, the woman running the shop, who I swear looked like she had a 12 inch waist thanks her corset, helped get get it off her & on the right way, while a guy who worked there laced her up. As for the blouse, my sister refused to pay $50 for it. So no clothes were bought as they were insanely expensive. Yes, I know fabric isn't cheap & there's labor & all, but it shouldn't cost more than twice what you'd pay in a store or online. That said, my sister bought a book & I bought a dragon claw necklace. So we wandered the shops and browsed their wares. I did have fun in the "dragon" shop (the one with the dragon puppets was cute, but I preferred the real ones.) talking to the girl that worked there. When passed by a bit later she had two of them, so I told her she was the Mother of Dragons & She said Danearys had 3, not 2 & we laughed.


Not being particularly hungry, we didn't sample the food, other than a free sample of a pumpkin spice waffle. Looking back, I should have bought one as it was Delicious! :D We also stopped to watch a bit of the jousting. That was fun, despite, not really being able to see much. XD We should have snagged a good place to stand before it started when we first passed by, but oh well... *shrugs* And then we went home, foot sore & tired, but we had FUN!! :D We plan on going again next year. As we were leaving, I saw this guy with a black t-shirt that said "King of the North." So I stopped & said, "All hail the King of the North!" He blushed rather cutely & was probably relieved we were leaving. XD Oh, & before I forget, we saw the Queen's parade, which was cool. Huzzah! ;p


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Sep. 24th, 2017 06:35 am (UTC)
Great pictures! I'm glad you had a good time! <3
Sep. 24th, 2017 06:26 pm (UTC)
Thanks x2! It was a ton of fun! :D I want to go again, but I pretty much only have next weekend before it closes. XD
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