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Last night while everyone was settling down to go to sleep, my sister & her friend went out in the hallway, smelled gas, & the next thing I knew, everyone was scrambling to get dressed & get out!I had to run down to the den & catch my birds, who had gone to sleep hours ago. Ban (aka Chicken Nuggets) was NOT Happy about being caught. I don't handle him cuz he & Jaki, when she was still with us, didn't like to come out. Well, more Jaki, but she'd call him & he'd try to get to her & get all stressed out. ^^; So around 1-ish, I grabbed him & stuffed him in the tiny travel to the vet cage, threw a towel over him & handed him off with instructions to put him in the car. That cage doesn't have any perches, it did, but I took them out & have no idea where they went. XD I threw a sprig of millet in there, but between that & the paper towel in there, poor baby was frightened. XD Next came Gilbee. He at least is used to coming out of his cage & I had bought him, awhile back, a parakeet cage to use as a travel cage for him. I found a small bird cage on amazon, which is going to be Ban's new travel cage, for $15. It has perches & stuff & if he has to be evacced, at least I have something small.Gilbee didn't want to go in his cage through the small door, so I had to fuss with the big door & even then, he wasn't happy. At least he eventually settled down in the car. Ban didn't until I reached over & just held his cage & let him see me.

I can't believe we could have all died from the gas, or an explosion. XD It was CRAZY! So now we're waiting for a plumber to come & fix the pipe so they can turn the gas back on. T.T Well, at least I have an electric kettle so we can have tea. (which is good as I woke up with a sore throat. T.T) I'm happy this happened while everyone was still awake (YAY! for Saturday late nights! :D) & that mys sister's friend was here to help out. I'm glad I didn't have work today as it was hard to fall asleep & I get up early. XD The good thing is everyone's fine. :D


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Oct. 8th, 2017 05:45 pm (UTC)
well that's terrifying. Glad everyone is okay
Oct. 8th, 2017 11:46 pm (UTC)
It was! XD

Thanks! :D
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