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Title: The Tale of the Samurai and the Snow Maiden
Fandom: Original
Author: kira
Rating: PG
Character(s): Yuki-onna,a samurai, and mention of his beloved
Genre: slice of life
Warnings: none
Words: 582
Written for the prompt(s): Yuki-onna/Monsters of Christmas Bingo Challenge
Beta: kat
Summary: A young samurai, traveling home from the wars, meets a beautiful woman…
Author’s notes: Special thanks to Kat for pinking this for me and all her help. Please also note that this was written for the 12 days of ficmas.

The young samurai kissed his beloved good-bye. As much as they did not want to be separated, duty, in the form of his lord, called. He left with a promise from her to wait for him and set off to wage war as the cherry blossoms bloomed.

The only thing that kept him going was the promise of seeing her again as soon as the battle was over as his lord was confident of quick victory. Sadly, spring soon turned to summer, full of blood and violence. The battle by now had become a full fledged war. The young samurai lost many comrades; old battle hardened men as well as young boys who were as green as a spring long gone. Autumn brought with it blood red leaves that fell like his enemies before him and it was not long before winter tried to cover the dead and dying in a blanket of snow.

The young samurai, fleeing the enemy’s advance, became separated from the remains of his army. His lord was dead, his comrades scattered to the winds, and all alone, the young samurai, sheathed his sword and set out for home, thoughts of his beloved waiting for him; warming his heart. He trudged through the snow, desperate for home as he wandered the foothills near where he lived. A light snow was falling again, soft as a lover’s kiss. The young samurai kept going even though, with each passing step, it was becoming harder and harder to see.

Numb from the cold, he fell face first in a soft bank of white. A gentle hand tugged on his and when he gathered enough strength to look up, the young samurai was shocked to see his beloved. He smiled and she returned it with a warmth that set his blood racing. He pushed himself up and stood, swaying on his feet. His joy at seeing his beloved made him throw propriety to the wind that blew out of nowhere and he gathered her in his arms. “My beloved…” he whispered against her lips as they kissed.

He shivered, the warmth, he had felt, suddenly leaving him. Pulling back from her, the young samurai noticed to his shame that it was not his beloved, who had miraculously found him, but a beautiful woman. “Forgive me, Hime-sama!” He dropped to his knees and bowed low in the snow that gathered around them. “I thought you were my beloved, come to take me home.”

The woman smiled. “My beloved,” she repeated.

The young samurai nodded, happy she understood. “Yes! My beloved!” He stood up, brushed the snow from his legs, and smiled.

She held out her arms to him. “My beloved…” The snow danced around her, sparkling in the pale moonlight. “My beloved…” She stepped forward, her footsteps so small, she seemed to glide footless across the snow towards him. “My beloved…”

“No!” Too late, the young samurai realized the beautiful young woman was the Yuki-onna, a spirit born of winter snow. “Hime-sama, please!” he cried as she wrapped her arms around him, soft as snow, as she sucked the warmth from him. “No…”

“My beloved…” she whispered.

The samurai died in her arms. The Yuki-onna kissed him and gently laid him on a blanket of snow. “My beloved…” she whispered. When the first rays of the sun tried to warm the mountain, she blew away on a gust of wind, a silvery spray of snowflakes that glinted in the pale morning light. “My beloved…”
Tags: 12 days of ficmas, faerie wish, original ficcage, samurai, yuki-onna
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